"Enter To Continue" is the second creation by flaminghotdoritos


Me and my friends were hanging out at my place. We were searching up some random websites. And then one very different website showed up. "masks.comzpa" We had never seen a website with "comzpa" in the name. When we clicked on it, it had showed an online store. It was named MASKMAN. They sold masks, and other things I don't remember. We were scrolling through the mask store, hoping to find something creepy. It was nothing. It was just an ordinary store. But there was a button on the home page. It was called LET'S PLAY A GAME. Of course, us being the dumb high schoolers we were, chose to click the button. Our screen went black. We thought we got a virus or something. Then, the computer booted up again. It showed a list of stuff that looked like rules. I don't remember it fully, but here's what I believe was on the page.

  1. Play the game
  2. Don't turn back
  3. Unlock everything
  4. Be prepared
  5. Get your sixth sense ready
  6. Do not run
  7. Do not invite anyone in unless there are five knocks and two doorbell rings
  8. Avenge yourself


We panicked. This could be the end of our lives. But it told us not to turn back? What would happen if we turned back. We couldn't think. We pressed Enter. Everything was unlocked. We were prepared. We're not inviting anyone in, and we're not running away. But everything was locked from the outside. We couldn't get out, we're trapped inside. Would it be a decade? Would it be more than that? Would it be forever? We can't get out, we're stuck...


It's morning. The clock says 7:53 AM but outside it's pitch black. We decided to save the leftovers in the refrigerator and the pantry for when we need it the most. The doors and windows are still locked. Our light source is candles and lanterns now. We didn't want to die like this. We wanted a slow and quiet death, not a death from a game. Soon, the computer booted up. It greeted a good morning to us at 8:30 AM. It told us something...different. "One week." Just a week? Something's gonna happen in a week, it's obvious.

It's the afternoon, no sign of sunlight detected yet. Are we staying here forever? We could have escaped this nightmare if we didn't press enter. What would have happened if we didn't press enter? Would we have the same outcome?

It's night now. I keep seeing lights flickering, like a candle, through the window. Like the sun is broken, or maybe the batteries are running out in the sun? The clock says that it's 11:46 PM right now. I should go back to sleep and get ready for the third day.


I'm the first to wake up at 5:41 AM. There's still no service, and I feel like something's calling out to me. Everything is still locked, I don't know how. This has to be a dream.

It's the afternoon, and the pantry is slowly running out of food. We have the good stuff in the refrigerator, so we're eating the pantry stuff first. Am I the only person here that keeps thinking of a mask here? There's barely anything to do but sketch, draw, eat, drink, hang out, and walk around the house. Somebody has to help us.

It's night, and the flickering light is getting bigger. I'm starting to see the mask in my reflections. The last thing I want to do is figure out why this is happening to us. And why did the website start in the first place? I'm going to sleep. It's the 4th day tomorrow. We're running out of time.


We just finished breakfast. I'm feeling a bit dizzy. Something's happening to me, and it's not okay. I shouldn't have pressed enter. My handwriting is getting shaky. Maybe I should take a nap.

I just threw up after eating some crackers. They were expired, possibly. Our supplies are limited. We have 3 days left, so we're spending the whole day figuring out how to split up the meals for the next 3 days of our life. I'm terrified. Mom, dad, if you're reading this, I love you.

I can barely see what I'm writing, so I'll try my best not to wake up the others while I write under a lantern. Everyone's nervous of the next three days. I understand why. I hear the wind. But I hear faint footsteps and weird metal screeching outside. What's happening to me? I need answers.


It's the fifth day. We have two days left. We're getting our supplies ready and writing notes to our parents and loved ones. I'm worried about the others.

Everyone's starting to hear the footsteps, the wind, and the flickering now. Something is coming, and I can feel it. I'm scared. Somebody has to save us soon. Let's hope the computer will do something other than talk to us with creepy messages and uncomfortable greetings.

Tomorrow is when we're planning an escape. Half of the group will grab the building tools from the laundry room to bust open the doors and windows, and the other half will take watch over the house. I'm going to sleep now. I'll see you on the sixth day.


We're getting the plan ready. I don't know if it's going to work. If anyone reads this, please don't be worried. I'm in a better place now, a safer place actually. A nicer and calmer place. A more peaceful place.

Can't write in this journal too much, the plan's going to start tomorrow morning. We need time to work on it.

Tomorrow is the day we may survive or die. The computer keeps turning on and off. It keeps on showing a message saying 2x3. We have 6 people in the group. What's going on with me? Is it just my brain?


We started the plan, but we heard two thuds from downstairs. One of us looked. Two of us dropped dead to the ground. We panicked. We only had four of us now. Two would have to watch over the house and two would have to find a way to get us all out. None of us wants to die. This is gonna be a challenge.

This can't be happening. Somebody has to save us. Two others just died in the kitchen. Their bodies were in the pantry. It's only me and another person now. We have to get out right now.

The other person just died. I'm the only one here. I'm scared. I'm shivering, I can't write properly. My hands are shaking. The computer is grabbing me. It's pulling me into itself. The computer showed a black and white screen. The masked person I keep seeing was in the picture. Someone at the door. Five knocks and two doorbell rings. The game told me to open the door. I love you.


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