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Crossed Eyes[]

Hello there. My name is John. I'm thirty-five and I am an ex-employee for Sega of America. I found this website and saw many people sharing their own horrific stories, so I thought I would do the same. My job with Sega wasn't working on the games or anything like that, I actually worked on the creation, destruction, and repair of the mascot costumes Sega would use for events. Sega wanted to do all sorts of big events with that hedgehog, and all his little rodent friends. Miles, Knuckles, Sally, Rosy, and Robotnik. They gave me tight deadlines and little to no time to make the costumes.

I was even held responsible for purchasing the specific materials they wanted me to use. Those of which they wouldn't include in my pay. It was especially difficult because they wanted everything done a very specific way, and no other way. If I messed up they would tell me to redo it all over again. It took me away from any sort of creative freedom, and it made the job complete torture.

One day, after experiencing sharp back pain, I decided to quit. Once I told my boss however, he asked me to just do one more job for them. I was tasked with being an on site repairman for the costumes. I believe the place was called Sega World or something like that. They promised me they would pay me triple my normal payment. I had to agree, that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The place was sort of quiet most of the time. Nothing really ever happened. At least not for me. None of the costumes needed repairing, it made me question why I was even there to begin with. I was never called that day at all. I was just sitting and relaxing in my office. I even grabbed a camera from my office and checked out some of what the park had to offer. The end of the day came before I knew it, and I was the last one to leave as I needed to take all the costumes, clean them thoroughly, and then hang them up. By the time I finished doing this it was around two in the morning or so, and I was ready to just go home and take a nap.

However on my way out the door I heard rustling; something moving, I originally assumed it was a rodent and continued walking, but then I heard heavy footsteps. They didn't sound like a big beast, they sounded nearly identical to my own. I shrugged them off as it really just sounded like an echo, but something in my gut didn't sit well. How could there be an echo when I was mostly in a very large area. Looking back I wish I had walked away at that very moment. I was still very young and very dumb, so I explored the inside of the building some more, the footsteps continued, leading me to a kitchen. Inside the room was covered in a dark black sludge-like substance which stained the beautiful white walls, the ceiling, and then would drip down onto the floor. Forming puddles made from the sludge, which had these long sticky; yet liquid-like thick tendrils moving from puddle to puddle, before leading to the end of the kitchen and into the eye sockets of a figure which sat lifelessly.

It was another costume, one I had never seen, let alone created. It was exactly like the hedgehog, but its fur was a dark phantom gray, and its "skin" was a lighter shade of gray, almost like the color of concrete. The eyes were completely removed from the face, revealing the hollow inside of its body to be nothing but pure darkness. Its gloves were this corrupted dark purple, with the cuffs being a deep jet black. Its shoes followed this same philosophy however in reverse. The tip of the shoes were bent toward its head, ending in a point that was sharp enough to pierce a human’s flesh.

The dark sludge lines led into the pitch black eye sockets of the costume, some of the droplets of the sludge dripped down into its smile and down its cheeks. Running down it toward the end of its chin. The sight of it disgusted me, but what was worse was the smell, it smelled like a rotting corpse. As if the smell wasn't enough, there were tons of bugs and lice resting on the dark fur like it was their home. To the extent that even some of the flies and maggots were laying their eggs in the fur itself.

It was so disgusting I nearly puked. I decided to take a picture of it before I left as I knew nobody would believe me. However when I took the picture and looked back at it, what the camera caught was completely different from what I was seeing. Instead of the hedgehog it showed a woman sitting down in the same pose. She had long, messy, and completely colored jet black hair. Which, looking back, really complimented her tan skin. She was wearing a slashed and ripped up purple and black jacket with a gray shirt underneath, torn up dark yellow sweatpants, and red and black socks. Her eyeballs were pitch black and only her right eye had a small bright red pupil which was in the shape of a crucifix.

The sight completely paralyzed me, I couldn't move, I couldn't even think anymore. My heart was racing at speeds I didn't know was possible. I was stuck there staring at this mascot costume in nothing but sheer fear and terror.

Suddenly, as if for the specific purpose of breaking me out of this sharp paralyzation, the sounds of flesh ripping and tearing began to slowly creep out from inside the costume itself; slowly getting louder and louder until it was almost deafening.

Before I could process what I was hearing, the costume began to move. Slowly, and seemingly painfully removing its almost melted arms from the hot, gross, sticky ground it sat on, the costume stood up. It stared into my eyes for what felt like forever, before it began to slowly limp toward me. With every movement it made, the sounds of cracking bones and tearing flesh only seemed to get louder and louder. I felt like I was drowning in the noise. Sinking in my own thoughts of what or who that girl could possibly be, or even what they wanted.

During this short time I had left in my thoughts, watching the suit slowly shamble toward me like a reanimated corpse, I noticed how large it was compared to me. It was tall enough for its horn shaped ears to easily be pushed down against the ceiling.

As I was silently mourning the image of my demise: A cold, decayed, almost liquid filled, feminine voice spoke quietly to me. Seemingly coming from inside the mascot costume.

"Hello John... Can you fix us?...”

That broke me out of my paralysis instantly; I forced myself to quickly turn and bolt to the exit in fear. I never heard any sort of footsteps at that moment, but I could feel it breathing down my neck, I could hear the woman's voice asking me repeatedly if I could fix "us.” Her voice was melting my brain like a filthy disease. I was so afraid, I couldn’t even maintain a consistent stride. The sheer fear I was feeling down my back seemed only to multiply as I reached the exit. I didn’t even shut the door, I reached outside and sprinted faster than I ever have in my entire life.

I grabbed the handle to my car's door and almost leaped into the seat. I instinctively slammed the door, pressed down on the door lock about five times before I put my seatbelt on, and started the car when, almost as if something, not of my own control, manipulated my own head to turn toward the building once more. I learned quickly, from which I was feeling the breaths of the damned down my neck as I was sprinting toward my vehicle, my senses weren't lying to me: at the door I saw the beast standing, staring directly at me with its lifeless grin. Its eyes no longer led into darkness, but instead into what seemed to be a face, a face with two black eyes, tan skin and black messy hair. Inside the dark socket of the face’s right eye, I saw it once more, the bright red crucifix staring directly at me. Then, I heard her voice once more.

"Please fix me.”

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