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An Apocalyptic Dream?

The rule says that I need my name here, so here it is: HyperSsonic (also, I was a dumbass and forgot to say this is Ch. 1), anyway here is my Creepypasta:

It was just another day in Texas for Dominic. The sky was a gorgeous blue, the grass was a beautiful shade of green. The Summer was going good, until it was the night right before having to go back to school. Dominic has just laid down, and fell asleep quickly. He was then awoken to a loud sound. He opens his eyes and sees the world around him is in chaos. The sky was a dark shade of red, the grass was seemingly covered in ash. Dominic is stunned. He pinches himself to see if it is a dream. “Please, let this be a dream,” he said in a worried tone. Even after the pain from the pinch, he was still in this apocalyptic place.

“Oh God, this isn’t a dream,” Dominic said while having the feeling of fright go right through him.

Dominic then goes and walks around trying to figure out what the hell has just happened. He walks through what used to be his living room and sees the remains of his mom.

“OH MY G-,” before he could finish, he throws up. His mom was covered in blood. The left side of her face was nothing but skull and muscle. Dominic tries to hold himself from crying and goes to continue to look around to see if he can find anyone else.

“Hello? Is there anyone there? Please, can someone just tell me what the fuck is going on? Please,” Dominic is getting more frightened by the minute. He eventually gets to where his school, which was reduced to rubble.

“Well, at least I won’t have to go to school anymore, ha ha... Why do I do this?” Dominic was trying to make the situation somewhat with a joke, but it isn’t working. He continues to walk around until he comes across multiple bodies. All of which have a part of them completely torn off, and can see the skull. Dominic is able to hold it all together, until he sees someone else.

“There’s someone else? HEY! OVER HERE!” He was excited that he wasn’t the only one alive. The other person turns towards him, and starts running at him. At first Dominic didn’t think much of it, until he realizes that they were holding their arms out as if they were going to grab him. Dominic doesn’t know what to do until they’re a few feet away from him. He then steps to the side, and punches them with all his might. The person falls to the ground with a thud. Dominic walks towards them, and turns them over, they were knocked out cold. Dominic looks closer at them, and it was his friend Evan, from school.

“Ugh, why am I not surprised? You’d likely be the one to be all possessed in an apocalypse.” Dominic says in a voice that shows he’s not amused. Dominic lightly slaps Evan to try and wake him up. Eventually, Dominic gets angered and slaps him with a decent amount of force, which wakes up Evan, who punches Dominic in the nose.

“Agh, what the fuckin hell, dude?” Dominic tries to stop the blood from coming out of his nose, but eventually just lets it go. “Hey, you’re the one who punched me, you son of a bitch!” Evan says in a voice showing he is angered. “Yea, but you came running at me! What else was I supposed to do?” “Oh, I don’t know, maybe just run? That’s what you always seem best at!” Evan is getting more angry by the minute. “Ugh, I don’t run because I like to! I just run because I have no other options!” Now, Dominic is starting to get angered. Dominic is usually a chill guy, but when he’s angered, it’s not a good thing.

“Oh yea, you run whenever it’s an option! Hell, I ain’t surprised you haven’t just ran to Wal-Mart to grab a gun and shoot yourself!” Evan is at his boiling point. “Just shut the FUCK UP ALREADY!” Dominic throws another few punches without looking, and when he looks, he sees Evan on a curb with his head busted open. “Oh... My... God! Evan!” Dominic tries to feel for his pulse, but there is nothing. “Damn it, Dominic! Likely the one person you know in this shit storm of a place, and you kill him! Real FUCKING smart of you!” Suddenly, Dominic hears footsteps from far away, and turns to see someone walking around. Not wanting to be seen with the body. He runs into the nearby cemetery.

He continues running until a sudden mist appears. “Why, why, why did you have to do this, God? Why didn’t ya just let Jesus come on down and send people on a way to either Heaven or Hell? No, you had to have an apocalypse happen.” Dominic then falls and starts crying. “Well, at least I know there are some amount of people he-” Before he could finish he hears giant footsteps. He turns around to look above the tombstone he was behind, and sees what seems to be an... Angel? Demon? It has a black and white clothing, and is around 9ish feet tall. It has the horns of a demon, and one single wing that looks like an angel.

