You've been stuck in here for days, deprived of any food or rest. I could see you going round and round to try and find an escape... knocking yourself on different objects or walls from time to time as you got tired. I'm looking at you from a distance now, though you don't seem to notice me at all. You're too focused on trying to get out of this place.

After this long, there's only one thing you seek: daylight. Only a few hours ago, you found a small window in a dark room. Since you've reached it, I've been watching you hit the glass a few more times in a vain attempt to escape. Then, a last thump is heard and you fall on the floor, too weak to continue. You remain there for a while, and spasms follow. After a while, they stop. I slowly walk up to you and stare at your corpse for a few seconds before getting rid of it.

That was such a foolish move. But how could you have known? You were just a lost bug after all.

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