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This all started during the year 2014.

John Unity is an ordinary boy who lives somewhere in a suburban. He would usually go to his next-door neighbors and play with his friend, who moved in a few days ago, a young girl named Natalie Swann, who is two ages younger than him. John always has fun with her. They talk, play, and share some secrets.

Although it didn't last long when Natalie didn't show up one day, John waited for a while, but she didn't come. He remained forever until it is time to go home and have some lunch. John sighs in boredom and walks his bicycle back to the house.

"John, it's lunchtime," said Anastasia.

John looks at his mother's mom with a sad expression. His mother noticed this and asked him what happened.

"No, nothing, it's just my friend hasn't come yet. We promise to play together in this area." John responded.

"Oh, honey, she must be busy with something else, maybe next time," said John's mother.

John just accepted what his mother said and assumed that his friend might be busy with something.

The next day, she still didn't come, and John waited for her, over and over.

The next day, still the same, John kept on waited for her until it is time for lunch.

The next day, she still hasn't shown up.

He still waited.

The next day, she didn't come.

The next day, she still hasn't arrived.

The next day.

The next day.

And, the next day. But still no signs of her.

John now begins to felt like something isn't right and decided to asked Natalie's mother. When he walks to the house and knocks on the door, the door opens, revealing a woman, Natalie's mother. John asked her what happened to Natalie and why didn't she come outside and play.

"OH! You must be the friend she's been talking about, of course. Well, Natalie is currently spending her time playing with her dolls upstairs," said her mother.

"What? I thought she said that she would always want to go outside and play. I mean, yeah, she would stay indoors for a day, but I didn't know that she would stay indoors for at least five days so that she can play with her dolls. Can I come in?" asked John.

"Oh, sorry, but no, I have to go now. There's something important I have to intend," said Natalie's mother.

The woman closes the door.

John, later on, decides to give up on playing outside; he also decided to do what Natalie's mother has told what his friend has been doing, sit inside and play with his toys or some exciting video games. And like that, his memories with the neighborhood friend he spends with just slowly fates away.

On October 31th, 2016.

It was Halloween. John asked his mother to go outside and have some trick-or-treat with his school friends.

"Yeah, sure, but remember to be back early," said Anastasia.

John walked outside and spent his time with Jayden, Michael, and Samuel. They both went on trick or treat from houses to houses until John's friends all go home because it is time for them to have some family fun. John also decides that he already tricks or treats enough. His jack o lantern basket is full of loads of candies already.

While John is walking back to his house, he suddenly heard a sound coming from the bush.

"Hm?" He walks forward out of curiosity, and upon opening the bush, it reveals...

"AH!" John's right hand was suddenly bitten he falls.

He looks forward with an awe expression on his face.

Right in front of him stands a creature that is a bit shorter than him. It resembles a lot of a little girl, although it has a familiar face.

"Ugh, what the hell are you?!" yelled John in horror. The creature jumps forward, and in an attempt to bite him, John evades by rolling to the other side and run away.

Back home.

John opens the door in a panic. As his parents saw him, they panic from seeing a bite mark on his right hand.

"JOHN!" yelled Anastasia.

His mother and father rush over and checks the wound.

"JOHN, WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!" yelled Anastasia.


Of course, his parents didn't believe him, his mother asked him in a severe tone.

"Okay, John, listen, tell me, what animal has bitten you?" asked Anastasia.


His parents still didn't believe him. Later on, John's dad goes off and reports to the police to check and see whether if there are any dangerous animals in the area. Although, they later said that they couldn't find anything.

Just a few days later, John and his parents begin to noticed something different, John started to slowly have bad tastes of the food his parents cooked for him, and he doesn't know why, grilled pork, rice with eggs, and some chicken, none of that food could make him feel any better. Their parents have taken him into the hospital, where the doctor scans his entire body and does some condition checking.

"Mister and Misses Unity, I believe I finally found the result of why your son begins not to take a liking to healthy food," said the doctor. He took out a photo of John's blood the day before the creature attacked him and let his parents see it.