“What the hell is that? An angel? A demon? A dengel? Yea, dengel I’ll call it that.” Dominic thought. Suddenly, his heart starts pounding, and he has a sudden urge to run, and that’s exactly what he does. He turns around and sees what he calls “dengel” following him. He then stops and sees a double-barreled shotgun. “Thank God I live in Texas!” He says as he aims it at the dengel. He fires it, but not knowing how to hold a shotgun, he breaks his shoulder. He screams in pain, but looks up and sees that the dengel is gone. He doesn’t even say anything, so he turns around as the dengel is in front of him, and is about to eat him with it’s razor sharp teeth until...

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! His alarm goes off, as he wakes up in his bed, covered in sweat. “Oh, God, it was just a dream!” He says with relief in his breath, while he gets out of bed, and goes to look at himself in the bathroom mirror. He quickly leans over and sees his mom asleep. He then turns on the bathroom light, and is in shock. Right where the dengel had bit him, there were teeth marks.

“Heh, maybe this is just some sort of cliche shit where I think it’s all ok, or that it’s just a dream. Ha ha,” Dominic says as he attempts to make a joke after the nightmare he had. Dominic continues to get ready for school. While at school, he just continues to think about that dream he had. Then at lunch, he decides to sit with his friends.

“Hey, guys,” Dominic says as he is happy to see his friends. “What’s up?” His friend Michael says, as he was wearing a black and white jester mask on top of his head due to being in theatre. It was Michael's first time seeing Dominic in months, and he was pleased to see him after the break. “The sky is up, unless you rewrite the norm or some shit like that,” Dominic says, being the smartass that he is.

“Why do you always have to be a smartass?” His friend Patrick says, who was wearing a Kirby shirt. “What are you gonna do about it? Just start speaking in cursed poyo?” Dominic laughs. “You know I’m more into creepy kinds of shit like killers, cursed games, that stuff,” Patrick says. “Oh, yea, like I’d find a game with the main character with hyper realistic bloody eyes, ha!” Dominic says, as he continues to mock Patrick. “Oh, come on, man. Do you really have to do that?” Says his friend Xander. “Heh, comes from the one who says owo all the time and writes ‘yep’ as ‘y3p’ I will never understand why...” While saying this, he puts his hand on his face to stroke his non-existent beard.

“Dude, this isn’t like you,” Michael says, seemingly worried about his friend. “Sorry, I just had a rough ni-” before he could finish, his friend Luigi comes through. “What’s up fuckers?” Luigi says proudly. “Well, look who decided to not be all sleepy or dreamy or whatever.” Michael says, as he is happy to see his friend. “Eh, I just feel a bit happy, oki doki?” Luigi says nicely, but yet in a cocky way. “Anyway, Dom, what’s wrong?” Michael asks again. “I had a rough night, that’s all I can truly say. Anyway, does anyone know where Evan is?

“Umm, how do I say this? Evan fell on a curb this morning. Now, he’s in the hospital. My mom called his, and his mom says he might, ya know? Die...” Patrick says with worry in his voice. “I- I don’t even know what to say...” Dominic says, too afraid to say anything about his dream. The rest of the day was normal, except that he kept thinking about his dream. Then when going home, he sees Evan going inside his house with a giant bandage over his head. Then the night came. Dominic this time, falls asleep a lot slower. Dominic awakens back in the apocalypse.

“Ugh, at least I know this is a dream this time.” Dominic says, as he walks out to see his mother dead, but this time not just her skull was showing, but also her organs. Even knowing that it is a dream, Dominic still throws up. He continues to walk around, and walks back to his school, and sees Evan. “HEY, EVAN! OVER HERE!” Dominic says acting cocky as he believes he’s invincible in his dream. Evan turns towards him, and holds his arms out like last time. This time he is able to tackle Dominic, and Dominic is able to feel the pain as his head bounces on the concrete sidewalk.

