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Cursed Shake creepypasta[]

Ooooooh, I am Rita, I am started High School three months ago, in August. School was boring and pointless, I couldn't remember a time I was happy to go to school or didn't sleep throughout the class, the bullies make school worst than the strict teachers. The only class I like is Gym class because it is good exercise.. and you play fun games, I was the queen of Dodge-ball. I was a newbie to school aka a Freshman... also... I am 14.

Today is my birthday... but I didn't want the traditional family makes or buy cakes, sings happy birthday and... then we ate cake.. I want it a bit different, a quiet birthday party and where I can relax and have fun on my own with my boyfriend, who is 15, Mike. I am a ghost, why may ask? well this is what happen.. I will also tell you what happened after...

So, I got out of the blue car, I exited the blue car. I was a tall, 5'0 tall woman, I had blond hair, brown eyes, and wore a red shirt and black skirt. My boyfriend, Mike exited from the other side of the blue car and closed the car door. He was 6'1, white, had brown hair, a small brown mustache, and wore blue jeans and purple tucked in shirt. We both entered this new, fancy diner called Tasty Place. We never went here before and they promise better quality food with lower prices a burger from there will be $1.50 compared to another restaurant close by who will charge $5.00 for a burger. It's been on my bucket list since I made it during the Christmas break of 7th grade to visit every restaurant in the country. Mom always said to try new things.

Anyway, we enter the restaurant, we heard the bell ring. We saw TV's hanging on the walls, a bunch of tables and chairs, made of brown wood. Balloons of colors blue, red, and white everywhere, there were restrooms in the left side of us, the walls were painted blue and the floors was painted white.

So now, I and Mike sat on the table, sitting on a table in front of us was an elderly couple who was celebrating their wedding anniversary, they were married when they were 20, and now they are 60. Sitting on the left was a 4'0, guy with gray hair, wearing a blue shirt and black pants, and sitting across from him was a lady who was 5'0, have gray hair, wore a red nightgown dress, had red lipstick on, and had stunning blue eyes.

I glance at the clock it read, "3:30pm"

Then all of a sudden, a waitress came over to us, she wore a red vest, black pants, and white undershirt, she had blonde hair, blue eyes and was 6'0. She asked, "What would you like?"

I then thought for a while before asking, "Can I have this new shake called the Red punch, medium fries, and a hamburger?" The waitress nodded her head, and turned to Mike and asked, "What would you like, sir?"

Mike said, "I would like the Red punch shake, hamburger, fries, chicken nuggets, the Fish burger, and pancakes... sorry for long order, hadn't eaten anything all day. the food at school is lame.. no cap!"

The waitress nodded her head and walked away when she finished writing our orders. I then heard a scream belonging to a woman and then I heard the blender on.

I didn't know what to do, or what to say. I then thought someone was watching a horror movie in the restaurant. Then, I scroll through Twitter and social media as I and Mike wait for our food.

Mike whined like a kid, "When is our food coming.... it's been 20 minutes!" he rest his head on the table, he had a frown, the sound of his belly was roaring.

I looked up, I sighed and said, "Don't worry, it'll come.. we are not the only ones here, they have to make food for other consumers too, Mike..."

Mike moaned, then before he could say anything, the waitress from before came carrying three blue trays. She lays the trays in our table dressed in a white table cloth. Mike said, "Awesome, thank you!" The waitress nodded her head, but her grin dissolved and was replaced with a upside-down grin.

She walked away, I think I heard her say, "I feel sorry for them..." we then ate our food. After many minutes, which I felt went by too fast. I said, "That was a great meal, also... I can't get over that shake... it was...that good!"

Mike said, "The shake was fine but the pancakes were better... this place is great..."

I payed the bill which was around $200.00 which wasn't a problem since I had a job as a florist at my mom's store. I love planting, smelling, pouring water, and seeing the amazing growth of the flowers. I get paid like $20 per hour. We head out, we feel something tickling our bones and stomachs, our faces turn green, then open the door and closed it, in the drive way, there were hordes of people laying in the drive way, they seem lifeless and not moving a limb. Even the elderly couple from before wasn't moving.