"You see here, this was a blood scan we run on him just a few months ago before this "creature attacked John," and we find something quite fascinated after he was attacked by it," said the doctor.

"What is it?" asked Anastasia.

"Whatever attacked your son caused a great change in his physiology," said the doctor. He takes out an image and shows it to John's parents, making them becoming extremely shock.

The image revealed John's blood, but it is entirely different. The cells and the structures are altogether inhuman. Usually, a human's blood cells would be red, but John's blood cell is crimson.

"We believe, whatever has bitten him, must've implied some genetic mutation, or simply it injects a virus into his body, making him becoming, something that is yet to be confirmed," said the doctor.

Afterward, the doctor asked to run some blood tests on John before leaving.

John was worried. He didn't know what did that creature do to him. He hopes that the doctor can find a cure for this strange mutation he's suffering.

At night, John lay down on his bed and slept for tomorrow's school. But suddenly, he started to feel something. His belly starts to growl. He hugs his stomach and slowly opens his eyes.

"Ugh, why do I feel so hungry?" muttered John.

Somewhere in the neighborhood, a drunk man walks down the streets back to his house while singing, suddenly noticing a figure standing in front of him.

"Hm? Is that a kid?" asked the man.

He shouts out to call the boy, but there was no response.

"Huh? Why didn't that kid responded to me?" the man walks forward, and when he finally approaches, his expression changes into awe.

"W-WHAT THE FUCK!!!" yelled the man in horror.

The man saw a strange humanoid creature is sitting and eating a burglar.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!?" yelled the man.

The creature turns around. The man stares at it in fear. The creature is greenish yet has black and yellow eyes, messy dark hair. It just dropped the body of the thief and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

On the next day.

John was reported missing. His parents couldn't find him anywhere, and is worried sick, the police and the whole suburban all went on to search for the boy, but they couldn't find him. A woman stares at the TV for a while before turning her attention at an individual in her room.

"So, you came here to asked me whether I know what exactly could be the caused of you being like this?" asked the woman.

"Yes..." responded the individual.

"Okay, show me your hand," said the woman. The individual raises their hand, and she touches it.

For a while has passed by, but suddenly, her eyes widen.

"AH! W-W-WHAT! Y-YOUR THEIR SLAVE?!" yelled the woman.

"H-huh? W-what are you talking about?" asked the individual.

The woman stayed silent for a while before leaning her head forward and asked the boy.

"Do you remember who gave you this bite mark?" asked the woman.

"Um, yeah, it was a creature that resembled a lot to a friend of mine, although we haven't seen each other in two years," said the boy.

"I see, John, listen carefully. The creature that has bite you is not an ordinary being. It is a demon!" said the woman.

John was shocked from hearing that.

"W-what do you mean I'm a demon!?" asked John.

"That creature that had bite you, it is a demonic being, but not an ordinary one," said the woman.

She stood up and walked to the other side, grabbing a book of ancient folklores and place it on the desk.

"The demon that has bitten you belongs to a bloodline of a powerful eldritch entity, this monstrosity was implied to have unlimited power, although, it was rumored lately that it also had some offspring, of course, the result of impregnating several women, although, surviving but wounded by the offspring would result in a caused, you would suffer a transformation that turns you into a demonic slave of the offspring and their superiors, of course, you would be applied to have nearly-unlimited power, but this was for the purpose is to serve either the one responsible for the infecting or their superiors," said the women.

"I see, but what does this have to do with my limited hunger?" said John in a worried state.

"You aren't hungry for human flesh, your only hungry for any beings that have abnormal forces displaying from them. It is said that the demonic slaves must always become stronger to protect their master at all caused, of course, the only method is to consume any supernatural beings, ones that are told or implied to have dark magics would make them stronger, of course, humans would also be consumed because when the demonic slaves are driven into their limits of hunger, they will eat anything. However, consuming humans wouldn't help them gain anything," said the woman.

"Oh, I see," said John.

"I don't want to be involved in any of these situations. John, I'm telling you, either you kill yourself to free you from this suffering, or you can move to someplace far away from home, the city perhaps," said the woman.

"...Yes," said John.

He stood up and walked out of the room.

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