El Silbador - The Whistler Part 2

Hello, my name is Andrew Maine. About a month ago, my nephew John posted his story online to warn people about a Supernatural entity known as “The Whistler”. A story that my father, Gary Maine, had warned me and my nephew about before he went missing.

I was always skeptical of this story that my father had told me many times. I thought that it was nothing more than a coping mechanism for him, as the loss of my mother hit him very hard, and he was never quite the same ever since.

But I started having suspicions on the legitimacy of his story around a month ago, and I’m sure you can already guess why. My nephew John became obsessed with The Whistler after my father mysteriously went missing 6 years ago. He told me he was going to “seek answers from The Whistler for what he has done and bring my grandfather back where belongs.”

I put my fathers disappearance down to him running away in an attempt to escape his past demons, hoping that he may find some closure and inner peace, just as many others who knew him well had speculated.

But I know for a fact that this isn’t the case for John, and it is for that reason that I now know for certain that it is also not the case for my father.

John went missing very shortly after he posted his story online, leaving no trace of his whereabouts behind. This has disturbed me and worried me beyond belief, and I feel that now I must seek answers for what has happened. I need to know if my nephew and father are safe.

The police are dumbfounded at the whole ordeal. They can find no signs of breaking and entering, no emails or messages on his computer that could be a possible link to his whereabouts, there is nothing in his house that is out of place.

The only piece of evidence they have to go by is his story that he posted online before his disappearance, as the page was open on his laptop. Indicating that it was the last thing he done before vanishing into thin air.

As strange as all of this is, the police have tried to assure me and my sister Maria ( John’s Mother) that they are sure he will turn up in the end safe and sound. They don’t seem to be taking John’s story seriously, and I can’t really blame them for that either. I mean I would be hypocritical to sit and shout at them for not taking his story seriously, as when my father told me the very same story, I shrugged it off to being his delusions.

I have searched Johns house up and down myself to see if I can find any clues that may help me, and I have came up completely empty handed on any slight bit of information that may help me find out exactly what has happened to John. After weeks of struggling to find any new leads that may help me in the disappearance of my nephew, I have decided to take to the internet to try and look further into The Whistler. So far I have have had not one bit of luck finding anything that is even slightly related to the entity.

As I have had no luck on the Internet, I remembered that the Internet we browse in our daily lives only takes up a tiny portion of the information available to us online.

in fact, a massive chunk of that information is hidden from our google search engine. To view the rest of the information available to us on the Internet, you must enter the deep web. So that is what I decided to do.

I installed the tor browser on my computer and made sure to have my IP hidden at all times and began my search for any information I could find out on the eerie legend of El Silbador.

Sure enough, after a couple of days of searching, I came across a forum titled “El Silbador - Have You Seen The Whistler?”. I instantly clicked on the link, as I knew this had to be a gold mine in a very disturbing sense. I created an account on the forum and began to search its contents.

There was a small and active community posting about their experiences with The Whistler, some paranoid on how much time they had left as they had made a deal with him, others talking about failed attempts on summoning The Whistler, and some users that were full of absolute hatred for The Whistler.

But there was one post that stuck out to me more than others, by the user “ElPM193” titled “I think I’ve found a possible gateway into The Whistlers realm.” With a picture attached.

The picture that was attached to the post sent goosebumps running up my arm.

It was a picture of a leather bound book, with a drawing that’s details were so surreal, it almost looked as if it were alive. It was a drawing of an eerie figure, fitting the exact description of The Whistler that my father had always warned me about.

He wore a ragged black poncho, with piercing black eyes that were shrouded by a black hat coming down over his face, just enough to see the scar that started below his eye and split down through his thick black beard. He had a black vest with a golden trim on, and a white dress shirt underneath, black dress pants with a worn leather belt and a silver buckle with a crushed skull as it’s crest, along with worn leather boots to go with it.

He had a cigarette in his right hand and a golden pocket watch dangling from his left.

In the background of the drawing there were hundreds of trees spreading across the paper with there branches and roots in a fleeing position, as if trying to cower in fear from The Whistler.

