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21 November 2023

  • curprev 13:1013:10, 21 November 2023Buddy You Aint Got That Style talk contribsm 7,001 bytes +22 Pretty good, but the “Ten Laws of Man” seems like a carbon copy of the Ten Commandments. Try to make it unique of that cult. You could go really creepy here, don’t waste it. Tags: Source edit Mobile edit Mobile web edit
  • curprev 07:0007:00, 21 November 2023CallMeKolider talk contribs 6,979 bytes +6,979 Created page with "{{Forumheader|Writers' Workshop}} =={{PAGENAME}}== <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Open draft" data-collapsetext="Close draft"> The Vile is a religious cult that worships Nyshthermo as the all powerful god. They believe that sacrificing the innocent from other Gateway Earths could help give him the power to defeat Ay’Fyex and rule over the multiple dimensions. The Book Of The Vile is a series of books written by paracausal forces as the actio..." Tag: Source edit