I asked, "What happen to these people... they don't look shot, the weatherperson said there were no heatwaves.. what cou-" before I could finish my sentence, I saw Mike fell on the driveway, on his back. His eyes were closed, he looked like he wasn't breathing, he also had red stuff foaming from his mouth. I then asked, "Mike-" before I could finish my sentence again I fell on the ground, my knees touch the coal driverway, my hands pressed against the driveway, I look like I am about vomit, my eyes close and my head fell on the driveway.

Then, I feel my eyes slowly open, then my eyes open, I saw Mike still passed out, I saw he wore no clothes, I saw his six abs and his thin legs. I also saw I had no clothes on, I was.. confused.. What happened.. I looked around, I saw boxes of fruits, burger patties, even a human skull with a small hole on it. I thought to myself, "Why is there a.. skull here?" I hug myself to combat the intense cold I am experiencing in this weird place. I saw a human arm, a small pond of red, and dried blood. I thought I was kidnapped, I looked around where we were sitting but.. I couldn't find the phone..

Then, I looked up, the door was open. I heard a sound of a blender on, I don't know what is in the blender. I just see a man wearing a costume with cartoony eyes, pink tongue, a small smile, and white gloves. He giggle, it sounded like that belonging to a child. He turned off the blender and pouring some substance into a plastic cup.

Then a man in a black tuxedo, black pants, and a white tie came up to the mascot and asked, "Have you seen.. CEO Jefferson Smith?... he was caught on camera killing the founder of our restaurant, Fred Nickle... he was laying on the floor, there was blood leaking from the bullethole, his eyes were closed, his face had several stab wounds, and his body smells like rotten onions on steroids also not to mention, a huge chunk of his body is missing and so is a bunch of blood,"

He then said, "He shot the founder, after they were arguing about something.."

The mascot shook his head, he hasn't seen Jefferson Smith. The man then said, "Okay, if you do call me or the police... I recommend the police..." he walked away, I could help but notice the yellow shoes have red stains kinda looking similar to blood stains, a small splatter of blood was on the front side of his costume. Then he then got an axe, I saw a couple who was laying on the floor. I think I recognize one of them, my 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Campbell who was a funny but a teacher who wants to make it clear, he is in charge, no questions asked. Laying next to him is his wife, Mrs. Grey. The Mascot striked down an axe three times, Mr. Campbell's head roll away from his body, a huge splatter of blood was on his costume. Then Mrs. Grey woke up and said, "Huh? Who are you? Is this some april fools prank.. and that is a horrible costume? Why is there blood on it? Cut! Cut! Scene over..."

The mascot giggled, it got louder and louder, it sounded like children giggling. Then after a few strikes, as this was happening she was screaming. Finally, after a few strikes Mrs. Grey's head fell, and another splatter of blood jumped on the mascot and on the ground. The mascot then came closer, and closer.

He then whispered, "Who's first??" he glances at me and him then again and again for five seconds.

Mike the woke up, he looked around, he saw he has no clothes on, He sees he is on the freezer, he hugs me to fight off the cold. The mascot said, "I wanna kill you and use the blood from you for the red punch milkshake.... you like milkshakes, right?"

When he was saying, "You like milkshakes, right?" his eyes started to leak dark, crimson blood. it dropped on the floor, some stained his yellow shoes. Mike thought this was some sick joke. I want to go home and play on my phone.

The mascot said, "Come on, don't be scared..." he said as his smile got larger and larger. Mike's face was glowing red, he then got up and yelled, "I don't know what sick, fucking joke this is but I had enough, come here ya waste of flesh!"