But the eeriest thing of it all is that I could feel the drawings piercing black eyes watching me, as if it really were The Whistler himself. Smiling at me menacingly, trying to look into my soul.

Their was a message underneath the drawing, which simply read:

“You reap what you seek.”

All of these things lead me to believe that this user was genuine and that there may actually be some truth to this possibility of there being a gateway into The Whistlers realm.

I pondered on if I should message the user, but I knew that I had to.

If it meant there was a chance of me saving my loved ones from the idea of being trapped in a hellish realm of some kind of demon or ghost, then by god I was going to take it.

I gave the user “ElPM193” a message and told them my story and how desperate I was for answers, hoping for a response as this really could be my best lead. Sure enough, I got a response within the hour.

The user told me that their name was Elizabeth and sure enough, they only lived in the next state over from me. After sharing my story with Elizabeth, she told me that her husband went missing 3 and a half years ago, and that he had been acting out of character and paranoid in the weeks prior to his disappearance. She told me that she had no doubt in her mind that it was also to do with The Whistler.

She told me that if I was willing to travel, she could elaborate further on how she has no doubt in her mind of The Whistlers part to play in her husbands disappearance, and that she could show me something she  had found that may be of extreme use to me in my search.

Desperate for answers and closure, I accepted the invitation without hesitation, and went to bed early to travel first thing the next morning.

As I woke up in the morning, I had a shower and got dressed. I cooked a hearty sized breakfast to have plenty of energy for the long day ahead of me, then smoked a cigarette at my back door.

After smoking my cigarette, I locked the back door to my house, grabbed my jacket and put my shoes on. I then grabbed my car keys from the dining room table and left the house, locking the front door behind me.

I unlocked my car door and climbed in, setting up my GPS for my destination of the unknown.

I started the car engine and began my journey, stopping at the nearest gas station to top up my gas tank and fill up an extra can so that I was set for the drive ahead.

As I drove along the country roads, I found myself pondering many questions on my mind.

Was I really going to get a possible answer on how to find my way into the The Whistler’s realm? Will the answers that I find there comfort me? Will I make it back from his realm alive? Or Is this story by Elizabeth just a bunch of bullshit?

So many questions ran through my mind, and I had to get the answers for them. I found myself taking in the scenery around me on the drive. As far away as my mind was, it really was a beautiful sight. The forests to my right were bright green and beautiful, the sky was a clear bright blue, with not a cloud in sight, the hills in the far distance were tall and mighty, with not a drop of snow to be seen.

I took a little comfort from it, even cracking a smile.


I jolted up right swearing that I heard my name called right into my ear by an eerie monotone voice, nearly swerving my car into the safety railing. I slammed on my breaks as hard as possible, saving myself from any fatal accidents that could have occurred.

I looked around my car in a panicked state, but there was no one there.

I could have swore I heard it, was I going crazy? I sat for a minute trying to compose myself and eventually I had the courage to start my car engine again, managing to write the whole thing off as me imagining things. I let out a gasp of air and continued to drive to my destination.

After another couple of hours, I arrived at Elizabeth’s house. Parking my car in her driveway, I eagerly got out of my car and made my way to her front door, ringing the door bell.

A woman who had huge bags beneath her eyes, looking as if she hadn’t slept in weeks or even months, and grey hairs coming down over her scrawny face answered the door.

“Ah, you must be Andrew.”

The woman who I presumed could only be Elizabeth said.

“Yes, and you must be Elizabeth?” I replied.

The woman put out her hand for me to shake.

“Yes, Elizabeth Portsmith, pleased to meet you.” She said with enthusiasm.

“Andrew Maine, thank you for inviting me over, you are the best lead I have found on this subject.” I said to her with honesty in my voice.

Elizabeth opened the door wide open in a welcoming manner and I followed her into the living room. I sat down on her couch and she sat on an armchair across from me.

