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A New Life[]

EXPERIMENT ONE AND LOG NUMBER ONE:  Yo, Name's James, I'm gonna tell you my new life. I'm a game maker now, i use the Unity Engine. The weird thing is viruses are always inside my games... I checked my antivirus after downloading one of my games and it said no viruses. I think the antivirus IS a virus and it is malware and stuff. LOG NUMBER TWO: I'm back. i found the cause of the viruses. it was a tiny byte that i never or realized i installed into the games i made. LOG NUMBER THREE: the byte WAS the virus NOT my antivirus the antivirus could not prevent it and the byte also appears to be spyware AND malware which for my PC can make it explode. LOG NUMBER FOUR: The virus corrupted all my files from my games and turned them into his kind. The System32 files are fighting them right now. i hope they are ok... 10 minutes later... Oh no my pc has been fully corrupted and can't turn on now! LOG NUMBER FIVE: MY PC EXPLODED and shot its casing shards onto my walls. the shards almost killed me, i hope the people who i think live in my walls are OK. EXPERIMENT TWO AND LOG SIX: Name's Jess, Ever since James died, i have been writing in his journal, i have the same occupation as him. a Game maker, i don't use Unity though. i use Gamemaker, It's the most popular game engine at this time but back then, Unity was the engine all games used LOG NUMBER SEVEN: Today i have to stay home, i have a sore throat and it gets worse every single second. if i go to school i would get expelled and you don't wanna know what my mom does when i get expelled. Mom: You're grounded for a month Young Lady! Me: Ah fuck...! EXPERIMENT THREE AND LOG EIGHT: Name's Timothy, Thing's.... have been weird, people are randomly dying of unknown reasons, END OF NEW LIFE TWO NEW LIFE THREE COMING SOON...

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~~potential ~~[]

It has potential, but the logs should be longer. People love their paragraphs, so it's for the better.

The person who wrote ~~potential~~ i made that happen.[]

The logs are now longer and the experiments have been released (just incase the experiments are different people lol) and if this gets released onto the wiki i will make pictures and post them onto here.

~~ You're Treading a Dangerous Line ~~[]

You need to be really careful what you do with this from here. I love the premise, but it's incredibly terrifying to see a first draft with a "To be continued". I'm playing with that kind of thing, and it feels like playing with fire because if I'm not careful I could lose my story to the wiki. Make sure that you make it full.

~~Actually, this is not my first draft, CAT is.~~[]

The name says it all.

~~i will add more stuff. ~~[]

If it does not impress anybody, NO. i'm not getting rid of it (because it's a draft lol). i will just add swears and pics.