You are a normal schoolkid with regular interests, like hanging out with friends, scoring enough points on your volleyball team, and spending time with the guys, but one day you start to hear voices in your head. At first you think you're dreaming; then you think you're going crazy and rush to the nurse's office. When you start to hear her thoughts, you realize the truth. You're not hearing random voices. No one's speaking to you. You're hearing other people's thoughts. The nurse's thoughts are focused on an "experiment" and how well you have progressed. You reach out with your mind to ask, "What experiment?" The nurse drops her cup of coffee and is visibly shaken. After a minute, she picks up her phone and says, "It is time to shut it down. The patient is progressing much faster than he should." The entire room fades to black. When you can see again, you are in a glass cage hanging above a bottomless pit.

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