Darkness was all I could see right now. It was spreading around me like a disease. I don't know how it began, it felt like it was always there. I stared at nothingness for a long time. When I learned that I could move in this place, everything collapsed. I was falling. Deeper and deeper. The hole I was falling into seemed to be endless like a black hole. I was waiting for my death at the end of it.

The deeper I was falling the more cries I could hear, cries of the people I met.

"Please, stop. That's enough!"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm not ugly! I'm not!!!"

"I thought you were my friend, Kevin."

The screams of agony and madness were all over the place. I couldn't stand it, I started crying.

"I'm sorry, whoever you were to me. Please forgive me!"- I shouted crying.

Then all the voices went quiet.

I finally was on the ground but it wasn't normal. It was sticky and it smelled like rotten flesh. At that very moment I felt so... Nostalgic... I was thinking about someone very close to me. All the fear and guilt was gone. Everything that was left in me was anger. He always stopped me from bullying other people, he always did that, he was saying that they didn't deserve it. I shouldn't be in this hell-hole! I-

All of a sudden the substance I was standing on started rising. It was so dense that I couldn't move in it.


I started hearing quiet voices saying that word.




I don't know how but I've recognized the last voice. It was-

I saw the tunnel of light in front of my eyes, but it was quickly covered by... Something... The dark figure was approaching me from not a long distance. It got much colder when I looked at its eyes where one had a glowing "X" on it.

Its mouth opened showing a huge amount of sharp teeth.

"Oh, God"- I said in fear- "S-stay away!"

At that very moment I was fully covered up by the substance. It was burning me from the inside. I felt exactly the same when Michael came to my house and changed my life.

When I was 11 years old my mother found him on the end of the cliff, forgotten and abandoned. When I first saw him, he was all wet because of the rain. His light hair was a bit covered over his face. The most interesting thing about his look was the black eye patch he wore. It was black with two white crossed lines.

For the first years of his arrival he was very kind to me. But it changed when I started bullying kids in the school. Yeah, I was a bully, and he clearly didn't like that. He was different from other people he didn't like to talk to anyone, he was just scribbling in is sketchbook. But everything changes when somebody is mean to other kids, Michael becomes more hostile and protects the bullied kids. He was often beaten up by the bullies, but he didn't care about that.

My friends and I were making fun of him for some time, but we got bored very quickly. When we were going back home, he always looked at me mad with his unnatural lavender eye. I wanted to get rid of him as fast as I could. When I was reading an article about missing people in the woods near my town, I came up with an idea... I told him to go into those woods. He agreed, in one condition. I won't be bullying anyone. He wasn't back for days, so my mom called the police to find him. There was no trace of him. I was so happy back then, he... He was gone, he won't disturb me anymore. But since that day, I felt that someone was observing me, even though there was no one around me. When I was going home from my friend's house, I decided to take a shortcut. By those woods... It sounded like a bad idea but it was only a 5-min walk.

I safely got back home and got some sleep. And now I'm in this place... Wait... I'm not anymore covered by this substance. It was light, all I could see now were white walls, there was no sign of the black substance.

"AAAHHHHH!!!"- I screamed when I felt a terrible pain in my right eye. I put my hand on it and I felt wet liquid flowing down my skin. The floor color turned to scarlet red. The dark figure approached me again. He was feeding on my pain.

"Who... are you?"- I asked but it didn't respond. All I could hear right now was devilish giggling. I couldn't stand on my feet anymore, because of blood loss. I collapsed on the floor, looking at the monster's face, slowly closing my eyes.

~ Welcome to Hell, brother...

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