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A short emotion-based piece based on some personal experiences.

You know the Bloody Mary game, right? That dumb sleepover game where you say Bloody Mary a certain number of times (sometimes three, sometimes unlucky thirteen) into a mirror? A spooky lady covered in blood is supposed to appear and kill you or scare you, depending on who you ask. I've heard the stories so many times.

"I played the Bloody Mary game with my friends and she killed all of them!"

"Don't ever play Bloody Mary! I did and now I can't sleep!"

You know. That sort of thing.

Well, I'm here to tell you that these kids' first mistake wasn't playing Bloody Mary. It was looking in the mirror after midnight.

Scientists have been studying the psychological effects of mirrors for years. According to a study by some fellow named Dr. Caputo from the University of Urbino, 66 percent of participants who stared into mirrors in dim lighting for ten minutes experienced deformations of their own face, 48 percent saw monstrous beings, and 28 percent saw an unknown person.

Try it yourself if you're brave. I've tested this several times, never after midnight though, and I've found that the longer I stare at myself, the more I fail to understand my own face.

The reason I specify after midnight is that once the clock strikes midnight, you risk letting in things from other dimensions. Alternate versions of yourself, demons, monsters, you name it, it can probably come through to the real world and cause all kinds of trouble. I'm just lucky nothing's ever happened to me of that nature. I've heard tales of people getting replaced by their own doppelgangers, but those come with varying degrees of veracity. I suppose all I can say at this point is, be careful.