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I always had a weak immunity. It was very common for me to get a fever, I always had a lot of weird dreams, but one in particular made me confused...

I was about ten years old, had a fever again. Not a normal fever, it was a high fever. I remember staying in my bed all day, but couldn't sleep. I stayed up all morning and all afternoon, just felt my eyelids get heavy in the early evening. When I finally fell asleep, I had a strange dream, stranger than usual...

I was sitting on a stool in a small white room. To my right, a wooden window, in front of me, a red door. I remember nothing happening in about two minutes, until finally the red door opens, and from it, a woman comes out. I mean, it looked like a woman. A very tall woman with white skin and long black hair, she wore a black ballet suit, black as a shadow.

She came into the room and started dancing in front of me, she slowly spun around the room and occasionally jumped. When the dance was over, she left the room and the red door closed. I also remembered that I couldn't get up from the bench, no matter how hard I tried.

Soon after, I stared at the door for another five minutes until something else came out. I said “something else” because it didn't look like a person, I can't describe it very well. But it looked like a gray sphere with a human face on a wheeled pillar. The gray sphere approached me and said:

Wake up, wake up and look at your bedroom window.

The sphere's voice sounded as if several children were speaking at once. One way or another, I woke up, I realized I was healed. And right after I remembered what the sphere had said, I ran to my bedroom window and looked out, what I saw was not pleasant at all: A tall, thin man climbing the wall, wearing a dark suit and smiling. Smiling like a maniac. His eyes looked like fireflies. Before he reached me, I punched with all my might and he fell off the wall. When it hit the ground, it dissipated like mist.

Soon, I started to feel tired and went back to my bed. When I woke up the next day, I wondered if the tall, thin man was part of the dream or part of reality.