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A Beautiful Woman[]

Ah. A fall in 19's was beautiful. Walking around, I heard some sort of clicking, such as heels clicking against theconcrete. I immediatelyturn, though nothing appears. I feel a slight rush of adrenaline, taking a breath to regain myself. That is, until I'm strangled by what feels to be soft hands covered by silky gloves. I start coughing, trying to rip the hands off my neck, though it's as if her grip was extraordinary. My eyes began to fall, closing my eyes. After a bit, I wake up in what seems to be a basemsnt. I immediately scream bloody murder, though a woman slams my mouth shut. She says nothing, only grabbing what seems to be a bottle of human remains. This is when I realize I am in danger, heart immediately reacting. "..Let me go." I mumble out, though the woman turns to me with insane and what seems to be sleep deprived eyes. She seems pale, too pale. As if she's a ghost. "..You didn't let me go." My breath hitches. The woman who was publicly hanged yesterday.. I was watching in the crowd. She comes closer with a dagger, slamming it into my body as I flinch, my eyes going shut as I see red. "..You dirtied my white dress." The woman grabbed her chainsaw, pulling the chain as I heard a slow humming from it. My heart stops. "I- I'm so sorry- I swear i.." My sentence came out as a desperate plea as the womzn seems unimpressed. "..I'll take your eyes for it." My eyes widened, as the woman grabbed them, emitting a squeal of pain from my mouth as I felt my vocal cords hurt from it. She then grabs her chainsaw, sawing my stomach open as my vocal cords physically stop, now unable to express my immenss pain. She grabs some of my insides, inspecting it before bitting into it with a pleased sigh. I feel as if im not human anymore, laying in a chair with my mouth hanging. She pulls at my intestines, and at this point, I have no attempt to stop her. She then bites into it once more, pulling it out as if it's a tangled up telephone cord. After a few more days of this, I fall apart. I physically am not a human anymore, not able to see, my stkmach torn open, feet cut off and hung up as props and my arms planted as her flowers. She grins at the mess shes made of me, grabbing an axe and finally, ending my pain and suffering as it cuts through my brain. -->

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