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Blank BLANK[]

In the shadowy depths of the internet, in one of the most used social networks, once remained a user called Blank BLANK who was mysteriously believed to be a hacker and a stalker. He remained one of the most bizarre users in Skype who would add random people and search for victims throughout the network. His first occurrence is believed to be in around 2019. Some believe it is full of bot accounts. The account was made during the late 2019, several years ago.

The year was 2019, it seems to be that this was his first occurrence. it was his first occurrence. A user (whose name would not be revealed) got a request from Blank BLANK. The user thought it was some random person, however the victim decided to check what all stuff blank BLANK sent. The chat was flooded with random images. All the images were hosted using links as you can't send images without having the contact. All the starting images were blank, but as the victim climbed up by his curiosity, there was an ominous image, and it contained text saying "You will be blessed.", which was indeed quite strange. Little did he know, he was about to face a complete nightmare.

Well, thats just some guy playing around right? It's just an image. The victim continued scrolling up believing that there was an other bizarre message. He scrolled for about 30 links above, finally another anomalous image, with another message which was even more puzzling. "I am blank BLANK, I want ---". Yeah and this obviously some kid trying to prank, however the true horror waited at the next image. With a chilling display of the victim’s personal information.

Then suddenly, something came across the victim's mind, a classmate is definitely doing a prank. Then all of a sudden, blank BLANK messaged. Another shocking thing. "Please give me your friend's information and contacts ☺️ if you don't, I will send the image with your personal info to my friends, I hope the deal isn't too hard right? :)". His demands grew bolder, and his threats began to brazen. The victim immediately sent some of his friends contacts and information without saying anything. "Nice, one of your foolish friend helped me, blame him. Oh and can you add me to your class group, I think that wasn't enough?" blank BLANK said.

The victim typed "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, I KNOW YOU ARE ONE OF MY CLASSMATE PRANKING ME BUT DUDE, YOU ARE GOING TOO FAR.". blank BLANK did not answer, so the victim just added blank BLANK to the group and blank BLANK was not an admin. and the group was moderated. There were about fifteen classmates who were in the group, and only three were online including the victim. The other two were confused. blank BLANK then messaged "Now please make me admin, I will do a good job in taking care of the group :)". But they denied.

Blank BLANK pinged the victim and messaged "Remember?". blank BLANK was continuously taking advantage of the victim. As he got admin, he added several people with random usernames which were all random and corrupted. He removed admin from every member immediately. Earlier, the victim sent blank BLANK the personal information of his friends after getting black mailed. So eventually blank BLANK sent the victim's friends' personal information and spared the victim, however asked, "Do you want to meet in real life? I can come to your house if you like :)". This whole story was known throughout a small community after being posted in social media however many believe it's fake.

A few days later, blank BLANK was asked by the victim about his secret identity, however he only sent eerie pictures which later was noticed that was near his house.

Now many people thought he was a hacker, there was a big reason. Each time he got blocked, blank BLANK would come back. Some believe it was just duplicate accounts, as for some people the block list was full of those accounts, however for some people blank BLANK automatically got unblocked. He although was not active till 2023. In that year, it was believed that he caused more drama and situations however we have not heard from anyone. He again was believed to vanish during the mid to late 2023. The user is still unidentified despite being reported numerous of times.

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