Upon further inspection I could tell that Elizabeth couldn’t be a day over 40, yet she appeared to be an elderly woman. As if she had been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. I could instantly tell her appearance had everything to do with The Whistler, though I never mentioned it as I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or like I was being rude.

“So, Andrew” she began. “Judging from the story you told me about your father and nephew I can tell that you must be eager from reading what I had to say on my post about the possible gateway into The Whistlers realm.”

“ Yes, ma’am, if I’m truthful with you I never thought there to be much truth to this whole story.” I said, stopping to clear my throat before continuing.

“Not until a month ago, that is, when my nephew John went missing. After that, I knew that something unnatural was taking place, and I stopped doubting the stories that my father had told me many times over the years.”

Elizabeth listened intently to each word I spoke to her, taking in my full story. After listening to me talk to her for a while about my fathers descriptions of The Whistler and the eerie resemblance word for word of what the drawing in her book showed, she began to speak.

“I... I have never seen The Whistler myself to be quite honest with you. It was my husband, Derek, that began to have a fascination with the subject, after an old friend named Dean told him of an experience he had with the entity.” As she told me the story I found myself enthralled with every word she said.

“Dean told him of financial troubles he was facing, he was looking at bankruptcy and eviction, his life was going on a complete downward spiral and he didn’t know what to do or where to turn.” Elizabeth paused for a minute, taking 2 pills out of a bottle and washing them down with a glass of water she had sitting on a coffee table to her right.

“Dean ended up losing his home, and he had no where to turn to, he began drinking a lot and looking for shelter where he could. One night, when he was drinking he decided to go for a walk in a Forrest not far away from a tunnel that he was sleeping in that night.” She stopped to clear her throat and resumed where she had left of.

“As he was in this Forrest, he found an old tree stump and decided to make it his seat to sit and down his bottle of whiskey while trying to drown his thoughts. After he sat there for a while, he began to cry and started to pray for a sign from anything or any gods that would answer his prayers. That’s when he heard it.”

She paused for a long minute and I asked the burning question on my mind from the building anticipation.

“He heard what..?”

“The Whistling through the wind” she began.

“He described it to Derek as if it were coming from all directions, and he began to shake in fear, yet he could feel an enticing feeling going through his body at the same time.”

Each word that Elizabeth said terrified me, as it nearly mirrored the experience that my Father, Gary had so many years ago.

“As the whistling continued, it started to sound less like it was coming from all directions, and more like it was coming from directly in front of him. That’s when he saw an eerie figure appear from the dark forest surrounding them, the trees roots and branches swaying in terror away from the approaching entity whose feet did not make a sound.”

As Elizabeth continued I could tell that she did not like topic in the slightest, she had the eyes of someone carrying a horrifying burden that they cannot escape. Like a bird who is trapped in a cage. No matter how bright and colourful there feathers are, the cage door is locked and they cannot embrace the equally bright and beautiful world outside of the caged one that they know. I felt genuine sympathy for her and I could tell that this eerie legend has ruined her life.

As the figure approached Dean, he continued whistling, before stopping in his tracks, lighting a cigarette.

“Hello there Dean Morrison.”

The Whistler said imitating friendliness in his tone. Though the menacing grin on his face told a different story, and his eyes showed no sense of compassion or mercy, their never ending darkness would leave anyone to question everything.

“Who... who are you?” Dean said shuddering in fear.

The Whistler took a long draw of his cigarette, before answering his question with an eerie confidence that knew no limits.

“Who am I Mr. Morrison? Well, let’s just say I am a man of opportunity, and I can see that you have hit your rock bottom.”

The Whistler took another draw of his cigarette before taking a broken gold pocket watch out of his vest pocket and began to bounce it in the air.

“I can make all of your problems go away, Mr. Morrison, I won’t just reinstate your life before all of this mess was bestowed upon you, no. I can make you rich Mr. Morrison, I think you and me can come to an arrangement at this very moment.”

The Whistlers smile stretched across his face from ear to ear, in one of the most disturbing fashions that no human being should have to bare witness to. His piercing black eyes stared through Dean’s existence itself, and hungered for his deal to be complete.