“Ack, what the fuck?” Dominic says being confused. Evan starts choking Dominic, as he scrambles to understand what is happening. Dominic doesn’t know what to do, so he just grabs Evan’s head and turns it at an angle, while breaking and killing Evan.

“Evan, this is on you.” Dominic mocks, as he then sees a pistol. He picks it up, and walks back into the cemetery. He continues walking, until he sees the dengel in the near distance. He holds up the pistol and shoots all the bullets in it. The bullets go right through the dengel’s head, making it so Dominic can see right through it. “That’s what you get, BI- Before he could finish, the dengel looks at him, as the holes in it’s head heal. It goes at Dominic at lightning speed, and before it can take a good chunk of Dominic’s neck out with it’s claw, Dominic’s alarm clock goes off and wakes him up again.

He walks into the bathroom, and sees giant cuts on his neck, and they’re still fresh with blood still coming out, so he just covers it with a shit ton of bandaids. He ignores it, until he gets to lunch and sees all his friends sad, but Evan isn’t there. “Is everything good, guys?” Dominic says with a little cheer in his voice. “No, Evan... H- He used a weightlifting machine to break his own neck. He’s dead, Dom. Evan is fucking dead!” Michael says while trying to hold himself from crying. Dominic is in shock.

“I- I… I don’t know what to say,” Dominic has no idea what to say. “Either do I. Either d- I need to go,” Patrick says as he gets up to leave. Patrick leaves the table with all the others following close behind, except for Dominic. He just sits there, and has a feeling. He doesn’t know how to describe it, but the feeling makes him feel like he is the cause of Evan’s death. The rest of the day Dominic feels guilt. He goes to bed, this time with a knife under his pellow. He wakes up back in the apocalypse dream of his. He looks under his pellow, and his knife is there.

“Great thing, I’m a smartass! Heh,” he says with a look of shame from that attempted joke. He walks into where his mom’s dead body is, but he notices her breathing. He quickly tries to see if he can do something, but his mom whispers something that startles him. “You’re the cause of Evan’s death...” That was the final breath she has, as Dominic puts the knife in her head. He has a feeling of pride for some reason, like he was happy he did that, all while having a sadistic smile. He continues walking around and ends up walking to where he has seen Evan before, but this time, Evan was lying down on the ground. Dominic walks up to him, and sees his head busted open like it was in his last dream. “You're the reason I d-” Before Evan can finish, Dominic puts the knife right across his neck.

“To a point, I am, and I don’t mind!” Slowly, it is as if Dominic is losing his mind. He continues like before, but this time he sees an angel and a demon fighting. Dominic is confused, but ignores it. He continues and sees the dengel again. He waits for it to pass and he jumps to put a knife in it’s back. He then jumps again to quickly try and break it’s neck. He is able to hear a crack like he broke it, but it simply turns it’s head back around. It looks for Dominic, who has just thrown himself through a concrete wall. He somehow barely has a scratch on himself. He turns to see the dengel right behind him. He falls to the ground, but sees a Bible nearby. He grabs it and holds it up.

“THE POWER OF CHRIST REPELLS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” Dominic screams, as the dengel suddenly fades away. Dominic is surprised, so he turns around, but is grabbed by the neck. “Attempt you can, but it won’t work. I killed Him and the First Fallen, I was one of His first. I even got rid of He Who Waits Behind The Wall. I caused the destruction of everything above and below this miserable plane of existence, this multiverse. I am above all of your Bosonic string theory, evolution, all of that. I am above everything.” The dengel says with Dominic in a sheer fright just from hearing it speak. “Ack, can’t you just go torture some other teen from a different multiverse?” Dominic says trying to hang on to his life. “I shall not, this multiverse seems different from the vast other ones.” The dengel says. “What is it?” Dominic asks curiously. “YOU!” The dengel booms in a voice that made Dominic feel the planet shake.

