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Origin (unreviewed)[]

In the year of 1995, a young man by the name of Jerome Albert and aged 20 was known for being one of Walt Disney’s biggest fans in the entire United States. He enjoyed Disney’s work, and always wanted to try at making his very own cartoons. Mr. Albert worked at a studio in Florida, making scenes, characters, and sometimes the voices of his own cartoons. His work was so great that he was later able to buy the studio and call it his own. Not only was Albert successful in this year, he was the most loved and was given more motivation to continue to make more cartoons.

However in the year 2002, when Netflix started streaming to the public, Albert’s work began to fade before his eyes. In the blink of an eye, people shifted from watching his cartoons on networks to watching other shows on the new stream service. Albert hoped that Netflix would one day stream his shows and his cartoons, but seven years had passed and still no sign of his cartoons anywhere on Netflix. He thought that perhaps asking the company to publish his cartoons would work, but it did the complete opposite.

Instead, Netflix completely rejected his offer and called his cartoons, “Rejected, silly and old shows.”

Jerome Albert was so upset that he gave up on making his own cartoons. His career was destroyed and his heart was as well. He lost all the fame and fortune he once had years ago, and was now living back in his old RV. Jerome considered that since his shows started becoming less popular that now he should instead take a break and live on the rest of his life. It still dejected him, and he thought he would never be the same as he was before, until the year 2017 rolled around.

When September 29th came by his door, Albert opened the door and found a video game that was based off of cartoons. Cuphead, the newly released game, gave him the curiosity to look into it. The history of how the story went and how the game was designed was so wondrous to him that it gave him the spark he needed. Albert immediately rushed to his old drawing kit and scribbled away. A new character was born the very moment he saw the main, red-nosed character, and it was going to be magnificent!

CC the Cup, the name of his character, was finally drafted. He topped off the cartoon’s detail with a blue nose, a blue eye, a blue and red striped straw, and the iconic white gloves. While she looked as if her torso seemed to almost be her entire body, she still had the same cup head that the video game character had as well. The two, floating, white balls being her hands, the black torso being her body and her cup head was finally finished.

At the moment CC was completed, Jerome then got to work on making a series based off of the character. The first episode he made was almost copyrighted due to the character itself having the same exact characteristics as Cuphead, but the social media eventually concluded that he could keep his character as long as he referred to CC as an “OC”. Albert wasn’t sure what an OC was until he looked further into it, and once he did, he agreed to refer to CC as his OC.

The OC was loved by many fans and was given so much support that Albert continued making episodes and posting them onto the social media platform. His dream was slowly coming back to life, but was eventually destroyed once again in one second. Conspiracies started going around that CC was actually the character that came first before Cuphead was ever released, and the company that worked hard on the game blamed Mr. Albert for all the hate they started to get. Because of this, Albert lost his fame quickly, and he got extremely furious.

He made one more episode that showed his anger towards the public, to which the episode was the bloodiest his fans had ever seen. The entire episode showed the cartoon character, CC, now renamed “CC the Cannibal Cup”, slaughtering and devouring other cartoon characters. The characters such as Oswald, Bendy, Bugs Bunny, Cuphead and many more, were played as CC’s victims in the episode. There was no color except for red, which was mostly interpreted as the blood of all the cartoons that spilled out when they bled. There was also no sound, aside from the only sound heard was CC’s laughter and the cartoons screaming in pain and agony. That one episode never left the public, and kids that fell for the innocent thumbnail were faced with the ugliness and brutalness of the once friendly cartoon OC.

Later, only a few days after he was canceled, he got a letter from a company named that said, “Hello, Mr. Albert. We have noticed your incredible work in making cartoons. Especially ones that are based off of other cartoons as well! We here at welcome you to our research laboratory and hope to make a better future with you at our side. That’s right, YOU! We want you to help us make the world better for the future. In the name of science, we hope to see you soon! - Official.”