“Wh-w... what kind of arrangement are you talking about?” Dean asked The Whistler with a tremble in his voice.

The Whistler let out a chuckle that can only be described as pure evil before answering his question.

“Well Mr. Morrison, arrangements come in all sorts of manners, you have mortgages, bank loans, rent, car payments. None of these arrangements can compare to the unique deal that I can offer you .”

The Whistler took another draw of his cigarette while bouncing the broken pocket watch in his hand, and continued.

“You see, I will give you all that your heart has ever desired, Mr. Morrison. However, in return for my generous offer, your bargaining chip is your soul.”

Dean laughed this ‘arrangement’ off as some kind of joke. He didn’t believe there truly was any such thing as a soul and started to question the figure before him.

“Ok then... how would I give you my soul?”

The Whistler stopped bouncing the pocket watch in his hand, grabbing it in mid air. He threw his cigarette to the ground and began to yank the chain off of the watch, revealing a little golden needle.

“Press your thumb on that needle right there, Mr. Morrison, the deal shall be set in stone.”

Dean looked at the needle for a minute, before feeling obliged to press his thumb upon the needle, until blood streams ran down through his fingers.

The Whistler took the broken pocket watch firmly back in his hand, and began to bounce it in the air, grabbing it mid air once again. He pointed the clock face towards dean, it was now in perfect working order.

“Like I said, Mr. Morrison, the deal shall be set in stone.”

Dean stood there in absolute shock at what he was seeing before him. As blood dripped from his fingers onto the floor, his legs started to tremble.

The Whistler turned to take his leave, and began to whistle his eerie tune, as he walked through the forest making not a single sound on the ground, the trees beginning to sway in terror again, before he disappeared into the night.

I was absolutely terrified hearing this story, as it really did mirror my fathers experience nearly to the point of being an identical incident, I was very curious to hear more about Dean and what had happened to him after he had determined his fate.

“What happened to Dean, ma’am?” I asked Elizabeth

“When my husband first heard the story from Dean, he laughed at him and told him he needed to cut down on the drinking. This angered Dean as he knew what he saw was real. Derek wasn’t the type of guy that would believe in stories such as this without physical evidence. That was until a week after Dean told my husband Derek about the sighting.”

I awaited in anticipation for Elizabeth to elaborate more on what she meant.

“A week after Dean told Derek the story, Dean was in a shop and decided to buy a lottery ticket to chance his luck, and as fortune had it, he had the winning numbers to a 3 million dollar jackpot. He was rich, just as The Whistler said he would be.”

Elizabeth let out a sigh of sadness, before continuing.

“When Derek found out the news, he became obsessed with this story of The Whistler that Dean had told him, he thought that if all of Deans problems could be solved through this mysterious figure, then so could his.”

“Did Derek make a deal with The Whistler?” I asked Elizabeth, not wanting to pry too much but also eager to know.

“Derek attempted to contact The Whistler the same way that Dean did. But he had no success like Dean, after months of trying. He started to take to the deep web forums looking for anyone else who had also heard of The Whistler, when he came across a user who had a leather bound book for sale who claimed it was a guide on how to contact The Whistler.”

Elizabeth took another 2 of her pills and chased them down with the glass of water on her coffee table and began to speak again.

“Well, Derek wasn’t going to pass up on an opportunity like that. Not with the obsession that grew stronger inside him everyday anyway. He ordered the book and it came within the fortnight. Once the book arrived Derek followed all of its instructions, asking me for complete privacy to be able to focus on the task he had at hand, so I did.”

A couple of tear drops began to treacle down Elizabeth’s cheek, she wiped them off cussing under her breath and sniffling, but still carried on with her story.

“After Derek was in his office for over 12 hours, I decided to check on him, as he hadn’t even come out for his dinner which even in this state of mind was never like him. When I got to his office I found it was completely empty, with 3 candles surrounding a golden pocket watch in the middle of his office table, and a mirror on the other side, facing towards his empty chair.”

