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Baby Bluebells' Softsleep Night Light™[]

To: BabyBluebellsCustomerSupport@*****.com

From: JanetBaker-Wood@*****.com

Sent: March 10, 2022

Hello, I’d like to file a complaint about the Baby Bluebells SoftSleep Night Light. I purchased one two weeks ago for my three-year-old daughter, and I’ve noticed an odd flickering emanating from it when plugged in for more than three hours. Nothing else plugged into the same outlet has shown any similar problem, and using replacement bulbs has not fixed anything, leading me to believe that the night light itself is causing these issues. Do you have any idea how this could be fixed, or if I should simply get a new light? My daughter is afraid to sleep without it, but I’m worried about starting a fire. Please advise!


-Janet Baker-Wood


To: JanetBaker-Wood@*****.com

From: BabyBluebellsCustomerSupport@*****.com

Sent: March 11, 2022

Hi Janet,

We’re not sure what the problem could be, but we’ve sent a digital coupon for a replacement light, and apologize for any inconvenience the defective one may have caused.

We at Baby Bluebells Babyworks of course hold the quality of our products to the highest standard, and will look into possible causes of the flickering.


Baby Bluebells Babyworks

1124 East Oak Street

New York, USA


To: CharlieTerranova@*******.com

From: FaithARedwood@*****.com

Sent: March 11, 2022

Hey, Charlie, it’s Faith. Could you look into the electric division’s quality control department? Some lady was complaining about a night light problem. Thanks a million!

(P.S. While you’re at it, could you check on the status of that project we were working on?)


Call transcript: Janet Baker-Wood to Darren Baker-Wood

Recorded at 7:32 PM EST,

March 13, 2022

J: Hey, Darren! How are things at school, how’d your biology exam go?

D: Hi, mom. It went okay, I guess. I got a B.

J: That’s pretty good! So, about your visit next week…

D: What about it?

J: You know about electricity and things, right?

D: Yeah, why?

J: The overhead light in your sister’s room is flickering. I was hoping you could look into it.

D: No problem. Any idea why it’s happening, downed power lines or something?

J: No, but it seems like it’s been happening since I got that darn light for her room. Can plugging in a faulty device mess up the light in a room?

D: Not usually. I’ll check it out.

J: Okay, I’ll see you then. Love you!

D: Love you.

(Call ended)



Input:  -. ..- -- . .-.. -..- .- ..-.

Output: Numelxaf




Numelxaf, though a lesser-known and often considered less powerful demon, is still rather feared among enthusiasts for its supposed ability to enter the home with ease. It is said it can be transmitted through anything meant to produce light, from torches and lanterns to, in modern times, lightbulbs, and according to some reports, screens. Reports suggest that it was last active in North America, though it has not had any confirmed cases since the 1930s.



Known abilities/signs

Submit a report


Call transcript: Darren Baker-Wood to Janet Baker-Wood

Recorded at 5:17 PM EST,

March 23, 2022

D: Mom, I need to talk to you.

J: Darren, are you alright? Is your sister okay? I’m at the grocery store, I’ll be home soon.

D: Mom, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but the flickering lights in Phoebe’s room are speaking morse code. They keep saying Numelxaf, which is apparently some sort of demon that haunts lightbulbs and stuff.

J: Honey, that sounds like a coincidence, or someone playing a prank. Don’t you have some friends in your dorm that would pull something like this?

D: Malcolm and Neil are pranksters, but they’d never do something this elaborate. Plus, they don’t know the first thing about electricity and coding, let alone something so advanced! I’m sorry to be so paranoid, but I think we should get an expert to check this out. Please?

J: I’ll take a look. If it really seems bad, I’ll consider hiring someone about it.

(Call ended)


To: FaithARedwood@*****.com

From: CharlieTerranova@*******.com

Sent: March 26, 2022


I can’t say too much in case these emails are traced.

The thing I said would never happen happened.

We’ve only had one report of an electrical problem, so we can assume the rest.