I tried to get up so I can pull him down so he doesn't get stabbed by the knife the mascot was holding. Then, The mascot pulled out a small handgun and a shot could be heard. A bulletshot was on Mike's tender neck. Mike fell down on his back. Blood leaks from the bulletshot, three more bulletshots could be heard, I then ran and hid behind a box of 100% beef patties. I peaked and saw a bullet hole in his head, his chest, another one in his chest and his foot. There was a small red, puddle of blood under him. I went back into hiding. I sat there, there was utter silence. I couldn't help but hear my heartbeat beat faster, I am scared of what'll happen to me.. then I was silent, I looked around and saw an exit.

Before I could get up, I felt something, something strange, someone tapped on my shoulder. I turn around. My pupil decreases in size, my heart beats faster then normal. It was him, the mascot. He could be heard breathing and giggling. He then asked, "Ma'am, where is Rita or that woman that was sitting next to that angry man!"

I looked around, then I replied, "Um..."

The mascot then said, "Maybe she is hiding somewhere... or she escaped... we can't let that happen?" He then turned around and was looking for the woman aka me. I then sneaked passed him.

I was outside the room, I yelled, "Freedom!" I then tried to escape quietly.

The mascot turned around. He yelled, "Hey there you are, stop!" He raised his gun and shot my leg, I fell on the ground, I could smell the icky blood. I then tried to crawl away. The mascot giggled and said, "There is no escape... you will be killed and the blood from you is for the milkshake."

I then kicked him in the groin. I then got up. He jumped but I slapped him. He tried to round-house punched me but I punched him in the face. I then jumped back. I grabbed a dead body and used it to block the series of punches from the mascot. I dropped the body and he punch me in the lower part of my chest. I fell backwards.

He grabbed me and slam dunk me into the ground. I felt pain in my body, I saw an axe. He then was trying to stabbed me with his knife. I used the axe to defend myself and to prevent that knife from hurting me. The knife chopped through the wooden handle of the axe. I dropped it and tried to roll away, the mascot pinned me and stabbed me in the back. I then felt my head getting grabbed and then stuffed into a blender, my head was stuffed into a blender harder and harder, I moaned and yelled, "Stop!" but no one could hear me. The sound of a blender turned on, I yelled, "No!"

Then, the red liquid in the blender filled up, at a fast speed... I couldn't see much but I saw the mascot laughing, evilly, I saw him even grab and drags Mike's body to the kitchen. My vision only sees the red blood, my eyes closed, my face had several scars on it. The mascot pulled my body out of the blender, he slapped my butt and snared, "Maybe we can use this big chunk for our hamburgers... we are running low on burger patties and our supplier is broke!" He then played with my butt as a joystick on a controller, making it wiggle, and even slapping it some more.

Then, the mascot made deep cuts, more blood leak from the cuts, he then pour some of the blood in the blender into the shakes, he made a big deep cut that cut the dead bodies in half, he grabbed a medicine bottle that was sitting on the counter and then filled the medicine bottles with blood, then pour the blood on the milkshake. He did this for a while. He then said, "That is a lot of milkshakes to make and pour blood, around 10 more. He then said, "I got to get rid of the evidence.. I can't go to jail.. again... first time was bad... it was a DUI..." he then picked up the bodies and put them in a green body bag and threw them into the dumpster.

He cleaned the floor with soap, water and sponges. Then, after an hour which felt like forever, the floor was clean.

Then, the mascot looked at the milkshakes that are almost done. The mascot said, "The milkshakes are almost done, but they need blood and a secret ingredient!"

The mascot then said, "I know... I have an idea.. I'll go hunting and look for more humans.. I'll get them, kill them and use their blood for my tasty milkshakes!"

He then said, "They will get it from behind!" Then his eyes turn black and leak some red, gooey substance, it drops on the ground, soon a puddle of red gooey liquid was on the floor.

He then grabbed his knife, and walked out of the building, he saw a man walking by, he had blue shorts, red shirt, sunglasses and a hat. The mascot said, "Hey, you!"

THe man turned around and said, "What?"

