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“It’s for a good cause,” Percy told himself. He was going to Morrickson’s Hospital; the safest, cleanest, and most trusted hospital in the city.

Percy was really into helping others by any means possible. Today, he was going to donate blood. The nurse accompanied him to the room.

“Name is Percy Langley,” the nurse read from the clipboard. “Male, nineteen years old. Blood type O positive. This will help us so much. You don’t have any idea how many of us need O positive.”

“Us?” Percy asked curiously.

“The hospital, Mr. Langley,” the nurse replied.

“Oh, of course. I’m sorry,” Percy apologized.

Moments later, the nurse took a long syringe and slipped the needle into his arm. “It’s ready.”

“I can tell,” Percy replied. He was beginning to wonder why there was no plunger attached to the barrel of the syringe.

Then a dozen patients filled up the room. They were all thin and anemic.

“Uh, nurse? What are they doing here?”

“They’re here for your blood.”

“W-wait. What are you gonna do to me?”

The first patient grasped the syringe connected to Percy’s vein. He leaned his head to it and began to suck the blood.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Percy shouted. He tried to break free, but the patient held on to his arm tightly and the nurse pinned him to the chair.

“They need your blood, Mr. Langley. They can’t have any other blood types. They can only take Type O.”

Percy was frozen in horror. He began to feel weak and wobbly.

“Mr. Langley, this is for a good cause,” said the nurse.

“What will happen to me?”

“The patients only need your blood,” the nurse said. “But the staff are pretty hungry.”

Written by Spikesterino
Content is available under CC BY-SA