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No 355 duskull by pokemonfromhell-d3rmrd3

In Hoenn, there is no Pokémon Tower. No organized resting place for the bodies, graves and ghosts of the deceased.

There is Mount Pyre. An entire mountain, that serves as one massive, chaotic gravesite for the region. It’s tempting to go there, test your wits and see if you can get through it. By all means, go, take the risk. But here’s a word of warning:

If you see a skull floating in the air or resting on the ground, turn away from it and flee, as quietly as you can. Don't let it see you and don’t let it hear you.

Duskull are everywhere, and if you look into the sockets of its skull you’ll see its red eyes. It's casting hypnosis; try not to fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, try and wake yourself up as quickly as possible. You’ll be able to feel it, the darkness that surrounds a Duskull, taking shape and wrapping around you. Try and wake yourself up, fast. You might only be wrapped up to the knees, that’s okay, you can live without lower legs. If you sleep through this, there’s no hope.

If it hasn’t wrapped up your arms, and you can move them, reach up to your face. The skull will have attached itself there, pull it off. Really pull at it, they’re stubborn. If it won't come off, and you still have use of your arms, grab a rock and smash the skull off your head. Use a lot of force, it’s going to hurt, but it will save you… if it works.

If your arms become tangled up in the black bandages you might as well smash your head on the rocks, try to crack the skull off the outside of your face.

If you do get it off, and you still have some ability to move, leave as fast as you can and go to a hospital. Your limbs may be useless but at least you got away!

If you can’t get it off, the Duskull will wrap you in its bandages entirely. They wrap around your chest all too tightly and restrict your breathing, they wrap around your neck and choke you, they even wrap around your head and around the skull on top of your head, covering your mouth and nose.

It has control now, there’s no point in struggling anymore. Don’t worry, you won’t die. No, you won’t ever die, you’ll be strangled by the bandages as they press down on your chest and tighten at your neck. The new Dusclops simply uses your body as its own physical form.

Helping a Pokémon to evolve is a noble thing to do after all, so maybe it’s not all bad. With the air flow to your brain restricted, you’ll start to lose brain functionality anyway. Eventually you won’t even remember you were human.