Suddenly, the dengel goes right into Dominic’s body. Dominic tries fighting it off, but what is fighting off an omnipotent being good for? Dominic starts coughing up blood and feels like he was a guy in an arcade’s mascot suit after the locks failed, until his alarm clock wakes him up, yet again.

This time waking up, he has a very bad pain in his left eye, and he just keeps it closed. He goes to look at it in the mirror, but he can’t even open his own eye. He tries opening it with his hands, but when he does, his eye has gone black with his pupel red. He suddenly feel as if there is something taking over him, so he closes his eye, and he feels somewhat normal again, except for the pain that won’t go away. He remembers an eyepatch he had from a year ago from when he wore it for halloween, so he puts it on. “Heh heh, you are a pirate.” Dominic says in a horrible pirate voice. “Great, now you look like an edgy OC.” He says in annoyance. Dominic continues getting ready for school, and then while on the way there. There are a few cops outside of the building that he went through in his dream, and there is a hole in the wall where he went, and they were putting a Bible in an evidence bag.

He just tries to ignore it for the rest of the day, until lunch. “So, Dominic, me and the others are staying the night at my house next week for the weekend, and we be wonderin if ya wanna go as well?” Xander says. Dominic wasn’t really feeling like going, he was still sad over Evan’s death. He was about to say no, until it felt like he was taken over by something. “Yea, sure! I’d LOVE to go.” Dominic says with a very cheery voice. “Alright, we’ll see you next friday night!” Xander says while he and the others leave.

Dominic for the next few nights somehow doesn’t have those nightmares, and he is enjoying it, but the pain in his eye is getting worse. The next week on Friday, he was picked up, and taken to Xander’s house. The group of friends mess around, until it it time to go to sleep inside of Xander’s room. The group actually fall asleep quiet, except for Dominic who can’t sleep as the pain in his eye is unbearable. It is around midnight when Dominic finally goes to sleep, but ends up in a dream.

In it, he is in a black void. He tries moving around, but isn’t able to. He suddenly sees the dengel coming at him and he tries moving, but fails. “Foolish mortal, your body is not meant to be able to handle being outside of time and space.” It says with an even more demonic voice than before. “Why are you doing this?” Dominic asks in his head. “You are my key to the mortal realm. Even with my power, I can not get here, but with you, I can cause chaos to rain down and come from under the ground.” Suddenly Dominic wakes up, and he has an urge. An urge to kill. He starts going around Xander’s house finding many different things. He ends up with the mask Michael had brought to mess around with, 6 inch nails, a jar of coins, glue, and a vacuum. He then opens up Xander’s closet and a furry suit is in there. “Well, I always knew you were a furry, Xander. Now, you get what you got comin at ya.” Dominic says while starting to smile.

Dominic then puts the furry head onto Xander’s, as he ties the string on the head around Xander’s neck. Xander suddenly wakes up, and tries to fight, but suddenly, Dominic starts pulling onto the strings as Xander chokes. Xander keeps fighting, but eventually faints from it, though Dominic keeps a hold of it, all until he can see that Xander has no pulse. Dominic has a feeling of pleasure from it, but at the same time he hates it, and can’t believe he just did that. Then Dominic glues the nails onto the mask that Michael brough, and wakes him up. “Hmm? W- *yawns* What do you need D-” Before he can finish, Dominic slams the mask with nails on it into Michael’s face making it go right through his skull, which kills him. “Ciao” Dominic says with even more pleasure, but even more regret. He then turns towards Patrick, and grabs the jar. He opens Patrick’s mouth and dumps the coins into Patrick’s mouth. Patrick wakes up and tries fighting, but Dominic holds him down, and gives him a sadistic smile, but has a tear in his eye. “You always wore that damn Kirby shirt, let’s see if you can inhale like he can!” Dominic then chokes him, which causes some of the coins to go down his throat, and he ends up suffocating.

