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Cliched and unoriginal, falls into many of the same tropes that video game pastas often use.

Up until a few years ago, I had never even heard the word "Fjong". I've never even seen a creature similar to the ones in "Fjong".

Fjong. Fjong.



The word haunts me. Let me explain.

I woke up that day feeling like shit as usual, looking forward to nothing in particular. The responsibilities of the day came crashing down on me all at once, making me immediately lose any motivation I had to begin with. Suddenly, a loud ring on the doorbell echoed throughout my empty, roach-filled house. Then nothing. I groaned and quickly shoved the covers off my body and made my way down the stairs. I opened the front door and saw a miniscule package placed politely on the front porch. I picked it up and it felt incredibly light, as expected.

But something felt strangely off about the package. Something wasn't completely.. right, about this, to put it as best as I can. There was no label on it, no return address, not a single name. Not even my own name was on it. I felt like I should've thrown it into the dumpster, but I took it inside hesitantly, curious to see what it could be. The worst mistake of my life by far, no joke.

This package was almost exuding a feeling of... malice. Hesitantly, I grabbed my box cutter and cut open the dirty, crusty tape keeping the box together. A dense, stinky air filled with dust puffed out as soon as I peeled open the box flaps. Inside, there was a disc alongside a note with a brown stain on it. I took both of the items out of the box and read the note.

"Just for you--


That's what the note said. The disc was completely blank on the front except for one word. "Fjong", written in dark blue text. I took the disc upstairs to where my computer was located. I opened the CD-ROM drive and inserted the "Fjong" disc. An application immediately appeared. A colorful scene appeared as the application loaded. Lush, grassy fields, tall trees, and the "logo" of the game- "FJONG" in colorful, capital, rainbow letters. An upbeat, calming tune emitted from the application and colorful creatures floated in the sky of the scene.

I moused over to the "PLAY" button underneath the FJONG logo. For some reason, I felt like I shouldn't click. A package with no labels, no return address, containing a blank CD-ROM and a shady note... why was I sent this package? Could this game be malicious? No, that's not it. It's just a silly little children's game that looks like it was made in less than a day. The worst it could be is some kind of trojan virus.

Immediately, I'm greeted by a scene just as colorful as the last. One of the creatures from the title screen, colored a pastel blue color, appears on the screen. I speed through the tutorial, my nervousness about this game washing away quickly as I see the colorful, simple nature of the game. The music is soothing and the gameplay is simple with little thinking needed to get through the level. The character "Fjong" wants to save his friends, but cannot fly unless it eats some candy.

The main game mechanic is jumping and bouncing off walls to get to the candy bin at the end of the level. Fjong makes a high-pitched sound as it jumps in the air.

I continue to play through the charmingly easy levels, acquiring different colors of "Fjongs" until, suddenly...



My screen goes black. The blue Fjong creature slowly appears on screen in a more hyper-realistic fashion than it ever appeared in the game. Its skin looked greasy, porous, and thick, like it was enveloped in thick layers of blubber, despite being a creature designed for flight. Its skin was varying shades of blue, and almost looked like it had...

Traces of blood on it.

Its feet were rough, wrinkly, and stubby. An old, faded-looking shade of brown. Its eyes were shiny, watery, and incredibly small. I stared deep into them, as the Fjong creature stared back at me, standing still on my screen, emitting not a single sound. Looking deep into the abyss-like caves that were its eyes, it almost felt like the Fjong... had hostile intents.

Unexpectedly, the Fjong emitted an ear-piercing, high-pitched, drawn out sound. Similar to the sound it makes whenever it jumps, but much louder than any human ears could handle. It was a more glitchy, oscillating sound than the one in-game. I covered my ears, closed my eyes tightly and ran as fast as I could from my computer.

I ran out of the house, into the streets, as far away as I could, but the sound still echoed throughout my ears non-stop.

I opened my eyes and confused, frightened tears immediately came falling down from them. Suddenly, images of blood, flesh, and veins flashed through my vision. The world around me, but dark red, fleshy, pulsating, undulating, writhing, covered in veins and splatters of unknown liquid. I tried to scream. I tried to scream louder than the horrible sound ringing through my ears, but nothing came out of my mouth. The whole world was silent except for the sound. The wretched noise caused my body to feel like thousands of pins and claws and spikes were being stabbed both inside and out on every limb of my being, every inch, every cell. The muscles on my arms began to convulse and swell violently, then exploding into giant eruptions of blood and chunks of tissue, muscle, and flesh. The giblets that flew off of me looked like they were rotting.

I continued running. I don't know where I was aiming to go. Maybe I could escape the sound, or maybe the violent pain at the very least. I continued running, almost about to collapse on the ground from a combination of blood loss and exhaustion, but I woke up in the hospital, a monitor beeping beside me.

It has been years since that event.

I still haven't gotten used to the sound.