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Blood Knuckles[]

One day, I was playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It was my favorite of the original trilogy, and I had beaten it numerous times. This time, I booted up a new save file, like always. I chose Sonic and Tails because that's the characters I usually play with. Something strange happened during the opening cutscene. When Knuckles Punched Sonic, blood flew from his face, and he lied on the ground, lifeless. The game continued, but I was now playing as Tails. I played through both Acts of Angel Island normally, when I got to the act two cutscene, Knuckles jumped off of the ledge and punched tails. Once again blood flew from the fox, and he lied on the ground, dead. After that, the game crashed. I reset the console, but for some reason, despite Sonic 3 being plugged into Sonic and Knuckles, it brought up the Sonic and Knuckles title screen. Knuckles had a sinister look on his face, while Sonic looked worried. I tried to choose Knuckles, since I didn't usually play as him, but I couldn't. Finally, I chose Sonic. I went through Mushroom Hill Act One normally, but once I got to the Act transition, Knuckles punched down the wall blocking him from us, then proceeded to beat Sonic to death. He then looked at the screen and chuckled. The screen cut to black, then the try again screen that you see at the end of the game appeared. But instead of juggling the Chaos Emeralds, he was tossing up the corpses of Sonic and Tails. The screen once again cut to Black, and text appeared, reading ' I've done it, master. I've done what you asked. Splendid! Now no one will get in my way. Oh, and make sure no one sees this. If they do, kill them at all costs!' I am still alive, but I live in constant fear,

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William See (talk) 01:00, 19 June 2022 (UTC)[]

As this stands, this will not make it past even the Workshop variant, let alone Spinoff Appeal. Blacklisted content is blacklisted since they are all very formulaic and this is no exception.