Note:This is a small addendum to the journal found in the pasta Subject C. Therefore, if you have not read that pasta, some elements of this story may be hard to understand.

And so you are unfortunate enough to find this note. Because of this, you have been marked. By who else but Subject C. He can see you right now. There is one way to become unmarked. It may seem odd, but you must skip to the bottom of this page, the last paragraph. I can barely stay awake. But I must stay awake. Please. Go to the last paragraph.

This is excusable. You may have skimmed the last paragraph and skipped the part about skipping to the last paragraph. I can understand that, and so can Subject C. But I request you one thing. You know what that is. Do not read the next paragraph, and skip to the last one.

This is the forbidden paragraph. The ignorance of what it reads preserves everything in your now insignificant life. Tell family you love them. Mend broken friendships. Resolve all arguments. Make yourself decent before you go. He will not get you until you sleep. But you will not stay awake forever. Be warned, ye dead one: you have been marked for death.

We, Subject C and I, can excuse this. I can understand your curiosity. You might have read two below the second paragraph, and found a loophole. Just count yourself lucky that this one isn't like the one above this. Your life rests now in your self-control. Do not read the paragraph above.

If you read this directly after the first paragraph, congratulations. You are seen as a good enough specimen of human to stay alive, at least for now. I just have two requests for you now. The first is that you do not read the paragraphs before these. I do not care what they say, if you do now you are marked for death. And second, please, pray for me. I can barely stay awake. I am so tired...

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