He loves little kids

Do you know those dreams, the ones that are so real, so vivid they scare you, but when you wake up you try to remember them, but you just can't? The reason is he doesn't want you to. He has no name, but I like to call him the "Dream Stealer".

At night, when you fall asleep, that's when he comes. He waits until you're quiet, then he enters your dream. When he gets in, he likes to have a little fun. He loves to screw with your head, he changes your dreams, and when I say change, I mean he makes it your worst nightmare. A nightmare you can't escape.

He makes you dream what he wants you to dream. When he gets in your head, he takes over and makes everything his, and he makes sure you don't remember a thing. He wipes your mind clean, leaving no evidence of his existence. When you wake up tomorrow, look around, and you might see him before he steals your dream and erases your memories.

Before you fall asleep tonight, set up a camera, but hide it and hide it well, for if he sees it, you're dead. He doesn't like for his face to be seen. I saw him once, but I wish I hadn't. He has no hair at all, there are scars on both his ears, on his right hand the tips of his fingers are cut off, he's missing his left eye, but the most noticeable thing is that his head was on backwards with stitches holding it on it looked like he had sowed it on himself. I have a warning don't look him in his one eye it'll drive you insane and you'll end up like me.

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