Albert wasn’t so sure if the letter he received was a scandal or a prank, so he decided to ignore the letter until he thought about it. It took him two days for him to consider it, and he wondered if it could be an opportunity for his career. Suddenly, that specific thought of his career hit him. The moment Albert thought about his career, he immediately slapped on his watch, threw on his suit and drove to the address given on the invitation. At last, after two hours of driving, he arrived at the front entrance to the giant building.

The logo of the company had a statement below, which fully read out, “ Making the world better for the future, in the name of science!”

This was beginning to feel like a bad idea for Albert, but when he took a deep breath and walked in, he was so surprised that he considered changing his mind. He looked around and saw all the scientists and many other workers that traveled through the grounds of the giant building. He even caught a glimpse through the windows of some of the experiments the scientists were conducting in the other rooms. After his gaze, Albert signed himself in and was directed to the top floor of the laboratory.

Once he made it to the very top, he was greeted by a man named Joseph Elmore. Elmore was also a scientist, but he was also the owner of the company itself. Elmore explained to Albert that he was the one who invited him to to help them with an experiment they have been working on for the past 3 years. Elmore also stated that after he saw Albert’s latest cartoon OC, he wanted to work with him to create life out of a drawing.

While the idea did sound rather silly and impossible, Albert considered it and asked what he needed to do. Elmore smiled and handed Albert a vial, explaining that it contained a special, chemical concoction that could bring anything drawn to life. Elmore thoroughly explained that Albert should only have to use three drops, and if he were to add any more, it could cause a disruption to the process. With that in mind, Albert was guided to his office and got to work.

It took an hour to fully make the full body of CC, and once he was done, he opened the vial. Just before he could use three drops of the concoction, a sudden bang from outside the lab caused him to fumble and spill all of the blue liquid onto the drawing. Albert scrambled to wipe off the chemicals, but a sudden voice caused him to freeze in place.

“Hello?” The voice asked, “Please, help me.”

Albert looked closely and saw that a hand was emerging from the liquid. Without hesitation, Albert tugged as hard as he could until he pulled out something small into his arms. When he looked down, Albert saw the familiar cartoon in his arms: CC. The cup looked up at Albert, a bit of the blue liquid dripping from her face, and smiled.

“Hi Daddy,” said CC.

Albert couldn’t help but cry in happiness as he hugged his little girl in his arms. It was such a wondrous sight to see his very creation come to life. After a few minutes of hugging, twelve workers came in and noticed the creature in the man’s arms.

“It worked!” Albert said with glee, “I spilled the entire substance onto the drawing and she came to life! It actually worked!”

The workers stared at the small cup in amazement, and even Elmore walked in to see what was going on. When his eyes met CC’s, he smiled proudly at Albert’s accomplishment.

“Well done, Mr. Albert,” said Elmore.

CC hid her face into Albert’s shoulder, before she was pulled away by Elmore’s gloved hands.

“Now, let’s see if she has the exact same flesh and blood as a human. Come, everyone.”

Carrying the small creature to the lab, Elmore led Albert and all the other workers with him. CC seemed to have been a bit uncomfortable to be in Elmore’s arms for some reason, but it seemed to awe everyone else when they noticed that she had emotions just like an actual person. Once everybody arrived, Elmore sat the small cup on a table before taking a quick x-ray of her full body.

“Flesh: Check. Organs: Check. Bones: Check,,” Elmore muttered to himself, “Now for the blood test.”

Elmore pricked a needle into CC’s finger, which caused her to flinch a bit before some blue blood leaked out from the tiny pricked spot.

“Intriguing,” exclaimed Elmore, “She has blue blood. Such fascination indeed!”

Elmore took a blood sample from CC before handing her back to Albert, a smile now on her face the moment she laid her eyes on him.

“I shall do some investigating with this new blue blood,” Elmore said, “I will call you whenever something comes up. For now, why don’t you stay a while longer with your dear daughter?”

Albert then said with a smile, “I shall. Thank you so much, Joseph.”

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