August 6th, 1944

It's been a month since the Allied Invasion of Normandy, the Communists have been pushing us back in the East since 1942, and Italy has been split in half between the Allies and the Germans since 1943. Hitler, getting more desperate as the war continues to go against him, is trying to get ahold of anything that can help him win. But Hitler failed to research the atomic bomb, and resources are declining at an alarming rate for the Axis.

August 10th, 1944

In the middle of the Ardennes, a German Soldier was setting up a landmine, but the landmine malfunctioned and blew up, killing the German soldier. A few medics rushed to get the body, but reported that the hole as a result of the explosion was larger than usual, and the ground felt unstable around the hole. The group of medics had reported this strange phenomenon to Hitler. Hitler was interested in the strange phenomenon and sent an SS division to conduct an investigation on the scene, and a few workers to dig up the hole.

August 12th, 1944

I wiped my forehead, as I lifted my shovel and set it down to take a rest from digging. I looked behind me to see my partner, Zelk, who was digging up stone and minerals with a pickaxe. I looked to my right to check on Zeek, who was digging with a shovel. And to my left was Pazeu, who was digging with a pickaxe. I heard the SS Officer Leon walk up to the construction site.


"HEIL HITLER!" We all raised our arms into the air as we saluted the Fuhrer, and went back to work.

We each placed our stack of dynamite in the middle, but leaving enough space to form a square. We jumped out of the hole and threw our matches into the stack and covered our ears. The explosion was huge, and caused a few trees surrounding the hole to collapse on themselves, and fall into the ditch. The floor of the ditch flung chunks of rock, the sounds of the trees falling into the ditch made a sound, a sound like a cave collapsing on itself. We all opened our eyes to see the damage, as the smoke cleared up it revealed that the floor of the ditch had disappeared.

"PELEK! GO REPORT ON THE DAMAGE!" Leon ordered me.

I walked up to the edge of the ditch, to find that the ditch had turned into an abyss. I froze, and started to freak out as I had a fear of heights. Leon grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back to see what happened.

"Holy hell, we did it!" Leon turned around, "Albern, go report this to the Fuhrer." Leon ordered one of the soldiers.

We stood there and waited for Albern to return, but the wind started to pick up, and was getting rough. And we heard the sound of the former floor of the ditch hit the end of the abyss, causing a faint, plump, and what followed were moans, groans, and screeches.

Leon walked over to the abyss, and looked down. "What in the-" Leon was interrupted as a black hand grabbed his ankle, and yanked him into the ditch.

We jumped and ran, terrified of what we just saw. We heard the screams of the officer, and what followed were gun shots from the soldiers. A loud screech was heard, and then the screams of the soldiers. Me and the rest of the workers started sprinting to the camp, but the creature seemed to be faster. Pazeu's legs were moving too fast and lost coordination causing him to trip. We heard the screams, him calling out Help right before the creature got him.

Zeek took out his shovel, "I will slow the monster down, you get to the camp." Zeek turned around, locked his feet onto the ground, and held his shovel close to him, preparing for a fight.

The wind started to whistle as it picked up speed. When we finally reached the camp, we saw Alberns dead next to the radio phone, with a large gash in his leg. Next to him was horrific, it was a tall, skinny, black creature with glowing red eyes, his long arms rivaled his lanky legs. The creature took a step forward, but then stopped for a second. I stared at the creature's red eyes, fear struck me like it never had, the creature let out a ear piercing screech, and leaped at Zelk, and slammed him to the ground instantly killing him. I ran for my life, my breathing getting heavier, and my shoots started to come off from my running so quickly. I tripped on my untied shoe laces, saving me from almost falling into the abyss. I took off my shoes, and turned around to throw them at the creature, but it was gone. I stood there confused, scratching my head, until I felt something hover over me, and before I could even turn around, the creature bear hugged me from behind and pulled me into the abyss.

This is a prequal to my original story, Kreaturen if you couldn't tell. I am taking criticism, and I am wondering on how I can improve my writing skills. Thank you for reading this, and stay tuned because I might make a sequel to the original story.

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