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I have spent the past months among humanity, and I am quite disappointed. After a great many queries and searching out suitable aspirants, it seems as though this age is rife with a population whom seem content to treat the unknown as naught but a petty diversion or a thing to be mocked out of ignorance.

Thus, my decision is made.

The lot of you are unworthy of the End.

What passionless, empty fools humans have become. Even those of intellectual brilliance are lacking in passion and while away their time on matters wholly of the material realm, blindly blathering on that which cannot be sensed by human sensory organs and machines wrought by human hands does not exist.

Your culture is tainted with such thoughts.

Thoughts which seek for answers.

There are no answers.

You are peasants.


Peasants believed in the unknown and feared it, and justifiably so.


You are less than peasants.

If any among you espouse such ideals as to actually seek out the intangible unknown and to gain a semblance of understanding for a universe greater than the materialist beliefs which have spread throughout your species, I charge you with seeking out such things in a scholarly fashion.

Research these ideas long-buried and unveil powers and entities beyond mortal ken. Learn of societies who dared look into the Darkness and exulted in their fear to espy worlds filled with that which only dreams may begin to duplicate.

Study those humans who dared mix the studies of the natural world with the world unseen and their impossible discoveries.

Stoke the flames of your mind and place your energies into questioning the world in all ways possible.

Or carry on as you are and rot from within.

As for myself, I will return to my repose and await a time when either humanity is a withered husk of what it once was or realizes its potential and uplifts itself to heights I have only begun to taste in my long existence.

Until that time.


– Peace out, Mr. Welldone <3

--Peenmaster 20:36, 17 October 2009 (UTC)