The mascot said, "I need you help... there is a fire in the oven... yeah.. I would call the fire department but they are busy and I don't wanna bother them since everyone is goin' home!"

The man looked at the mascot, he then said, "Um... sure..."

The man followed the mascot inside, the mascot closed the door. The man said, "Wait a minute... I think I forgot to do my homework!"

The mascot said, "Ha ha.. you won't be doing any homework... I tricked you there was no fire... there was no fire in the oven.."

The man said, "And? You are going to hold me for ransom or something?"

The mascot pulled out a small handgun, a shot can be heard. The man in red and with blue shorts is laying on the ground, his eyes were closed, he wasn't moving, his heart can no longer be heard beating. The mascot said, "That's a lot of blood.. maybe instead of throwing him into the dumpster after using his blood I can throw him into the refrigerator.."

Then, the mascot grabbed his medicine cup and grabbed some blood using that cup and pouring the blood into the milkshake. After a while, all the milkshakes had blood. He then sprinkle "The secret ingredient"

The mascot laughed and said, "I did it... I had enough blood for the milkshakes tomorrow.."

Then an idea stung him like a bee, he said, "Ah, I got an idea.. how about I go huntin' tonight and look for humans, then I kill them.. and then I throw them into the fridge so the next day instead of going hunting I could just use the blood from those stupid humans and pour the blood and secret ingredient into the shakes,"

He then moan in a loud and echoing tone, "They will get it from behind, too!"

He the grabbed his gun and knife and headed out, he then smelled something, he looked over and saw my dead body, Mike's and Sara. He then closed the lid on the dumpster containing the bodies, he looked around and saw no one was there.

He then walked through the streets looking for a victim, the place was quiet, the streetlights were on, there were some cars in the streets, He then saw someone sitting on the bench. They had a yellow dress, and blue pants. They wore an upside down grin on their face.

The mascot asked, "What happend?"

The person replied, "I found out my husband I married to for 20 years cheated on me with another woman and he even divorced me and made fun of me on social media... I been endlessly loyal to him and this is how he treated me! I wish I could turn back time and tell me younger self to leave him and find a new man.. I took a walk and sat on this bench!"

The mascot then replied, "Oh, that's... sad.." He looked around.

The woman then said, "Yeah..."

The mascot looked at the woman in the eye and said, "Hey, I know how to make you feel better?"

The woman replied, "How?" The mascot raised the knife with red stains on the blade.

Then, the mascot then stabbed her quickly in the chest and continued to stab her. The woman was screaming, but with very stab the screams got quieter and quieter.. finally the woman stopped screaming, her eyes were closed, red stains were on her yellow dress, and the heart stopped beating. He raised his gun, two gunshots can be heard. There were now two holes in the woman's body. He then looked around and ran off with the body. Unbeknownst to the mascot, there were two men, a driving instructor and a tall white man with yellow hair, blue eyes and wearing a white shirt and black pants. His student was a short white kid, around 5'0. He had black hair, brown eyes, a shirt with zebra shirts and sweatpants.

The driving instructor said, "For your next part of the lesson, we are going to go after him! If you succeed!"

The student stepped on it. The driving instructor pulled down the window and yelled, "HEY! We saw you kill her.. stop running!"

The student said, "Faster?"

The driving instructor turned to him and said, "Don't go too fast... I don't wanna cause any other damage and lose my Driving instructor license!"

Then, the mascot turned around, pulled out his gun, the student stepped on the brake, the car stopped. The instructor had an angry look on his face.

The instructor yelled, "What the hell, why you stop, we were about to run him over and call the cops, he killed that innocent woman!"

There were some gunshots, both men lay in the car, there was blood on the car-seats. The two men weren't moving or saying anything, their heart was not beating, there was on hole in the student and one in the instructor. He then walked over and took the two man.

Meanwhile, there was a man and a woman, the tall man in a red hoodie and blue pants was on one foot and holding a box, containing a ring.

