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Book of The Vile- Life[]

The Vile is a religious cult that worships Nyshthermo as the all powerful god. They believe that sacrificing the innocent from other Gateway Earths could help give him the power to defeat Ay’Fyex and rule over the multiple dimensions.

The Book Of The Vile is a series of books written by paracausal forces as the actions are taking place. The first book is about the origin of Nyshthermo, and what happened in the early days of humanity. It seems to be always changing, and constantly being self translated so it is understood by the reader. Many copies of this have been made, but none can replicate it properly.

Said paracausal forces also believe what The Vile believe in, except they cannot physically intercept in any way possible.

First excerpt from The Book of The Vile:

Page 1

The Beginning, Genesis 1

A cosmic being awakened, he knew what he had to do by the start, and began the process. He began creating the universe from the very singular fabric thread he came from. The many worlds he created, separated by the edges of different universes, never being able to be seen by the other dimensions he is creating.

He must act quickly, as his mind will split into multiple personalities while staying in the same singular mind, but it won't be too hard. He is a god after all.

He quickly created what had to be created for the final plan to be made.

As he did so, he promptly split as foretold. Into The Hivemind. The very planet it sat on started to terraform around it.

The Hivemnd awoke. Its job was to handle humanity upon different dimensions, which was already made along with Earth.

If it was to disagree on how humanity within the different dimensions was to be handled, it was to split up into different personalities, which it prompted to do. One of the gods was going to take the real earth, while all of the others will take a gateway Earth (an alternate dimension of Earth which everything past the Sol system is false)

The person to be the most powerful was to run the real Earth. That one being Ay’Fyex, The God of Free Will. She was the biggest and most powerful of them all.

All of the other gods made a copy of their worlds, making them in charge of 2, but they all directly influenced one and let humanity drive their course while having small bits of influence on how they turn out.

Our god, Korxis, returned to our world shortly. He created his son, Nyshthermo, and commanded him to oversee the actions of our other world. Us, as people, were forbidden contact with the other world.

Nyshthermo did his duties, and we lived without worries for four thousand years. Then, came the Great Change

The Great Change, Genesis 2

Nyshthermo, using his power, had slain his father. He had the help of many other gods, as he convinced some of the others to help him study into his weaknesses. It took him 200 years with the help from blood of pure innocence to create a sword, Will Of The Vile, to be able to slay his father. He did so with grace, in front of many of his own beings.

Nyshthermo gave one person extended life so he can help him create a proper figure, as he was nothing but a wyrm at the time. The one he gave extended life too also helped him sacrifice needed for the creation of Will Of The Vile. Shortly after the sword was crafted, the companion responsible for it was promptly executed by the request if Nyshthermo himself.

Shortly after slaying his father, he siphoned the knowledge his father had and used it to command his people for a long while. People worshiped Nyshthermo, but over time he disappeared. The people worshiped him as the almighty being, and rightfully so. He gave small blessings and listened to the prayers sent to him.

He truly cared for his people, providing the best while also fulfilling his purpose, spreading corruption. Corruption does not only limit itself to actual corruption, but also mass diseases, and what they call “invasive species” could also be a subject of his corruption. He spread a swarm of locusts and famine caused by worms upon those done wrong, destroying villages and towns of sinners.

He never had any religious book written, besides this one. This book is not of his request, but of his own approval. With that saying, he gave what he calls the “10 Laws Of Man” which shall never be broken.

10 Laws Of Man

For one shall not murder if not under direct command or defense of one's life. A man shall not take another man's freedom, as slaves, unless its punishment for a crime. One shall not commit adultery against a spouse or partner. Honor your parents. False idols are ones not to beckon with, do not create any and worship me as The God. You shall not rape, or make unpure, another human under any circumstance, for that shall result in death. Children are sacred, they shall not be harmed or corrupted. Treat one another as if they are your family. Refrain from committing crimes against children as they will hold harsher punishment, acts involving murder or sexual shall be punishable by death. I am your one true god, and no one else is.

The 10 Laws Of Man shall never be broken, nor changed by another person.

The First Civilization, Dawn 1

The first civilization was originally created by Korxis. This is said by Nyshthermos himself. The killing of Korxis came 200 years after humanity's initial inception. With the help of The Vile, Nyshthermo gained the power to kill his father by sacrifices using an old relic, The Will Maker, the same sword used to banish The Others. Now, it was used to give him the power to kill those of the power near, or at, his father. Nyshthermo gave gifts and blessings for those who believed and worshiped him. As time slowly went by, Nyshthermo slowly went into silence, not knowing where he went, and as generations passed, his followers slowly dwindled. Few remained after the first 400 years, even less as present time approached. A very few stayed loyal, and taught their kids to be loyal.

Ever since the death of Korxis, many other beings attempted to over take Nyshthermo with no avail. He was both slightly more powerful than the others, and did not have a fully physical body. He needed more for a more physical body, and more he received. His followers helped him with whatever needed, and whatever needed he received. A god he was, yes, but he couldn't do anything too physical. He didn't have a physical body like the other gods, as he was only the son of one, for now. The people, us, promised him to help for a physical body. We will help him.

Nyshthermo will bring our salvation.

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