“One more to go... Let’s a go.” Dominic says as he turns to Luigi. He plugs in the vacuum and shoves the vacuum tube down Luigi’s throat. Luigi tries fighting, but it is also useless. Dominic turns on the vacuum as Luigi attempts slowly stop. Suddenly, Luigi’s organs start going through the vacuum tube and into the vacuum. Dominic only realized now how loud the vacuum was and quickly turned it off, but it was too late. Xander’s dad comes in with a pistol at hand, and sees Dominic over the bodies. He screams as he fires a shot at Dominic. It hits Dominic in the shoulder, but it doesn’t stop him from throwing himself out a window. He gets up and starts running with drips of his own blood slowly running down his skin. He runs into a field, and falls down from exhastion.

He suddenly awakens back in the apocalypse place yet again, with the dengel above him, this time a little more demonic looking with a bloody halo above it’s head, and with multiple eyes and is now around 17 feet tall. “Great, another dream?” Dominic asks. “No, not this time, after you fainted I took over and did what I wanted. I brought the Heavens down, and raised Hell. Your little apocalypse dream is now a reality.” The dengel says. “Great, so doesn’t that m-” Before he could finish, the dengel talks again. “No, I still need you as my vessel into this plane of existence. Before you even attempt to try and run to kill yourself, don’t bother. I wasn’t able to make you have my powers, but I was able to make you immortal. You will forever be my puppet.” The dengel says with a smirk.

Dominic is in shock and slowly backs away, until he bumps into a dead police officer. He grabs the gun and points it at his head, and he shoots it. He falls back, but he doesn’t die. All he can feel is pain until it was as if it was repaired. “See? I-” Before it can finish, Dominic speaks. “Yea, I know, you’re above Bosonic string theory and all of that, I don’t ca-” ”SILENCE!” The dengel booms. “You are my gateway here, I will never let you go, you will be stuck here forever! You may be just a human who can’t die, but I will never let you go!” The dengel says, with Dominic trying to run. It was no use, the dengel goes into Dominic again.

Dominic vomits out blood, but he can still move around. Suddenly, he hears the dengel in his head. “Now, go kill your mother.” The dengel commands. “B-” Before Dominic can finish, the dengel snaps, as Dominic falls in a heap of pain. It was as if he felt every possible way to die hit him all at the same time. The dengel snaps again, and the pain stops. “Now, will you ever defy my word again?” The dengel says with anger in it’s voice. “... No, but I do have a question or two.” Dominic says. “What is your little mortal questions?” The dengel asks. “Why must I kill my mom first? Why not some random hobo or something, and how did you defeat God?” Dominic asks curiously. “I have seen the future, and each time I have you kill in that order, the more chaos that will happen.” The dengel says.

“What about God?” Dominic asks even more curiously, but the dengel just let’s out a sigh. “I didn’t do it on my own, it took all demons and angels to defeat him. He is a being beyond even my understandings, but that is why I went away for a bit when you held that Bible. Right there, we won, but now since he is gone, it has no effect, but He shall return eventually, and it’ll work again. And before you ask, no, I can’t truly control you. I may be able to stop you from dying by making you immortal in many different ways, but that is all. You are still just a human, with a weakness of your own mental state, but it also helps you. Although I could easily likely fully control you and make us one by removing that patch over your eye, that patch over your eye is truly what stops me from fully taking over you somehow, I don't even know, but you’d die the second I let go because a mortal like you can’t handle the power, and I wouldn’t be able to make you return.”

Dominic accepts this answer especially since this was the last time the dengel ever says something to him, except for when he tells him to kill someone else, then Dominic goes and finds his mom. She goes to hug him, but suddenly he shoots her in the stomach with the pistol as she falls down. Dominic starts crying as he pulls out a knife. “I’m sorry, I love you.” He says as he sends the knife right through her skull. Dominic starts laughing, but at the same time he starts crying. He has lost his mind. He then continues to do as the dengel says, and kills everything it tells him to. Dominic will still feel the pain from the attacks that happen to him like grenades, guns and knifes, but the dengel keeps bringing him back. Dominic tries to find happiness, but will never find it again. He has gone from the joker of a nice group of friends, to a killer that will never die. Never get a breath of freedom. Never have happiness. Never have his sanity again. And is forever tourtured.

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