The woman wore a purple dress and blue pants, both saw the mascot kill the instructor and student.

The woman said, "Did that mascot from Tasty Diner just kill two people.. and why is he... holding a woman?"

The man replied, "I wanted to propose to you but that can wait, I am calling the police... he killed the woman and the two men!"

THe woman said, "You were going to do what?"

The man said, "I am going to call the police!"

The man called the cops, the phone could be heard ringing.

The dispatcher said, "What is your emergency!"

The man said, "I witnessed a tongue mascot kill two people.. when I was proposing to my girlfriend..."

The dispatcher couldn't believe what the man said, the Dispatcher said, "Um... are you drunk.. is this some type of joke?"

The man said, "I witnessed it.. for real... I am being honest.. we saw it... no cap!"

The dispatcher sighed and said, "Okay... where are you?"

The man said, "I am in Acorn street in-" Then the woman sneezed. The man said, "Bless you.."

Then, the dispatcher said, "Okay, got your location..."

The man said, "Oh, by the way.. the mascot killer took the bodies but there is still blood in the car were the mascot shot and killed the two men.."

The dispatcher tried to believe this, he still doesn't believe a mascot from some diner would kill two men. He sighed and said, "Okay, sure!"

Then there was two cops. A teenager wearing white hoodie, jeans, and shoes hand cuffs on. The cop escorting him to the car, Officer Brooks, he was tall man, had brown hair, brown eyes. THe kid got in the car. Officer Brooks yelled, "You are a bad kid, you shouldn't have vandalized the school bathroom just for silly Tik Tok views... if I was your parent I would ground you and take your phone but I am just a cop!"

Officer Cooper then walked up to Officer Brooks, his friend and partner. Officer Cooper said, "Brooks.. we got a report that some tongue mascot killed someone!" Officer Cooper then started laughing, he through the report was silly.

Officer Brooks turn to him and said, "That sounds silly.."

Officer Cooper said, "Yes!"

The two cops got into the car, dropped the trouble making kid into the police stationed to be interrogated and put in jail and then drive around looking for the killer.

After a while, they couldn't find the mascot. Officer Cooper then said, "This is stupid... we won't find that stupid mascot.. I bet this tongue mascot killing people report was made by some prankster as a joke.."

Officer Brooks said, "I Agree!"

Then, Officer Cooper's car headlights was spot the chest of the mascot. There was red stains on the costume, one of his cartoony eyes were missing.

Then, Officer Brooks yelled, "What is that?"

Officer Cooper turned to him and said, "It's that... killer.. that the witnessed reported... why are there red stains on his chest and missing an eye?"

The mascot waved at the duo of cops in the car. The cops were confused by the gesture. Then, the two officers got out of the car, they are going to arrest him. Officer Cooper carries handcuffs and Officer Brooks carries a tazer.

The mascot eyes turn black and blood escape his eyes. Then, the mascot disappeared. Then, the duo of cops were confused. They look around and didn't find him anywhere. Then, Officer Brooks asked, "What... just happend?"

The Officer Cooper then said, "I have no idea, Brooks!"

Then, the mascot sneaked behind officer Brooks, covered his mouth with his hand, he then stabbed him in the back, blood gushed out, more red stains were visible on the blade of the knife.

Then, Officer Cooper then said, "Brooks.. where are you?" he then looked around with his flashlight for his friend. Then, the mascot was behind him, grabbed his gun, a shot could be heard.

a bullet hole was visible on the back of Officer Cooper's head. He was lying there as a huge puddle of red liquid is under him. Then, the mascot yelled, "Easy!"

Then, the mascot picked up the two dead officers and walked back to the diner and threw them into the freezer at the diner, it was quicker than the mascot thought it would take.

Meanwhile, there are two cops in the police station, there is a flickering light, wooden chairs, a table, there were a bunch of computers on the desk. One of the police officers, Sergeant Timm then said, "We are getting reports that there is a killer in the area and a caller called us and said that there is an awful smell coming form the restaurant and when she saw dead bodies of recently missing people.

