a similar person/demon to that of lilly garlot.

I wake with a start. My head is thumping for some reason. I look up, seeking my pills. I can feel my face changing to its original form. Slowly I sit up. Then I see the light in the hall. That’s funny, I don’t remember turning it on. I look in the hall questioningly and see a flash of darkness running for cover. My father has come. Just as he said. Just as he promised.

Let me explain for a minute, who I am, at least. My name is Lilly Garlot, the head secret keeper for the Asconian lord. I am 2nd in line for power upon the Asconia rule in the 9th dimension, one of the only dimensions that humans never discovered. The strange thing is, humans discovered so much yet ignored the interesting things in life, eternal or not.

Also, Just hear my story.  I had just portal'd to the 9th dimension when I ran to the throne, lain with gold and fiery jewels, to make an offering to my lord, Dacorota. I was already late and he hates when this is the case. I kneel down bearing the sacred sign, a loyalty mark to Asconia's birth. I present what knowledge I have gathered from the human world. Dacorota looks less than pleased. “I thought that you were supposed to find secret information over humans! This is not a secret for them, this is normal! Where has your loyalty gone?” I do not answer. “You haven't crossed, have you?” I shake my head. “I will never cross, my lord. I am loyal to only you.” I answered. I bow to him and turn to leave but he stops me.

“Wait,” he says. I turn obediently to him, full of fear.

“If you truly have not crossed,”

I swallow, trying not to show my fear as I look into his icy blue eyes.

“Change as I showed you.”

Relieved that it was this easy, I changed into the demonic being that represents Asconia and it's independence from the rest of the world, a bird-like being that has the glow of fire and fierce claws that are razor-sharp. I crow as loud as possible and shake the building.

“Very good now,” said Dacorota, face breaking into a grim smile. “I shall send you upon the human world now, and I expect you to kill!”

Dacorota flicked his wrist lightly and the portal reappeared. “When you come back I expect to see bloodshed!”

I silently walk into the portal, changing back to my human form for their world.

“Less than proud,” I mumble to myself as the light of the human world reappears, “Why should I care? It’s not like he’ll take me, I'm too valuable to him.”

Let me explain something else to you. I am the daughter of the Kyto clan’s leader, Kiantopi, which means if I die, the Kytos will rebel and overpower Dacorota and kill him for the throne.

That is part of the reason why I'm the secret keeper for Asconia. The higher power I have, the better for Kiantopi and the Kytos.

I reach the other side of the portal and end up in my apartment from the human world. I sigh and flop on my bed. Sick, sick, sick. Just sick of it. Dacorota thinks he owns the world just because he is Asconian lord. I sigh. I’m sick of that man. He's such a narcissistic bastard. Then I realized that it's almost 6. I better get to school.

I open a portal to school so I don't have to drive. I come out the other side by a tree, looking back to make sure no one saw me. I look over and see a white face grinning under a dried-blood red cloak.

my teacher, my lord, my rescuer, has come again.
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