At the dentist, you are escorted to the room where you'll be examined for cavities. You've never been to the dentist before; your teeth had been perfectly fine since you were a child. However, you are growing up now, and it is becoming more of a priority to take care of those pearly whites.

The dentist, a fat, overly optimistic man, assures you that everything would be perfectly fine and tells you to open wide.

He puts a suction in your mouth, to get rid of some of the spit and saliva, but then he walks out the door without telling you why.

You're confused, but you don't really know if it's a usual thing they would do here, so you just stay in your seat.

Suddenly, the suction attaches firmly to one of your bottom teeth and jerks the tooth out of the place in its gums with excruciating pain. You wince in utter terror. The tooth gets pulled into the suction. You can taste the salty taste of the blood gushing out of the newly made wound in the area where the teeth had been pulled out. After a while, the taste and the blood are both gone, sucked into the suction pipe. However, the feeling of pain will linger around for a little longer.

Nonetheless, you continue to wait patiently.

Another tooth gets wrenched out, and then another.

You start to cry, forcing back a few tears.

Upon closer examination, you realize that outside the blurred, darkened window on the door, you see the dentist just sitting there, waiting.

About five teeth have come out so far. It's the last straw for you. You're plain tired of the lack of care the dentist shows you. You pull the suction out of your mouth to see bloody spit covering the pipe, and more inside of it. You follow the trail of the pipe to a cabinet where the equipment is stored.

You are shocked to find no equipment or tank inside that wooden cabinet, just a skinny man, crouching. His mouth was sucking the other end of the pipe, smiling with a closed grin. Then he opens his mouth up to a wide grin, smiling at you with an open set of teeth drenched with your blood and parts of your teeth.

You are horrified when you hear him gulp the contents down.

Written by Randomizing
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