Dear reader,

You may not realize how lucky you are that you found this article.

This is a warning about an event called the "Exalaisthisi," which will occur on a date that has yet to be determined. Now, I highly suggest you continue reading so I can tell you what it is and how you'll remain safe from it.

Basically, the world will lose all its volume, forming a black hole. Magnetic fields will be sucked in, which will cause the human mind to experience powerful hallucinations. This torturous affliction will remain for all eternity.

But here's the catch.

Any life form that finds out about this event will be given an illusion resembling how the earth is today, and they will become one of the few that wander amongst the illusion while the rest are "away." To them, it will be like nothing ever happened. The reason this event will occur is not yet known.

If you finished reading this to the end, I hope you now realize how lucky you are. You won't have to be a part of the Exalaisthisi, and can still continue living how you do today. Spread this word to anyone you know and love. Let's hope they won't have to be put through that torture either.

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