"Mr. Dawson, a position has opened up which is above your current pay grade. Do you accept the position?"

"Wh- Who did the position belong to?"

"The Board has deemed that information unnecessary in improving employee efficiency."

"Please. I can't take the position without knowing who I'm replacing. Just a name is all I'm asking for."


A pause.

"I have been authorized by the Board to tell you that the former employee was Mr. Dunham."

"Dunham? Peter Dunham?"


"Yo-you can't fire Peter! The man's got three kids! His wife has ca---"

"The Board has deemed him ineffective."

"One more chance. Give him one more chance."

"The Board has deemed him ineffective."

"I'll work double shifts until his quota's filled. Triple. Anything. You can't kick Peter out."

"The Board has deemed hi---"

"Fuck the Board! There is no goddamn board anymore! They've died fucking decades ago and now there's only you, the fucking Rationality Machine and your goddamn efficiency bullshit! Listen to me, these are real people with real families and you cannot do this to them because of a couple of fucking numbers!"


"Are you questioning the Board, Mr. Dawson?"

Silence again.

Gritted teeth.

"N-No. Of course not. I apologize for my little.... outburst."

"The position will provide three more months in the Bunker for you and your family and 120 percent of the rations you are currently provided with. Do you accept?"

"But- But- Peter..."

"Do you accept?"

"I can't just do that to-"

"Do. You. Accept."

Silence once more.

The pitter-patter of tears on the table.

"Yes. I do."

"Your new quarters are D-678. Your new position begins in 18 hours."


The dragging of a chair on cold, cold concrete.

The click of a steel door.


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