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Hey there. My name's George, and I figured this would be the perfect place to post these tapes I found a couple weeks ago. I did my best to transcribe them. Honestly, these freak me out. I hope this doesn't get lost in the sea of fake stories. If just one person sees this, I think we'll all be okay.

Oh, the tapes are all labeled 'Failsafe'. There are three in total, but I fear there's more in circulation. Here we go.


?: Hello? Is... is this thing on? Good, good. There's... someone in the house. Well, outside the house anyway. He's wearing some... form of mask? It's got eyes, but it's covering his mouth and nose. He's just standing there, not moving. I've called the police but they're not coming. I'm going to be sending this tape to firemen, the hospitals, any emergency services, because this man won't get off my land. I think... i think Jeremy went outside?

Jeremy?: Darling, I can't see the man.

?: He's there, Jeremy! Amongst the petunias!

Jeremy: He's not darling, all the flowers are still blowing in the wind, I assure you.

?: That's impossible, he's right there.

Jeremy: Darling, I assure you, there's nobody standing in the garden. Go to bed now, I'll make you some tea to help you sleep.

?: Go outside, Jeremy, and see for yourself!

Jeremy: If it makes you happy, my sweet.

  • There's a brief pause while a door opens and closes. At this point, i'm assuming 'Jeremy' has gone outside

?: By the petunias, Jeremy!

  • Some muffled speech here

?: You're standing right next to him!

  • More muffled speech, and more doors open and close. I think 'Jeremy' has come back inside

Jeremy: See? Maybe you're just hallucinating.

?: Something's off, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Forget about the tea, love. We can have an early night tonight. Get some much-needed rest.

?: You go, I'll be there in a minute.

Jeremy: Whatever you say, love.

  • I think the tape was paused here, as it cuts to, I think, morning?

?: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yes my dear?

?: He's moved, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Yes, I would think so. As I said, dearest, just a hallucination.

?: No, he hasn't gone, he's just moved.

Jeremy: Really?

?: Yes, he's... he's by the front door.

Jeremy: How odd. Now we need to put Mr Sniffles outside, don't we? He likes his walkies early.

?: Of course.

  • Again, doors open, and a scuffle followed by a meow rings through what sounds to be an echoey hallway. Is Mr Sniffles a cat?

Jeremy: Alright dear, he's out.

  • Silence.

Jeremy: Darling?

  • ? speaks, but this time her voice is much lower.

?: Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal

Jeremy: Dearest?

?: Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal

  • At this point the tape ends. What follows is tape two. If you read this through you can see some similarities. That phrase keeps popping up, 'Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal'. I can't understand it, but tape two provides another encounter.


?: Alright Martin, the tape's recording!

Martin?: Sshh Marie, she's on stage!

Marie: Here she is! My lovely Jane!

  • By the sounds of things, this is a school play? One female voice begins singing. I think this is Jane. Maybe Martin and Marie are her parents? She finishes the song.

Jane: When there's sorrow, not a cloud. And when there's rain, keep moving forward.

Martin: You did brilliantly!

  • The parents are ecstatic, much to the annoyance, it seems of people around them. Jane starts her lines again.

Jane: Oh, when will my lover return? He has brought such pain and sorrow into my life, but also happiness and love.

Marie: Martin, who's that boy onstage? He's very tall. He looks like one of the teachers!

Martin: What boy, love?

Marie: The one with the mask on. You see? It covers his entire face bar the eyes. Does he play the lover?

Martin: There's no boy there, Marie.

Marie: No, look, he's over there. Stage right, or whatever it's called.

Martin: Ssshhh, Jane's speaking again!

Jane: My lover brings such joy and sunshine. He is hungry after his long journey. Lover, gaze on the feast I've lain out for you!

Marie: The boy's not doing anything.

Martin: Where's the feast?

Marie: Must be improv. Or miming?

Martin: Miming doesn't have words, silly.

Jane: Oh, Lover, I have lain the most spectacular spread for you!

Martin: She's a brilliant actor for a five year old!

Marie: Well, Mrs Kirk is a great teacher, so I'm told. But the boy behind her doesn't seem to be adding anything to the play.

Martin: How many times, there's no boy there!

Jane: Hark! My lover is here. Feast, my lover. Feast on food galore!

Martin: Cor, this play's a bit weird, I see what you mean. Marie?

Marie: Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal.

Martin: What?

Marie: Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal.

  • There are more repetitions of this phrase from other people nearby. The tape ends here. Who's the Lover? Why did the girl mention the Feast? The final tape doesn't really add anything to the mystery, but for continuity's sake I'll add it anyway.


?: Hello, customer service, how can I help you?

  • This seems to be a recording of a phone call.

?: Hello? Hello? Dave, I've got another one.

Dave?: Bloody hell. These damn kids. All the time, they think they can just call up willy-nilly and 'prank' us.

  • Dave's voice gets louder. I think he's speaking into the phone?

Dave: Well we're not buying it, okay lads? You've had your fun, now leave us alone. Hang up.

?: I'm trying, but it's... not working?

Dave: It's not hanging up? Probably a system error. I'll retrace the call through my computer and see what the number is.

?: Thanks.

Dave: Right, so it's coming up with 'number not found'?

?: Damn it, they're using that fancy 'No Caller ID' thing. We should get Darren in IT onto that.

Dave: Yeah.

?: I'll try hanging up again.

Dave: Sure.

?: No, it's not working.

Dave: What are they saying?

?: Nothing, they're not saying anything.

Dave: That's odd. Let me repatch the network, reboot your system.

?: No, wait, they're talking.

Dave: Oh, good, put me onto the buggers. I've got some things I'd like to say to them for wasting our time.

?: Sure, putting you through.

  • There's a pause here.

Dave: They're not saying anything.

?: Yes they are, it's a little girl.

Dave: Well I can't hear her. What's she saying?

?: Something about a lover? Can't you hear it?

Dave: No, I can't hear anything.

  • Another pause.

Dave: Hello? Are you there?

?: Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal.

  • Tape ends.

So those are the three tapes. I've still got a lot of questions about this whole thing. I'm sure there are more tapes somewhere, so if you've seen anymore of the Failsafe tapes, PLEASE message me. I need to put this thing to rest. Also, if anyone can try and translate that phrase? 'Aand ist habstern in dargah duroc hop vac nal'. Thanks for your help in advance. I'll keep you guys updated.