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Fear of sleep

Do you ever have dreams that give you false memories? They're when something happens in a dream and you remember it as being real. They can be an inconsequential, imaginary episode of your favorite TV show, or an important childhood memory that could have completely changed your life.

I started having a series of dreams like this. In the dream, I was in a small house in the middle of a huge, empty field. I was just standing in the living room, thinking. I had memories of myself in the house, decades ago, I was remembering something from when I was 2 or 3. Suddenly, I heard pounding on the door. I didn't know where my parents were, so I was terrified, crying. The pounding got louder and louder. Eventually the door crashed down, and I woke up.

A few nights later, I had the dream again. I was in a dark, locked room, at my current age. I couldn't get out, and started thinking back to that imaginary day from my childhood. It picked up where the last memory stopped; someone had just entered the room. He was waving a huge knife, shouting something I couldn't understand.

I tried to run. I got to a door on the other side of the room, but no matter how hard I tried, my hands kept slipping on the handle, and I couldn't get it open. The man with the knife was screaming something incomprehensible, and started walking towards me. I was too scared to move at this point, and the dream ended when the man was standing right in front of me, and had just raised his knife.

I wanted to talk to someone about these dreams, but there was something holding me back, some kind of fear that I couldn't explain. I didn't do anything, and soon, I had yet another dream.

I was sitting in a chair, completely restrained. My memory returned to that day from my childhood. Again, it picked up right where the previous dream had ended.

The man stabbed me. I felt pain, more pain than I ever had in a dream. He kept stabbing, and soon, I was floating above the room, looking down at my dead body. He kept attacking me, long after I had died, and I couldn't do anything but watch. This went on for hours, and then I finally woke up.

I was too scared to keep this to myself any longer, and told someone.

It's amazing the kind of tricks your mind can play on you. I mentioned the dreams to a friend about a year ago. They told some other people, who very interested in the dream. I stupidly told them all its details.

If I had just kept my mouth shut, none of this would have happened. I wouldn't be locked up, about to die. It turned out my dream was true, except for one little detail. I should have known my dream wasn't possible, but like I said, dreams have a way of making you believe anything.

I hate dreams. The solution was so obvious, but I was blinded by my "memories". I hate myself, too, hate my subconscious. I would have been free, wouldn't have even had the guilt, but my dreams changed that. All they had to do was make me forget which one I was that night.

Credited to KI Simpson 
Originally uploaded on March 23rd, 2011