Deep inside dark and silent woods there burned a fire in a small clearing. A fire with a circle of white salt surrounding it. Young women and men dressed in white long dresses twilled and jumped around it, laughter followed from a smaller group sitting a few meters by the fire playing instruments. Their heads covered in flower crowns and smiles on their faces as chants left their mouths in unison with an almost angelic ring to the words leaving their mouths.

A language unknown to man echoed trough the silent forest, earning russtles from disturbed animals hiding or running from it. Deer and Buck brushed past the clearing's edge. Fearful of the sound disturbing the death of night. A yong woman stepped back, her barefoot feet gracefully turing her body back to circling the fire. The others followed each after another, expanding the circle.

With the last person to take steps back the fire went wild, switching from the colour it once held to a blue madness followed by the music slowly stopping and the young people gathering close to it, exitement filled their faces, unconditional love their eyes. Some giggled while others held their breath in anticipation for something. Another low chant broke out, barrely over a whisper, forming the wordd Derestrados.

With a last burst of fire letting it grow more there watched big red eyes the young peope, hungrily and waiting. A cheer broke out in the crowd with the girls scooting closer and the boys holding their hands, forming rows of them holding each other, like a plate for the eyes to feast on. Seconds passed with them watching the eyes of the fire and it inspecting the people presenting themselves as offering to it.

From the middle of the crowd a boy with dark hair began trembling, the others to scoot closer, getting a hold of his hands and barefoot feet to hold him down. One girl leaned over him, cooing words in the strange language they sang before. Small wimpers from the boy came as response, his face twisted into that of an expression of pain. She noded as if understanding him, taking a dagger from under her white gown, lining it up with the middle of his chest. Slowly carving a slit trough his creamy skin, digging it inside carefully as if not to break more than she already did. His screams of agony and pain filled their surrounding, Followed by pleads, The others holding him down brushed his wild hair off his with sweat shining forehead, Speaking words of incouragement only to stop abruptly. The girl with the dagger gasped, With her face twisting into worry she pushed her free hand into the wound, twisting and pressing to get troguh the small opening, grabbig something on the way. Carefully the bloody slender fingers pulled out, retrieving a warm heart from inside. The other teens gathered back infront of the fire, kneeling down and bowing their heads with the girl holding the heart smiling wildly, watching the fire.

Careful steps she took, gracefull even, till she stood infront of the fire. The eyes belonging to it widened at the offering, fixating it's clod stare at the warm organ. Taking this as a clue she stepped into it. Her hands holding up the heart with pride trickled down as ash, the remaining parts of the arm following in a sand clock manner. Her expression was that of love towards the eyes slowly closing down.

The ohers rushed to their instruments and round opsitions around the fire. Wild music drummed trough the deep forest and hectick dancing from the ones around the fire went on, getting louder and faster the more the girl in the fire began to wither away into ash, mixing itself up with the fire burning wildly. With her head crumbling into itself the music stopped and the dancers fell. The fire collapsed like a candle in a glass cup, Low rumbling left the fire place, ending with a laugh as the bodies and all trace of the ritual turned to the same black ash as the girl from the fire.

The forest was silent and dark again,waiting for the sunrise hues to colour over it and the fresh morning breeze to wash away the ash. Clensing the tainted clering from the filth that has entered and ended in it.  

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