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I’ve been looking out the window for too long. Leaves are falling. Yellow, orange, and red. It’s autumn. The only beautiful thing in this damn place.

I live in an orphanage.

There’s a huge wall around the orphanage. Iron spikes are attached over the wall. It’s insulting. Is this an orphanage or a prison?

But still, it adds to the beauty. Though, in my personal opinion, it still lacks something. For it to be majestic.

It’s been nine years since I was put in here. Nine years of hell. All because of Mrs. Cowley. I don’t even understand why she runs an orphanage; she really hates children.

Especially me.

“Marcus!” It’s her. I know what’s about to happen. She’s going to beat me up for a little mistake or, most of the time, for no reason at all. I feel tears beginning to form in my eyes.

“Marcus!” she shouts again as she arrives. She’s holding a thick, wooden stick. “You pathetic little devil!”

She whips me. It hits my leg.

I fall to the floor and scream, but she doesn’t stop.

She whips me three more times.

My arms and my back burn from the impact.

I beg for her to stop. I know she wouldn’t. She’s steel-hearted.

She whips me twice more.

I cry out for help. I know the other helpers can hear me. They’re just too afraid to step in. Too afraid to stand up to Mrs. Cowley.

“None of this would have ever happened if you had never come around, you devil!” She raises her stick for another whip.

I can’t take this anymore.

I charge at her.

I keep pushing her to the other side of the room until…


She crashes through the window and falls onto the iron spikes over the wall. They impale her from her back and bring her intestines out.

I breathe heavily. Then suddenly I stop.

I cry.

But I don’t feel sorry for what I’ve done.

Now that she’s hanging there, I know.

She’s the missing piece in the scenery. Now it is truly beautiful.

Written by Spikesterino
Content is available under CC BY-SA