This was a disturbing thing to hear, yet interesting in a horrible way, as I had never heard anything like this happen relating to The Whistler before.

“Shortly after, Dean also went missing, and shortly after that, I looked in the leather bound book that Derek had used in an attempt to contact this horrible legend on the night of his disappearance. That is when my appearance started to deteriorate to what it is now.”

Elizabeth looked up at me with a seriousness I had not seen in her yet.

“This book is nothing but evil, and everything to do with The Whistler is nothing but evil, but I feel obliged that you should take this book, it may help you in your search for your family, I only ask one thing of you.”

“Anything, Elizabeth, just ask.” I said.

“If you find your family, please try and find my Derek, bring him back to me Andrew, I have got nothing left without him.”

I nodded at her and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I promise you, ma’am, I will do everything I can to get your husband back to you safely, it’s the least I can do for your help.”

She handed me the leather bound book and we shook hands before she bid me farewell, I unlocked my car door and climbed in, placing the book on the passenger seat beside me, and began my car engine.

On my drive home that night, I found myself pondering so many things on my mind, I thought about how many innocent lives this evil bastard The Whistler has destroyed, and what it is he does with them back in his own hellish realm. I find myself wondering about poor Elizabeth and what it is about this book that has physically taken her to her lowest days of life, I find myself wondering why The Whistler has targeted my family the way he has and why I must sacrifice my happiness on a mission to rescue my loved ones from a hellish realm. I don’t understand what I have done in my life that was so bad to have to go through all of this.

After hours of driving, I arrived back home at 10 o’clock at night. I grabbed the leather bound book from the passenger seat and made my way out of my car, locking the doors behind me. I walked up the steps to my front door and grabbed my house keys from my pocket, putting the key in the lock and twisting it all the way around, I stepped inside my house and locked the door behind me.

Without hesitation, I made my way to my dining room table and sat down with the book in hand. I sat the book down on the table and grabbed a chair, proceeding to open the book to the page of the eerie drawing I had seen Elizabeth post on the forum.

I had chills running down my spine looking at the eyes of The Whistler depicted in the drawing, I could feel his enticing presence encouraging me onwards. After staring at the eerie drawing for a minute, I flicked through the books blank pages until I came across contents within the book that made my jaw drop in awe.

It was a text that opened a whole new chapter to the story of The Whistler, a story that Me, John, or my Father Gary had ever heard of or seen before.

I will list everything that I seen in the book below to give you a better understanding of what it is I am taking about.

“The Whistling Game”

“How To Play”

“1. To play The Whistling Game, you must have a table of some sorts, a chair and a mirror. The player must be facing the mirror directly at all times during the game.

2. To play The Whistling Game, you must begin the game on the stroke of midnight.

3. To play The Whistling Game, you must have 3 candles and a broken gold pocket watch. The pocket watch goes on your game table and the 3 candles must surround the pocket watch, making a triangular shape.

4. To play The Whistling game, you must light all 3 candles in a pitch black room. Once the candles are lit, you must knock on the game mirror 3 consecutive times when the clock strikes midnight. Afterwards, you must Whistle tune of The Whistler, until you feel his presence.

5. To play The Whistling Game, you must challenge The Whistler to either a game of cards, a game of truths, or a game of dares. The choice is for the player to decide.

Rules of The Whistling game

1. Never try and bluff or deceive The Whistler, he will be able to sense if you do, he will see you as a cheater, and will drag your soul into the depths of his realm.

2. Once The Whistler is summoned, you must complete one of his 3 challenges. If you refuse to complete the game and accept his challenge, The Whistler will see you as a time waster and will drag your soul into the depths of his realm.

3. If The Whistler tries to offer you a deal during your meeting, never look directly at his pocket watch he bestows. It will entice your soul into The Whistlers realm.

4. If you have followed all of the steps on summoning The Whistler correctly, yet he does not appear within 10 minutes, then run as far away as possible. The Whistler has deemed you unworthy of his challenges and will drag you into his realm.

