For those that are cruel and unforgiving to others, there is a being that they can become. To become this being is to destroy any chances of acquiring another form, one for those that are noble and kind. Here are the instructions to the process.

First, confirm that you are impure of heart, meaning that the amount of bad deeds you have done greatly outweigh the good. Second, go to a dark and cold place, a place that you should feel in your element at.

After soaking in the darkness for at least seven minutes, you should feel absolutely at home in the dark. Afterwards, you must close your eyes, return to your home, and rest in your bed. Somehow, you will know exactly how to get there, as if your eyes were open.

You will have a dream, where a demon, so horrifying it frightens you to the core, will greet you in an unknown tongue and extend a claw to you, smiling. This is your last chance to stop. If you wish to abort this ritual, say to the demon, "I am sorry, but I am unable to perform that." The demon will understand and you will wake up in your bed, forgetting your dream. However, if you choose to finish the process, then smile back to the demon and take its claw.

It will begin to drift into the clouds of smoke, taking you with it. The moment you reach the smoke clouds, you will begin to change. Your eyes will become a brilliant emerald, coal black wings pulsating with shadows will sprout on your back, and your body will become scaly, black and more durable. Your eyes will disappear, replaced with a keen sense of smell, and your life expectancy will rise by the billions.

These changes will carry on into your true form, in your bed. You are no longer a human; you are now a being of the darkness. This form is yours to do as you please with it, but if the amount of good deeds you commit outweigh the bad for more than 22,222 days, your wings will become charred, and the same will happen to the rest of you.

Revert back to your demonic form by performing evil deeds, so that you will become impure once more. One day, you may be sent to the same place that you dreamed of when you changed.

Someone will appear and you must greet them and extend your hand to them, as the demon did to you. Then lead them into the smoke. Be wary, though. A being of the light will now know of your existence, and may begin to hunt you. If you see it, know that it was what you could have become.

Written by Un-Digit 
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