People say there are many different things in eyeliner. I didn't care, honestly. I always wore eyeliner, every single day of my life from the time I was thirteen. I like liquid liner best, as it was easy to apply and there was no fear of stabbing myself in the eye. In the back of my mind, though, there was always the thought of "What is in eyeliner?" and "Are the rumors true?" I never paid close attention to the thoughts. Not until January of 2011.

My eyeliner felt gooey, awful. I thought it was old or that I was tired. It was five a.m. after all. I set the eyeliner down and brushed my hair, forgetting the thought immediately. Somehow, however, all day I felt a nagging at the back of my head, something telling me something was wrong. It wasn't until noon that I started to think it was real. We were walking to lunch, my classmates and I, when I felt a certain burning sensation right where I put on my eyeliner.

By two o' clock, it was unbearable. I rushed to the bathroom without waiting for permission and tried to scrub it off, but found it didn't work. The pain of it drove me insane. I started to breathe harder and harder, it felt like someone had set my eyelids on fire. What had been in the eyeliner? Was it makeup at all? I didn't feel the pain of my fingernails at first. Maybe it was shock, or the burning was too strong. I scraped at the darkness, clawing my eyelids until I felt like they were in shreds. I realized I was on the floor and stood shakingly, screaming for help and getting none. I looked in the mirror and saw blood rushing down my face and getting into my eyes. My vision became blurred, senses shutting down. I was on the verge of blacking out, when I saw it. I looked close at my eyeliner before I fell to the floor in utter pain and anguish, and saw the tiny bugs shiny as liquid, eating into my skin.

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