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Micheal went to camp with his friends one day,he heard strange sounds but didn't think much of them. The fire needed more wood so Micheal and his friend Johnathan headed up north where they knew lots of sticks and broken branches would be. Along the way they found some blood; the blood was fresh and smelt awful. "is that blood" said Johnathan "yes i believe so" said Micheal. they shrugged it off, after all there is many predatory animals in the area that were possibly hunting. Micheal and Johnathan were talking about horror movies when all of the sudden Johnathan disappeared. Micheal tried his hardest to look for Johnathan but with no luck. Micheal headed back to camp assuming Johnathan went there. as soon as Micheal got back to camp he saw a figure feasting on the flesh and organs of Micheal's dead friends, this included Johnathan. to describe the appearance of the figure, it seemed to be a tall masculine male, around 6'9" with a bald head and mask; the mask the man was wearing had a blood red smile with eyeholes revealing his glowing red eyes, the masks shape was similar to that of a hockey mask. The man Micheal saw was wearing a red jacket with a black shirt underneath along with black pants and boots, it used a tomahawk as a weapon and gripped it with its fully black gloves. As the creature raised its tomahawk Micheal ran as fast as possible, it seemed to Micheal that the creature had supernatural blood related powers; the man was trying to shoot Micheal with a laser like projectile of blood and even tried to teleport to Micheal with some sort of blood portal. the last tree Micheal saw before running out of those woods had a word written in blood on it saying "bleeder". Micheal turned to have one last stare at the man before escaping. Micheal tried to inform the police of the terror he had witnessed and even showed them where it all happened; however there was no blood stains or anything written in blood to be found, just the bodies. Micheal was accused of cannibalism and manslaughter and was put in a mental institution for the rest of his life until he died.

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