5. If you fail to complete your challenge, The Whistler will see you as unworthy and drag you into his realm.

6. If you happen to go against all odds and beat The Whistler at his own game, he will see you as worthy, and he shall grant you access to his realm, you will know how to get to his realm if you come this far.”

As I read each word that was in the seemingly cursed book before me, I had a feeling of dread in my stomach. It felt as if I was reading the guide on a horrible fate to become me, yet at the same time it was like reading a guide on the gateway to my answers. It all felt so out of this world and terrifying.

After reading the books contents about the game I had stumbled upon, I took to the internet looking to purchase a golden pocket watch without a battery included, along with a pack of candles to play ‘The Whistling Game.’

Within the week, both of my items had arrived and I was set to play the game that very night. I retrieved a mirror that I kept in my bathroom and brought it into my dining room, propping it up on the dining room table with one of the chairs from the table.

I retrieved the pocket watch and sat it on the table in front of the mirror, before grabbing the packet of candles and began to unwrap them.

After unwrapping the packet of candles, I proceeded to take 3 of the newly opened candles out of the packet, placing them around the watch in a triangular shape.

I took another chair from the other side of the dining table and placed it where my play area would be, facing the mirror directly. Afterwards I took a lighter from my pocket and placed it on the table to ensure I was ready to light the candles when the time was right.

I was now ready for my meeting with The Whistler, and all I had to do was wait until the stroke of midnight, to begin my call for the evil bastard himself. Fear and second thoughts ran rampant through my mind, but above all else determination overpowered all of these other thoughts.

As the clock hit 5 to 12 at night, I put out the lights in the dining room, and lit the 3 candles, sitting in the chair directly in front of the mirror, waiting for the stroke of midnight in anticipation. The seconds were turning into minutes and the minutes into hours. I could feel a layer of sweat begin to form on my forehead as I could feel the tension rising in the air.

My phone read ‘23:59’ and I could feel that same feeling of dread in my stomach yet again, this was the biggest moment of my life thus far and I had the fear of the unknown running through my body.

‘00:00’ the time turned to 12 at midnight on my phone screen, and the instant that it did I instinctively reached for the mirror with my fist clenched, and knocked on the mirror 3 consecutive times, after knocking on the mirror I sat firmly back down in my chair and began to whistle the eerie tune that came to my mind.

As I whistled, I felt that feeling of dread in my stomach grow worse and worse, and I started to feel the sensation of piercing black eyes staring right through the back of my skull. As disturbing as everything felt in this moment of time, I kept myself composed and continued to whistle the eerie tune.

After what felt like hours of whistling, the flames in the candles started to sway in the air, before going out.... one by one.

As the candles went out I could feel my legs start to tremble in fear, as I realised their was only one possible answer to explain what was going on.

The Whistler was present in the room.

Suddenly, as terror grew in my eyes and my knees began to feel weaker, I began to hear the tick of a clock, only it wasn’t just any clock.. it was the golden pocket watch on the table - with no battery in its sight.

After hearing and seeing these things, all I wanted to do in that moment was get up and run, though I needed to the books rules and warnings, and I refused to give up on my family.

After a short while, I began to hear the eerie tune being whistled back from the mirror, and the background of the mirror began to change following the rhythm of the tune coming from within the mirror.

What was once the reflection of myself and my dining room table, became an opening to a whole other world from the one we currently inhabit, I felt a bigger sense of unease than I had ever felt before in my life up until this very moment.

Suddenly, a figure who could be none other than The Whistler appeared, sitting in a chair facing me directly through the reflection.

“Hello Andrew.” The Whistler said, his evil grin stretching ear to ear.

“I come to challenge you, El Silbador.” I said back to him with a confidence I never knew that I possessed.

The Whistler chuckled and replied in a confidence that toppled the one I had displayed just then.

“I know exactly why you are here Andrew, I know why everyone’s paths take them where they do in their lives even if they do not know themselves, I know what each and every person I lay my eyes on wants more than they do themselves, Andrew. It is what I am best at.”

