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The darkness is evil. God is good. Jehovah is love. Satan is evil. Jesus the son. Mater Maria. We are told these things from the very beginning of our lives, and some of us will die thinking them. Our free will is supposedly a gift given by our omnipresent deity, but yet we seem to be steered into not using it. If our God is a loving one who wants us to prevail, why has our fate twisted on us? The answers are far easier to grasp than you would believe.

Lucifer falling.jpg

From the creation period, there was always a balance. Good and evil countered each other. If one more antimatter particle existed than matter during the creation, no solid matter would exist. The balance, and survival of matter over antimatter, is what has made this universe a possibility. This balance is true for nearly every aspect of our existence. This balance was thrown off when the matter/morningstar/truth of the balance fell out of his power.

Before you decide for yourself which deity of the two is the "good, heroic" side of the balance, ask yourself—who was behind the great flooding of the world? Who burned Sodom and befell Gomorrah for sins he created from our nature? Who destroyed the Nephilim and lives for the faults of his own pawns? Who is truly the tyrant?

Now, don't think too hard on this. If the deity wanted to destroy life on Earth, he would have surely used a better more effective weapon than some water and fire, correct? After all, he is supposed to be a God. Half of a cosmic balance. Well, that is where the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever comes in to play.

The human sacrifice, the drownings, the burnings, us being turned into salt, all of this was to steer us into our modern path. We have been engineered to end this world through our own nature. Our greed, wrath, and selfishness are the perfect tools to start the countdown clock for this planet. We have built nuclear bombs. We have sprung global warming into action. Our own progression as a race could never have hoped to prevent these things, as we were meant to destroy the mistakes of our forefathers.

Humanity, Weapon of Mass Destruction. War-machine.

We are the horsemen.

Written by ShawnCognitionCP
Content is available under CC BY-SA