What if you were to die right now? At this particular moment in time? It is a scary thought, but it means that you will be in the company of those around you, correct? Not necessarily. For death is only but a dream. Whether you passed from old age, or lying in a pool of your own blood and other bodily fluids, it is all but a wake-up call, except that there might not be a light at the end.

The ambient whispers, yells or screams of those around you will slowly start to quiet down and cease entirely as you lose your hearing first, or perhaps your gustatory or olfactory functions. In the end, you lose everything, either around or part of you. Of course, this isn’t exactly instantaneous either. Whatever we come from wanting to make this a slow process, no matter how quick or long a death might be. You gradually lose your feelings before the end, before leaving you on your own.

Your whole life, the dreams and the nightmares, will flash before your eyes. You will see moments from your life, from the innocent laughter of children to the shaking hands of a senior, if you even manage to live that long that is. You may remember these memories for perhaps the final time, as it all starts to fade to black. The light will eventually start to fade from your eyes, the last thing for you to lose. Your vision abandons you completely, leaving you in the dark. Whether a paradise exists or not doesn’t matter. The final darkness always comes.

And it doesn’t matter how big or small our lives are. It does not matter if you are cast out and abandoned, if you commit suicide, if you are hung or be executed by your own country. We will all get lost in that darkness. If there is any promise to be kept on Earth, then it is that we will always die alone.

Written by FlakyPorcupine
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