Now I lay me down to sleep
In my dreams the demons creep
Night surrounds on every side
Desperate need to run and hide
Crawling through a land of black
Shock and chill run down my back
Muscles tense and shake with fear
Heartbeat pounding in my ear
Drops of sweat bead down my brow
Feel their hate approaching now

Brimstone stanch about the air
Caught within their Hellish lair
Try to stay away from sight
Glowing eyes that pierce the night
Burning ozone, iron taste
Not a second left to waste
Press my body to the ash
Feign I cannot feel it slash
Rusted needles pierce my skin
Loosing poison deep within

Crashing footsteps close behind
Screeching whispers in my mind
Something watching, something there
Feel the glaring, piercing stare
Feel the claws around my leg
Stare into its jaws and beg
Face of broken, splintered skulls
Pain grows sharp as vision dulls
Lowered into gaping maw
Darkness was the last I saw

I lay in my stretcher bed
Crash survivor, nearly dead
Wrapped in bandage, wracked with pain
Hypodermics  in my vein
Medicine to keep me out
Else in agony I'd shout
By my bedside, parents cry
Watch their only child die
Pray the Lord my soul to take
From my dreams, I'll never wake

Written by TheWizardOfTheWoods
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