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Black room[]

{Pov of subject 001}

Hello, Wisers here at the lab call me ‘Subject 001’, I don’t remember my real name though. I am a 22 year old male. I wasn’t exactly born here but it feels like it since I have lived here most of my life, I have heard stories about the ones who get put in the black room. The spot my… cage is at is the closest to that room and everytime I see someone go in they come out different jumping at every whisper and the smallest of sounds. I’m the next one in the room.. My reason is because some little nutter (you know those things that adult humans call kids? Yea well my kind calls the kids nutters and the adults Wisers) wouldn’t stop taping at my window and I lost my cool and attacked the window scaring the heck out of it, the window almost broke and the guards had to do the normal process of making me feel weak and chaining me up. I think just doing what they did is enough to make sure I learned my lesson. The black room can’t be that bad right?

That was two hours earlier, I just got back from the subject testing and one of the lab rat told the Head Wiser, he’s a decent guy when you don’t try to harm others, he’s known me for most of my life and that was the first time I tried to get to a nutter. Surely he will understand? I mean like he knows that around this time of the year (only when the weather gets to about 90-100 degrees) we find a mate and if something annoys us, things will get ugly. As the guards take me back to my room I see the head wiser waiting for me and that's when I know, either he’s going to let me go home to find a mate and come back or I’m going to that room. I hear the Head Wiser sigh and say to take me to the room. They don’t bother to blindfold me since I am the closest to the room. I’m very shocked he didn’t listen to an explanation. It’s not like him to just do that unless something is going on.

When the door is closed it's dead quiet, I stand in the middle of the room and I hold my hands out and feel for the wall so I can sit against it. I take a step forward and when I do it sounds like theirs others moving around doing the same thing but I know that no one else is there I can feel it. The air around my wings is cold. (My kind’s wings are very sensitive to the air and let us know if someone is there, keep this in mind because this will be very important.) I find the wall and sit down facing where I think the door is. About what seems to be 15-20 minutes I hear whispering and it sounds like it’s coming from behind me, I know nothing is there because I’m against the wall. Then the whispering gets louder and louder hurting my ears I do the normal thin gand cover my ears with my hands and my head with my wings, the air is still cold so I know the whispering is just in my head I let my wings glow after it gets quiet so i can look around the room. I see… nothing the walls are black which makes sense because of the name.

I don’t know what I was expecting since I’ve seen it with the door open although it’s such a dark black that i assume is the darkest black there is. I let the light fade since I’ve been reassured that nothing and no one is here with me. That's when it happens… the sound of an old rusty door opening very slowly as if it’s being opened for the first time in years. Then laughter, soft as can be, comes from inside it.. It gets louder and louder! Until…. a gun goes off. The laughing has stopped.. turning into screaming. Blood curdling screaming sounds like the screamers when they find their food…. But it’s more human-like, it sounds like a dying dragon like the one they chained and tortured to teach us all a lesson when the others tried to excape, the room shakes and I yell with fear as something hits my feet everything gets quiet once again… I shake my hand trembling as I reach out to feel what hit my feet. I feel my leg and feel down to my feet then I pat the ground trying to feel for it and I feel… nothing.. Nothing but the utterly cold floor and completely nothing. I lean back again and calm myself down now that it’s quiet again. I can hear myself breathing heavily as if I just ran 105.05 miles.

It’s been a few hours I guess I fell asleep. My wings sense someone else is here… or something.. Whatever it is, it seems to be scared of me. I haven’t done anything yet, I’m still in the same corner. I use the wall to get up and I stay near the wall. I walk forward a little and my foot hits something and makes a hollow sound but squishy. I light my wings again which takes up more of my energy and I look down and I scream. I fall backwards not taking my eyes off of that…. thing.. It looks at me through beady eyes, its limbs are torn off and its insides are on the ground. Blood is pooling around it and the other things. I see eggshells around them and that's when it hits me…. That horrible sight is my own kind… wasn’t even supposed to be born yet. I start to cry and I back away more and as I do I back into something.. It’s much bigger.. It’s alive.

I look up and I see the body of my family. They are still hanging by ropes, their chests and stomachs cut open. I get up quickly running to the door then out of nowhere a blood devil jumps out at me. I hit my head against the wall, I feel a trickle of blood running down my face. I have to struggle to get out of its grip so as to avoid being bitten. If I get bitten then I’d lose my senses and become one of them. There isn’t a cure for it yet, but I envy them. Envy because people treat them so badly. It bites my arm. The door opens at the same time, everything is getting blurry. The pain shoots through my body making me feel like I’m in a fire being ripped open. I scream and everything turns black.

I woke up. I’m perfectly fine. There is only a single light bulb on. It wasn’t there before. Blood drips off it. I looked at my hands to see if I was really bitten. I wasn’t, my skin is still a dark caramel color. I stand up and immediately fall, the room spins around me and the in-normal scream starts again. My head bleeds more, I feel my whole body ponding. I feel like I’m in a fire again. I relive my past before I was taken to this lab.

I run from the body of my older brother which is more brutally sliced open blood still drips from his body, the laughing comes from his mouth this time. This time it's a more crazed laugh.. A laugh of a psycho made from hunger and pain, the torn apart babies scream and many screamers slowly walk towards me. One by one they start to scream and run towards me and then…..


{Pov of Kino}

I run away from my older brother and he laughs chasing me when we hear an ear splitting scream coming from our den. I start to run back when our mother runs out laughing, running to us. I run to her when a bomb goes off right in front of her, I can’t do anything except look at her as illigle hunters wrap a rope around her neck and drag her off. I feel my brother cover my with his wings as another bomb goes off then.. it all turns black. When I wake up in a room that has 5 walls, the 3 where my bed, water, couch and tv are are 3 white walls, next to my water is a wall made out of unbreakable metal bars and a chain door. It’s like one of the jail cells but only that wall, and as for the 5th wall… it’s made of glass for the public. The Head Wiser said that my room is the closest to what they call “Black room” he says that people go in there when they don’t behave and he also says that my name is going to now be ‘Subject 001’.

To be continued...

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