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A wallpaper of a European town (2nd Draft)[]

I’m not a huge fan of rooms with plain colored walls. Colors like white, beige, light brown, and many others makes a certain room really bland and not that special from other rooms. This is what my mother and I thought before moving to a new house. You see, me and my mother lived in Indonesia and we just thought our old house is really ordinary for an Indonesian house. It’s traditional looking, it only has one floor, and the rooms are just filled with plain lightly colored walls. We needed something different and because of that, we started to look for houses on the internet.

One day when searching on the web, we came across a two storied house for sale. With a rich modern look, and a medium-sized pool. My mom and I were very pleased based from the photos. The price is quite big though. It’s 48.000.000 Rupiah’s, which is roughly $5.000 U.S. Dollars. Fortunately, we still own Dad’s Inheritance from his days at the army. Without hesitation, my mom contacted the owner of the house and said we wanted to take a tour of the house.

Two days later, we met the owner. The owner is this Caucasian looking male from Austria. And we Indonesians have a tend to call someone “Bule” For those that are a European descent. He then took us on a tour of the house. The rooms are unique, each room has a theme and a personality to them: One’s more modern with slick colors, and the other one has this more poppy feel to it. But there’s one room that I have a profound interest on. It’s on the second floor of the house. The room is quite small, it has a vintage theme going on and it connects to the balcony of the house. The most striking thing about the room is this big wallpaper of a small European town. I presume it’s somewhere in Paris and the wallpaper drawing contains of empty buildings and a 1920’s car. I often freeze and just stare at that wallpaper for minutes. It is a bit creepy but at the same time it’s quite pleasing to look at. After the tour ended, my mother with no delay agreed to buy the house, assuming that she just wanted that exotic lifestyle of living in a non - traditional Indonesian house.

A week later, we moved in to the new place and decorate a bit with our old stuff from our previous home, like antique displays of Indonesian sculptures and more. The moment after we done decorating, me and my mom talked a bit about where we should sleep. Me, with pure impulsiveness said that I wanted to sleep in the room with the European wallpaper. I just cannot get it out of my head how pleasing yet ominous feel about that room, maybe I just cannot get it out from my head. As I continue to write this, I realize that this is a bad idea. In fact, buying the house from the start is a bad idea. Because now I want to tell you all something that horrified me to this very day.

It happened 3 days ago, at midnight. I’m sleeping like usual, a bit of snoring here and there. Then I noticed a continuous sound that is really hard to describe but if I have to try, the sound is like swirling vortex is as if there’s a portal right next to me. Even my snoring got subdued by it. The sounds really starting to get on my nerves and because of that I woke up. It doesn’t really take long that after I get my bearings, I started to notice that the European wallpaper is moving at a very slow pace. I jumped out of pure shock, and started to wonder if it’s the wallpaper that made that annoying sound. I approached it and not only is the wallpaper making the sounds, but when I touched it, the form suddenly changed from brick solid to this liquid form (is as if you touched/dipped your finger into a pool of water). But the most terrifying thing is after I touched the wallpaper, a hand suddenly pulls me in. I cannot describe how the hand look like because it’s pitch black, but the way it pulls me in is like out of pure force, in the ways I cannot even fight back.

After that happened, I was on a rough concrete floor and I started to look around my surroundings. I realized that I was in that exact same location of the wallpaper, the 1920’s car and that empty building, yeah, I woke up next to that. I got up and noticed how there’s weird details around the world, not to mention there’s nobody there. The time of day in that world is in the afternoon, the sky seems to be painted, to the point doesn’t felt real and there isn’t a single sound. Everything is static: no wind, no ambience, nothing. Heck, I even started to yell hello and it produced this long echo. I started to look for an exit because the environment has gotten on my nerves.

I walked around the area while glancing around if there is an exit. But the thing is, the buildings besides the building I woken up into, they’re literally empty and abandoned. not even a single furniture. Yet I realized something. Around that area (near the 1920s car), there’s this long straight road that stretched far and I don’t even know where it leads to. But I’m pretty sure it leads to an exit. Hence, I started to walk that road, hoping to find a way out.

As I continued on the path, things in that world started to feel strange. the buildings are started to decay and the floors started to feel cold and metallic even though its still seems concrete. This bugged me for a short period of time, but I kept going and continued to find a way out. Around halfway through, there’s a smell of something rotting, like fresh roadkill. It’s enough to make me feel nauseous and seconds later, I throwed up. Suddenly, while I was getting on my bearings, I feel a strong wind and the leaves in the trees and the surroundings got blown away violently from the wind. not to mention by the time I got up, it’s now cloudy and dark. Even now while I’m writing this down, I have no idea how there’s a sudden change in that world. Then I started to feel that there’s someone or something is following me. And it doesn’t take long that after I turn around and there is someone watching me! From the rooftops. The figure is wearing a strip beige cloth and with camouflage clothes is as if it’s like a wandering soldier. But the odd thing is that it doesn’t have any arms. I froze, with an immense feeling of fear. But then, it slowly started to bend its knees, ready to pounce me. Without a second of a doubt, I immediately ran. But as I ran and glanced back, the figure is dashing at a speed of light. I ran even harder and faster, to the point well my legs are started to feel numb. it was pointless though because without even a second, the figure is already in front of me and kicked my stomach.

The pain from that kick made me collapse to the ground. I even started to cough blood. As I holding my stomach, mitigating the pain, the figure is approaching me, slowly but surely. I remember saying “What do you want from me?” then it answered with the most creepy and horrifying voice I’ve ever heard. “Why did you leave me?” if I have to describe the voice, it’s low, heavy and distorted. This is enough to make me scared and confused. Why did he say that? Do I have a friend or relative that I suddenly forgotten? Not long after that, it kicked me in the stomach again with its right leg and I suddenly woke up back in my room.

The form of the wallpaper reverted back to solid and it’s now in the morning. I still don’t know to this day what I have just experienced a few days ago. I don’t know if me and my mom are planning to move somewhere but I’m sure I don’t want to continue to live here.


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