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A Child's Imagination []

I was in the car, passenger seat, letting my school friend drive us to a party. I had no car, being barely 12 and my mom wasn’t going to drive me, so he decided he would come with me and drive us there.

Once we were there, the 2 of us, anyways, we noticed something odd. Nobody else was there. I looked at my watch, and it said 5:30. I was early! This was unusual, I often am an hour late. We waited for someone else to come.

The first person to come was my mom, followed by my friends family of four, and finally the other people in my family. My mom said she brought some footage of me when I was a child. She looked ecstatic to show me them, despite me not being so excited. She said some were from security cameras in the front yard, and some were from her camera.

The first were obviously from the security cameras in the yard. First was a video of me in the summer. I was on our tire swing talking to an imaginary friend. “Hey, Willowsmile can you push me? Yay, thank you.” My mom paused the tape. “Aw, you were so cute back then.,” My mom remarked, “You had such a big imagination!” I chuckled “I thought it was real back then.” We unpaused the tape. “You’re strong, Willowsmile.” I paused it frantically. “Did you see that? I started going higher before I said that!” My mom replied with, “Just the wind, you just thought Willowsmile was pushing you.” We unpaused it. I kept on swinging, back, and forth until I announced “Mommy, Willowsmile isn’t pushing me hard enough. “And? You want me to push you?”, She replied. I nodded my head, and my mom came over to push me on the swing. The tape ended. The next tape was of me playing with my dog until I tripped. “Owie! Why did you push me, willowsmile?

The fall was unnatural and looked more like a long, failed, bad jump. “Willowsmile, I will tell on you!” I ran to my mom, and the tape ended. “Hey, can I see that again? My mom rewound the tape. As I thought, at the end of the clip, you could see leaves flying up behind me, in a way that would only be made by someone running. “Normal,” I thought. But behind that, more leaves were flying up. It appeared something was following me. “Just a glitch, those cameras were super old.”, My mom said, skeptically. She had no experience with technology, so she said that same thing when her phone blew up.

The rest of the tapes were of me playing around with my dog only one mentioning the name Wiilowsmile. “Hey, dog, Do you see willowsmile there?” The dog obviously couldn’t see my friend. She pulled a USB drive out of her bag and plugged it in. It was of me, again playing with some wooden blocks when suddenly they tumbled down, awkwardly, causing me to yell angrily “WILLOWSMILE! Why did you do that?” I burst into tears, screaming, “You destroyed my tower!” “Why?!?” Then my voice grew deeper and I said “You-You FOOL I WI-- The video ended. My mom clearly was very confused. That never happened? You just got mad and cried!

We went back home, afraid. It has been a month since we saw those tapes. I’ve been hearing whispering lately. It’s been getting worse, going from saying “I love you.” “Please come back!” to “I hate you.” “Ha, You’re gonna tell on me? I’ll tell on YOU!” Willowsmile, please, please. Don’t tell him. Not him.

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Nice pasta concept. Some grammar and spelling errors, improper punctuation and capitalization. You should separate the dialogues into their own paragraphs.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 03:06, 14 December 2020 (UTC)