You wake up from a very long and deep sleep. You were exhausted from having to do all of this work yesterday; your boss had asked you to stay quite a few hours after work.

You initially refused, but he offered you a generous sum of money, one that you could not refuse. It was hard work, but the extra money will come in handy; you had many medical appointments you'll have to pay for.

After having breakfast, you decide to go online to play some Counter-Strike. You still feel extremely tired. You open your computer and you notice a new file on your computer titled: “infernus.avi”.

You wonder how it got on your computer. It's a five minute long video. Curious, you decide to open it, after scanning it with your anti-virus.

The first part of the video shows a young man who seemed to be in his twenties attached in a dark room to what seems to be like a dental chair. Near him was a small trash can. Nothing interesting happens during the first two minutes.

On the 2:22 mark, a tall but thin man walks into the room, bringing with him what seems to be a dental drill. You hear the two people talking to each other, though you can't figure out exactly what they are saying, however, what you saw next will be forever be marked in you.

The camera is moved and is now in front of the man sitting in the chair. You notice that the man in the chair looks very similar to you. In fact, he has your exact face. The tall man forces open the young man's mouth.

You can clearly see the interior of his mouth. The tall man then takes his dental drill and proceeds to pierce the poor man's teeth. Blood and enamel leaves the man's mouth. Then, the tall man cuts right through the sufferer's eyes.

Disgusted by this sight, you immediately turn off the video and your computer. You were very shocked by the gruesomeness of the video you had just watched. You go to the bathroom and vomit. However, you clean yourself quickly, as you notice that you are late for your dental appointment.

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