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Cave (unreviewed)[]

The cave’s mouth stands in front of you. Behind, the sun is still shining but in front, the light seems to be swallowed by the darkness of the cave. The further it goes into the cave, the darker it seems to get. But it doesn’t stop you at all. After all, you came here to see this cave. You want to see what might lie inside.

On the outside the cave looks like any other caves you’ve seen. A large hole, like a yawning mouth, carved on a large rock, surrounded by trees and shrubs. Yet, it seems inviting. Many people have ventured inside and never came back. But, it doesn’t stop you from getting mesmerized by it.

You walk, first slowly, but you keep adding speed. At first the light is still visible, but as you go further, the light around you starts to fade. But that is expected from such a thing. What is not expected is the fact that you don’t bring any light sources with you. No flashlights, no torches, nothing. Just you and the clothes you wear.

The further you go, the less you can see. Not the rough patterns on the walls of the cave, and the light at the other end of the cave got further and further away from you, its brilliance becoming less and less. And that’s when you notice another thing. The sound you can hear also got fainter. When you first get into the mouth of the cave you still can hear the wind blowing, but now it gets fainter and fainter the further you go. Also, you couldn’t hear any stream of water inside the cave, nor any animal noises. Now, it’s quiet. But not quite silence. You feel like you can hear sound, but they’re too quiet to be notable.

But you also notice something. The cave feels warm. Strange, you think. After all, you expect the cave to feel cold and damp. But it feels so warm and comforting. You feel like you’re snuggling on a warm bed, wrapped in a soft blanket on a rainy day. And you begin to hear those. The gentle, reassuring voices coming from the darkness of the cave. They’re nothing but soft whispers, telling you to go further and further. You don’t know where those voices are from, but you got a sense of comfort and encouragement from them. Normally it would be scary to hear such disembodied voices coming from the darkness, but you feel such warmth and comfort that you feel like you could trust these voices, no matter where they’re from.

You now feel more confident to go deeper. Even though it gets darker and darker, you don’t feel scared at all. You couldn’t see the path in front of you, but that doesn’t stop you from walking. You don’t know what’s waiting for you in the end, but you know it would be something great for you. You look back. The light coming from the entrance is but a tiny speck, like a star on the dark night sky.

You keep walking, and walking. The further you go, the more you forget. You don’t know what time of the day is now, whether the sun has sunk and the moon rises to take its place in the sky or if the sun has risen again to greet a new day. But that doesn’t matter for you. The most important thing now is to keep going. Deeper and deeper, to where the warm, comforting darkness is.

You hear those voices, the gentle, reassuring voices telling you to go deeper, getting louder. They are the only thing you could hear on this point. But still, they don’t lose their gentleness. In fact, you now feel even more assured to walk deeper, to venture into this dark world.

“Come here,” one voice called.

“You would be happy to join us, we want to see you here” another called.

Hearing such pleasant voices waiting for your presence, you go deeper and deeper. Surely, they would welcome you with open hands in the end. You feel a little smile forming at the edge of your mouth.

You resume walking. The path is now completely engulfed in darkness, but you know that you’re going in the right direction. Nothing but your own gut feeling and the voices guide you in your journey. You begin to forget what life feels like before the cave. You don’t even want to think what it’s like outside the cave. Nothing matters more for you than this cave. This beautiful entity, giving such warmth and comfort you feel like you needed all this time.

You begin to forget faces. Your friends, your family, your loved one and also your hated ones. Your memories begin to slip away from your grasps. You begin to forget what you did outside of the cave. The images of your home, your town, your favorite places begin to fade from your memories. But all of this doesn’t matter to you.

You are now completely engulfed in the darkness, like winter clothes wrapping a child on a snowy day. There is nothing you can see, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Your throat feels painful, like it has been deprived of an important thing, but you don’t think of it. You know it doesn’t matter. You feel the voices taking form, embracing you with their warmth and comfort. You smiled, reaching for their hands but you couldn’t grasp it. After all, they are nothing but spectres floating around in this corporeal world.

Your feet feel painful to walk on, but you keep walking. No, it doesn't matter, you think. The darkness provides you with more than enough motivation to keep going, into, into where? No, it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that you keep going, further into the warm, gentle darkness.

Eventually, you couldn’t walk anymore. You drop down into the floor of the cave. You feel pain, but at the same time you feel comfort. There are marks on your skin, but you don’t care. After all, you couldn’t even see them in this darkness. You lay there in silence. The voices keep calling you to go further, but you couldn’t even wake up. You tried and tried, but you couldn’t even bring yourself to sit. Your body feels discomfort, but you forgot what that means. You feel a nudging pain coming from your stomach, as if it tries to consume something intangible, but you couldn’t put a finger on that feeling.

The voices keep beckoning you to go further, but you couldn’t. Normally such instances would eventually get on your nerves, but you don’t feel such a thing right now. You lay face down in the dark, like you have collapsed from a heavy work. But what is work? All you know is this cave, this comforting darkness, like a baby floating inside its mother’s womb.

Yet, all the pain you feel all this time, the one coming from your throat, your stomach, and all over your skin suddenly got amplified. You feel nothing but stinging, crushing forces all over your body. But, you don’t know what to think of these feelings. It all feels so alien yet so familiar to you, like you feel them before but you don’t know where or when or even put a name on it. All you know now is that you feel an intense discomfort coming from all over your body.

Now you couldn’t move. You couldn't even think. What time it is, how long have you been there, when or even if you would go back, all of this doesn’t come to your mind. Even simple things like whether or not you would live to see another day doesn’t occur at all in your mind. Nothing matters to you anymore. There are just you, and the all encompassing darkness that doesn’t feel warm anymore. it feels so harsh and cold now. The voices have begun to fade from your ears. Now there is nothing but silence.

The pain becomes worse and worse, and eventually your body begins to feel so light. You feel like you are floating above the ground. You try to move your limbs. They feel so light, and the stinging pain is now gone. You look around. Everything is still dark, yet you catch a glimpse of other beings. They are floating in the darkness of the cave, radiating a warm glow of light. Strange, you think. You haven’t seen such things inside the cave before.

You alongside these strange beings begin to float to the entrance of the cave. You think you had forgotten where, but your gut feelings and their visages guide you. You feel like you had been in a similar situation before, but you couldn’t remember where or when.

And then you see it. The light coming from the entrance of the cave. First a small speck but it gets bigger and bigger the more you come closer, but you feel nothing. No sense of joy nor dread. It’s just there, like something you’d expected to see. And you feel no urge to come closer to it.

You hear footsteps coming from the entrance. A young man is walking alone, carrying nothing with him except a small backpack. He seems to be fascinated by the cave, looking around in amazement. He walks further and further, away from the entrance. He doesn’t notice you or the other creatures, but you get a sense that he feels comforted by your presence.

You begin to hear the other calling him. You feel an urge to do the same.

“Come here, you would be happy to join us,” you cried, your voice so soft and gentle, with a hint of reassurance.

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Cool, but ending was expected. Grammar, punctuation and capitalization are fine. It seems like a micropasta concept but its super long makes a good read.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 02:51, 3 December 2020 (UTC)