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The days are all the same now. The Cataclisma has destroyed my reality. Not that there was much to destroy in the first place. I fear I may be the only one left. I write this log sitting on what I think is solid ground, in what I know are my tears. It feels as though the grayness and ashes around me have seeped into my heart, crushing out any life or hope that was left.  

Though my hope is nearly gone, I am not without purpose. The mirrors. They are all I am. She is all I am. The girl on the other side of the glass. I look exactly like her, I think. I was designed that way. Her reality is safe and happy and full of color. She has a loving family and is always smiling. That is why I remain here.

The mirror is the gate. I am the gate keeper. As long as I touch where she touches and move where she moves, she cannot cross. I do not know what would happen if she did, but my orders were clear. I was made to be a gatekeeper. And a gatekeeper cannot disobey their orders.

Not that I needed the orders at all. I have grown quite fond of the girl I am to guard. She is always smiling and giggling. Teasing her sisters and playing games with her friends. She has no knowledge of the endless expanse of pain the resides just on the other side of her bathroom mirror, and I intend to keep it that way. She calls me Reflection. I do not think it is a real name, but I like it, nonetheless.

It is night in her world now. I can tell because her room is dark and the stars on the ceiling are lit up. I have not seen the stars in a very long time. The darkness eases the constant stress that comes with my duty and allows me to dwell on my thoughts and memories. Some of my fondest ones were spent with my creator, Dr. Cavern. He was like a father to me. He was kind and taught me everything I know. He was another friend the Cataclisma stole from me.

My existence is slowly ticking to a stop. The creatures have not yet found me and the mirror realm, but I know they will soon. I can hear their howls and their pounding claws on the ground above. I have seen what they can do to people.  

Even if they do not find this place, I fear something much worse is coming. Something that intends to cross the bridge between realities. The thing behind the Whispers. But no matter what comes, I will be here to stop it. I am afraid of it. But even more than that, I am afraid of the moment when the girl does not see me in the mirror.

My name is Reflection. I am the lone survivor, the Last Gatekeeper, and the defender of the World in the Glass. It is my purpose. This is #913810, Reflection, signing off, for the last time.