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Normally, I would be making this on a phone, but I feel like my phone knows more about me than I do. I am scared to even use it anymore. But whenever I "lose" it, I wake up the next day, and it's right next to me. But, Let me tell you about this phone.

I live in Massachusetts. In Taunton, to be specific. Every summer, I go to the brockton fair with my friends, and have a good festival. That was the summer before the Pandemic, of course. I was riding the ferris wheel, and I dropped my phone while trying to get a perfect picture. It was destroyed. I had no service on it, so I was left to buy a completely new one.

I bought a pre-owned phone. It was cheap, but I was left curious why no one had bought it yet. It was a rough few hundred bucks, but that's normal for an IPhone. After, buying it, I charged it.

The data from the last owner, had not been erased. This phone, was relatively old, so, I ended up going to the settings to reset the data on it, because, I did not want anything to happen. But when I went to settings, something felt off. I couldn't make it out, so I figured, Eh, it's probably nothing. But, I searched throughout all of the settings, and there was no factory reset, I even tried using the trick where it opens a menu to erase data. It just simply... wasn't there. I was confused. There was supposed to be a way to factory reset all of the data, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Eventually, I gave up.

I ended up snooping around. I had tech support scheduled the other day. They said, they would be able to factory reset it. I checked the messages. There were texts, from 5 years ago. Saying messages from the original owner's mother and girlfriend. First I decided to check his mother's texts. There were texts warning him about car crashes around where he was and he ignored her. But then, I got a glimpse of his name. Jackson James. I looked his name up and all I got was a missing person search. Jackson James, was presumed dead. But, on the exact day I got the phone, his body was found, buried under cement. Many people made rumors that he was murdered, and then buried. Everything was there where is body was, except for one thing. His phone.

But I figured, These are all just rumors. They don't mean that they are 100% true. But just as I finished the article, the phone got a message. The message was from "James, Jackson". That's exactly what it said. I especially, got frightened and creeped out. Maybe it was some prank. Some extremely stupid, Mean, prank, to mess with me. But the message was shocked me.

"What if your tech support to get rid of the last thing of my existence, died, the same exact way I did?" I texted back. "How did you get this number, and leave me alone! I don't even know you!" All he said was. "What... If..." And then he never said anything else. That was enough screen time for one day. I thought it was going to be a one-time thing. Little did I know, it was only the beginning.

The next day, I waited for tech support. As, I waited I sat back and watched TV. There was a news flash. "2 tech support members somehow crashed. No evidence of anything else. This crash killed 50 people on this highway, being a lethal death. It could have been a suicide to kill more. But as the officials said, There is no way to confirm it." And then I got a text. "Did you like my present? Anything is possible." I texted back furiously trying to curse at him and I got a message. Error Sending Text.

I tried to text tech support. But when I did, There were large amounts of glitches all over the phone. But then, they slowed down. They sent a video. I was scared to watch it but, I overcome myself. It was a video of their dead bodies. And then as I was about exit out of the video, 2 of the same exact person ripped out of their bodies spreading blood and guts all over the camera. The 2 people said, I hope you don't hate our present. There was an intestine wrapped around one of their necks, being eaten, making more of a mess. The power button wasn't working, I tried to exit out of the video and they said, "The show isn't over yet, there is still more." I threw the phone out the window. And then I heard the TV. "You can't leave something you entered. Not yet." I smashed my TV. The last thing I heard was, "I'm hungry still. Maybe one more person. The person who didn't accept our present. We are coming." I hit the TV over and over and over again, repeatedly. I knew what was going to happen. I was next. They were going to kill me. I go to sleep hoping that all of what happened was not actually going to happen.

I ended up sleeping with a bunch of gruesome deaths, and them, coming to me. "You should have ran."

I wake up quickly. The phone was on the charger. It had no scratches. It seemed like a dream. And there was a factory reset button. I went to press it and then--

Knock Knock Knock

Who was it? I looked outside. There was a blood trail. I blinked and it was gone. I answered the door and it was glitched. It was tech support. I let them at the phone. And then, the phone's factory reset option was gone.

"You are really gullible. Now You are over. I told you. We were coming. And now we are here."

I could feel myself being ripped apart and then waking up on the couch normally. It happened over and Over and over again. Why was I so gullible? Until I realised. The factory reset button was there. Just I was going to press it, It disappeared. Gone. Just as They killed me again, stuff on my computer wrote. I finished it. It's a warning. Be careful on who you text. It can lead to your death.