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Template:Tape 2: A Bizarre Outcome[]

Authors note: This is the 2nd tape of [1]A Game to Remember. I do hope you enjoy and if you haven't read that one I do recommend it. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Detective: The recording starts with Alfie Lynn Johnson and Mrs. Ezra Kade Mechido. The patient is showing signs of schizophrenia even with medicine. This may be a cause to the “accident.” Roll the next tape.


The tape starts with Mechido waiting for Alfie reading off his birthday, height, hair color, etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mechido: …Hair color is white, and his eyes a light blue. He has pale skin and is 5 foot 8 inches exactly. He is 19 years of age and is creative. He has shown signs of Schizophrenia, Asperger syndrome, and severe anxiety since he has entered this facility.


As Mrs. Ezra Kade Mechido finishes Alfie Lynn Johnson enters the room. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mechido: Ahh… Right on time its nice to see you again Alfie.

Alfie: Yeah…

Mechido: I understand that you don’t want to be here Mr. Johnson but you must tell us all of what happened in those experiences, and we will let you go.

Alfie: Okay, fine if it gets me out of here.

Mechido (smiling): Okay tell me about the next encounter. I believe it was a week after the first.

Alfie: It was night, about 11:30pm. Everything was quiet, and I was in my bed drifting off to sleep. Suddenly I had felt a need for my bathroom. So as anyone would do, I had jumped up and walked to the bathroom. Of course, after using it something had to go wrong. I stepped out and was hit with a wave of dizziness. I was spinning, or was the room changing again? Soon enough I had my answer and I wish I hadn’t.

Mechido: The room was spinning? Do you think it was your schizophrenia spiking? It would feel the same as reality.

Alfie: This was real, it wasn’t that disorder you guys say I have. Anyway, I wish I hadn’t stepped out of that bathroom. I was now in this labyrinth of turns and straights. The worst thing is that something was in there. It sounded hungry and fast. I wasn’t ready for these trials to come. Three different paths faced me, and I took the one facing away from the sound. It was to my left.

The path seemed endless and trying to drive me insane. The walls looked like it was getting closer. I didn’t want to be here any longer. I started to break down and cry, that’s when I seen “IT” a dark figure with a rotting corpse for arms and legs. His face screamed death and lost souls. Worst of all he looked devious and starved.

Mechido: That would be impossible and illogical, you know that right? I mean, a rotting corpse for arms and legs? There is no way that would be possible.

Alfie (visibly upset): As I was saying, he looked starved. I tried to run as fast as I could, but he grabbed me and pulled me under the ground here everything was in a dark tint. It was much like our world, but everything was dark. I started to run away but it kept taking me to where I started. That’s when I heard it. The raspy chuckle. “Dummy… “ It started to plague my mind. Would I never escape this voice? I sat on the ground of this place and laugh while tears streamed down my face.

I had given up. It had been hours since I had felt the comfort of home. I couldn’t describe the immense pain I was feeling emotionally. Everything seemed so real I had accepted this is where my life ends. I closed my eyes and laid on the ground. It felt like my pillows. I opened my eyes to see my alarm clock. 11:31pm, it was only a minute in this world. I sat there crying that night.


The tape had blanked out for a few moments, but it still said there was film on it. After 2-5 mins it resumed to show Ezra Mechido mangled on the floor with no arms and legs to be found. Alfie is crying with blood on his hands and face. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Detective: Patient tapped with the footage and covered the act of him committing the murder. I do thank god we didn’t see the act but you can see blood on the patients hands. Pause it and take a snapshot.

Assistant: Can you be so sure? He is crying Afterall.

Detective: Many killers cry after they realize what they have done. Discard the last tape and we can now prosecute the patient. CloverFieldXD (talk) 13:41, 12 May 2022 (UTC)Clover </ref>

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