We have to resolve the issue. I’m going to find out where the problem is localized and fix it. I prayed it wouldn’t come to this, but should I be unable to, you have to do the job no matter who you have to tell and what you have to lose. We cannot let this get out of hand.



Call transcript: Janet Baker-Wood to Baby Bluebells Customer Support

Recorded at 8:11 AM EST,

March 28, 2022

B: Hello, you’ve reached Baby Bluebells Babyworks.

J: Yes, hello. I’d like to follow up about a complaint I submitted last week. I bought a Softsleep night light, and I think it’s possible it’s done some sort of damage to my electrical system. The overhead lights in my daughter’s room have been flickering ever since I got it, and now my daughter has been acting odd as well. I’ve recently purchased and received another copy of this product, which works perfectly fine, but the flickering hasn’t stopped. I was wondering if there was any possibility of the first light being tampered with?

B: M’am, I assure you, our factories are incredibly secure. I highly doubt it was the night light’s fault that your wiring is messed up.

J: Well, the thing is, my daughter, Phoebe, seems to really like the flashing light. She cries when I try to make her sleep in a different room or turn it off. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I haven’t disposed of the night light in case someone can take a look at it and tell me what the problem is, but my son insists that there’s some sort of evil presence in the house because of that thing…

B: I’m sorry, m’am, this is beyond my area of expertise.

J: Oh, sorry.

(Call ended)



What is Demonic Attachment?

Simply put, Demonic Attachment is when someone becomes obsessed with or desensitized to a demonic entity by brainwashing, hypnosis, or their own free will. Animals and young children are especially susceptible to this, because of their lack of advanced reasoning capabilities. Once someone is in this state for long enough, they will become completely helpless against Demonic Possession, so it’s important to recognize and treat attachment as soon as possible.


Signs of attachment

Submit a report of attachment


Call transcript: Janet Baker-Wood to Office of Dr. Phillips, Pediatric MD

Recorded at 3:45 PM EST,

March 29, 2022

O: You’ve reached Dr. Phillips’ office. How can I help you?

J: Yes, hello. My name is Janet Baker-Wood, and I’d like to schedule an appointment for my daughter Phoebe as soon as possible.

O: Alright, Ms. Baker-Wood. We can schedule you in for tomorrow at 4.

J: No, I need him to see her today.

O: Miss, if it’s so urgent, why not take her to the emergency room?

J: I did! They said she seemed fine, just overstimulated. But I know my daughter, and I need a second opinion.

O: Miss, Dr. Phillips is completely booked. I can try to connect you to another do-

(Call ended)


Text message string: Janet Baker-Wood and Darren Baker-Wood

10:17 PM EST,

March 29, 2022

J: Darren?

D: Hey mom

J: I’m going to call an expert, like you said. The lights in her room flicker like that whenever we turn them on, and sometimes even when we don’t. Phoebe is still acting really odd, but the doctor is no help. I’m not letting her sleep in her room. Last night, though, I swear the lights downstairs were flickering for a few minutes too. Same pattern as Phoebe’s room.

D: Want me to do anything?

J: No, just letting you know.

D: I read an article the other day about something called ‘demonic attachment…’ You don’t think that’s happened to Phoebe?

J: I still don’t think it’s a demon.

D: Ok, but I can always link you the article if you want

J: The lights just flickered. Whole house this time, even the ones that weren’t on. Phoebe is laughing.

D: Want the link now?

J: Yes, please.


Call transcript: Charlie Terranova to Faith Redwood

Recorded at 11:43 PM EST,

March 29, 2022

C: Faith?

F: Charlie, where are you? You weren’t at work all day.

C: I’m taking care of the issue, remember?

F: Oh, right. So where are you now?

C: At the front door of the lady who was complaining. This is our only lead. I’m going to try to lure it back into the night light and transport it back to the factory. Wish me luck.

F: Good luck.

C: Hey, Faith? I need you to promise me something, okay?

F: Uh… okay.