I did not know what to say to the figure in a reply to this answer, I just sat staring at the entity with a bewildered look, I did not have to say anything however, as The Whistler took my silence as an answer and continued.

“I know exactly why you are here Andrew, and I am not going to try and stop you from fulfilling what you set out to do, it is within your right as every other players right, though I ensure you can understand that I shall do everything which is in my right to your soul, if you fail to accomplish that which you set out to do.”

The Whistlers smile grew even larger on his face, and his piercing black eyes gazed at me awaiting an answer.

“I understand, and I mean to do everything I can to win against you, I wish to challenge you to a game of cards.”

The Whistler let out a horrifying laugh and took a cigarette from behind his ear, lighting it with a match tucked away in the trim of his hat.

“Cards is my favourite game to play, Andrew, I have quite the luck when it comes to playing my cards right. I would hope for you sake you have chosen wisely.”

The Whistler took a long draw of his cigarette, before clicking the fingers on his right hand, summoning a deck of cards from black ash.

He began to place 2 piles of cards of cards on the table in the reflection, one by one, while staring at me with his never ending black eyes. Drops of sweat began to treacle down my face as each card hit the table.

Eventually, after what felt like hours, there were 2 piles of cards on the table, with 5 cards in each pile, The Whistler brought his left hand up towards the one of the piles of cards in a flicking motion, before the pile appeared in my very own reality in front of my very own eyes. I started to question everything we knew that were the boundaries of possibility in life.

“Now, Andrew. No peeking at your pile before it is your turn to play, I would hate for the surprise to be ruined.” The Whistler said with an unsettling tone of friendliness in his voice, before taking another long draw of his cigarette.

After taking the draw of his cigarette, the figure threw his cigarette to the ground and placed his pile facing upwards on the table. At that very moment my heart sank and my body was full of dread.

The cards that The Whistler placed on the table were a Queen, a 10, and 3 kings, I began to feel panic set in as I felt he had won, I could feel that I would be joining my family in there fate rather then rescuing them from it, my whole world began to spin around me and I started to question why I had gotten myself into this situation in the first place.

“Well, Andrew, don’t keep me waiting, place your cards on the table.” The Whistler demanded yet still trying to imitate a friendly tone with an eerie smile spread across his face.

With a shaking hand, I picked up my pile of cards, full of dread at what was to come, certain that the only outcome in this scenario I found myself in was defeat and horror that awaited me in a world unknown to our very existence.

As I placed the cards upright on the table, I kept my eyes wide shut with suspense growing through every bone in my body by the second, before finally opening my eyes to see my fate that awaited me.

Relief washed over me and I thanked god as I looked down to see that I was the luckiest man alive, the five cards I had played in front of me were a Queen, a Jack, and three Aces. I had won. I had defeated The Whistler at his own game and I was one step closer on my goal to find my family.

The Whistler let out a slight chuckle, and looked through me with his piercing black eyes.

“Well done Andrew, you may pass.”

After finishing this last sentence, The Whistler seemingly vanished, along with the realm that was in the mirror only tens of seconds before. The mirror changed back to show reality as we know it, and my dining room was now visible in its reflection once again.

Upon completion of my encounter and my win against The Whistler, I turned the light on to the dining room and inspected the mirror. Everything seemed to be in order once again. Apart from one major and creepy detail.

Everything was back to normal, but I had no reflection in the mirror. As disturbing and scary as this fact was, it brought me back to the very final rule that I had read in the book.

“If you happen to go against all odds and beat The Whistler at his own game, he will see you as worthy, and he shall grant you access to his realm, you will know how to get to his realm if you come this far.””

The mirror must be the gateway to The Whistler’s realm. I can feel it’s presence through the mirror, and I can finally start to seek for the answers to the questions burning on my mind the most from the source of the horror itself.

I will keep you all posted as best as I can (if I can) from The Whistler’s Realm myself.

I am going to find my father and I am going to find my nephew. I will bring them back to the safety of our world and I will face anything that steps in my way in the face of the unknown.

I Will Challenge The Whistler.

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