C: We summoned this thing. It was our fault. It was my idea, so of course I’d go in first, but… if I can’t get a handle on it, I need you to finish the job. Please?

F: I…

C: Faith.

F: I promise.

(Call ended.)


Text message string: Janet Baker-Wood and Darren Baker-Wood

11:45 PM EST,

March 29, 2022

J: Hey, some guy just showed up at the door asking to take a look at the electrical system. He says he’s from Baby Bluebells. Phoebe and I are outside, just letting you know.

D: Ok, keep me posted. I can be there in fifteen minutes just in case

J: Okay.


Text message string: Janet Baker-Wood and Darren Baker-Wood

12:16 AM EST,

March 30, 2022

J: I don’t know what that guy did, but it seems to have worked. The lights aren’t flickering, but Phoebe seems really upset. I hate to admit it, but I think there might’ve been something to your theory about some sort of… presence about her. I’m going to take her to a specialist tomorrow.

D: Okay, good. I hope Phoebe starts feeling better. Love you.

J: Love you too.


To: JoeySchaffer33@*****.com

From: RandyChuckson@******.com

Sent: May 3, 2022

Hey, Joey, I found something weird about the car. The dude who sold it to us said some guy had died in there, right, and they said we could fix it up and sell it if we wanted to. But I think his ghost must be in there, or something, because the headlights will just not stop flashing. Same pattern every time, too. I can try to rewire them, but it’ll be tough. That dead guy must really not want people driving his car. What was his name? Charlie, or something? Anyway, we might not be able to put it up for sale for a few extra days, just letting you know.


Call Transcript: (Unknown caller) to Faith Redwood

Recorded at 12:20 AM EST,

March 30, 2022

?: Your friend is dead. He couldn’t keep me in there forever. His car crashed exactly five minutes ago, and he bled out three later. Will you send the police to recover his body? To recover me? You made a promise, Faith. Keep it.

(Call Ended.)

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Te (talk) 13:35, 10 December 2021 (UTC)[]

I liked this story. I found it to be creepy, and unsettling.

The format could use a bit of tweaking, specifically in the points where it's an internet search(?). The call transcripts, and emails are pretty clear and defined, but what I assume are searches on the internet, or on the website demonsunmasked are a little bit confusing. I assume "morsecode/translator/.***" is supposed to be the fake URL, but due to the .com being censored, it's a bit peculiar. "@*****.com" is a very obvious example of an email adress, but ".***" is not terribly indicative of a web domain.

Separately, I felt like during:

"Call transcript: Janet Baker-Wood to Baby Bluebells Customer Support

Recorded at 8:11 AM EST,"

Janet's response to being fobbed off by the customer support worker seemed a bit weak. I know if I was in her position, my response would be a lot more frustrated than "Oh, sorry."

The ending felt a bit abrupt. We're toeing the line of the paranormal for most of the story, and it's certainly got a good creepiness to it. The mechanics working on the car comes a significant time after the car crash event, but it's a bit confusing that it comes before the crash itself. There's a chronology that you follow for the entire story up until that point, and it's a bit confusing. Also, I would have liked just the tiniest little bit more information about the Janet's daugheter. Her being simply upset isn't necessarily a great indication that she is posessed / was posessed. Perhaps Janet could say she gets some kind of feeling from Phoebe, or that she's had some specific erratic behaviour?

All in all, I liked the story. Reading through the logs is a pretty common way of explaining certain types of stories, but that doesn't necessarilly meake it a bad thing. Tropes/cliches become tropes/cliches for a reason, they work well.

I hope this feedback helps you. I'd like to see the final product once you're ready and comfortable with posting it.

I'm still waiting on "How to find the INNER YOU!" too!

~~ ~~[]

Wow I really liked this one only a few things I would change:"text message string" should be changed to "text message conversation" also "coding" would not be the right word to use perhaps circuits or fuses would be better suited as far as lights /electricity go. Other than that it's a great story, hope my feedback was helpful.