The other cop, Lieutenant Karl then then thought about it for a while, he then said, "The person who killed those missing people might be in the diner.. if we watch the security camera from the past few days we can see who kidnapped those people and possibly the killer.

Sergeant Timm then moaned in a prideful tone, "I think it is the mascot of that diner... I swore I saw him carrying a body of a woman once, I thought I was dreaming so I said nothing!"

Timm and Karl then watch the security cameras, he saw the mascot kill a citizen, getting inside of someone else's car and driving them to the diner. The sky was blue, there was a lot of cars driving, lots of people, and some seagulls flying high in the sky. They then switch to the other camera inside the restaurant, they saw the mascot taking off the clothes of a victim, making cuts in the body of the victim, there was little red drops leaving the cuts and falling into the top to the table.

The mascot then used coffee mugs to swoop up blood inside the body and putting it in the blender with other ingredients. The mascot put milk, Ice-cream, berries. These ingredients are for the milkshake.

Timm then said, "I have an idea.. how about a heli comes pick us up and we land on the roof of the diner and we drop chlorine gas in the diner to kill the mascot.. but the diner would have to shut down for a while."

Karl yelled, "No, I want to arrest him and what if he is keeping hostages? If we kill them We will lose our jobs and I have to go back to my old job... which was soo degrading, hard, and I could barely pay rent and taxes!"

Timm said, "Why would he keep hostages? If there are hostages... they would be dead by now.."

Karl then yelled back in a sharp tone, "That's not true and you know it!"

Timm then yelled, "Suck my dick!" he then got slapped by Karl. Timm then punched Karl in the face. They go back and forth for a while, the time was running past them quickly..

Karl then yelled, "You ask for this... big boy!" he then round house kicked Timm. Tim then fell on the floor. Karl moaned, "Any last words?"

Timm then looked at him, he blinked, there was a silence. Timm then said, "How about we gassed the diner then we put on gas mask and arrest the mascot.. we both do what we want and the mascot gets killed or thrown in prison?

Karl then thought about it for a while before saying, "Fine."

It was late at night, the sky was black, stars were glowing in the sky, the moon shine like the star on top of a Christmas tree. Then, a giant black helicopter was flying in the sky, it is needed for this important mission, the cops can't just barge into the diner or the mascot will know they are here and kill them or try to escape. They want this to be easy and quick, unlike many other things.

The two officers get into the helicopter and fly to the dinner, they fly for a while, it felt like forever. Karl was smoking and Timm was sleeping. They also brought a giant barrel, there is something preventing the stuff inside from getting out of the barrel. Timm asked, "What is in that red barrel?"

Karl removed the thing he was smoking and looked at him. He then moaned in a informative tone, "You'll see, bud!" The sound of the helicopter flying can be heard from a long distance.

After what felt like a long night, the helicopter flew on top of the roof of the diner. 

The two cops get out of the helicopter. Karl looked around before he said, "Wait... where is the... barrel for this mission?"

Timm said, "I thought you got it with you?" Karl groans and part of his face starts to glow red, he then calms down and pulls out his walkie-talkie. He then moans in a commanding tone, "Sir, come back.. we forgot the barrel!"

The driver of the helicoptor drove back to the diner and landed on the white marble roof. The roof was dirty, there was some mice and a raccoon eating a banana in the corner of the diner. Karl hops on the helicopter and grabs the red barrel. He then gets out of the chopper with the barrel. He then said, "I got it,"

He then sees a see through window on the roof. Karl then continued, "Okay, Timm... here is the plan, we are going to open that window and open that barrel.. before we drop the barrel we are going to put the gas mask on and then open the barrel, drop it and close the window. Then, after a bit we are going to drop in and arrest the mascot if he isn't dead. This gas is super dangerous... and it is a combination of three dangerous gases... it's best if I don't tell you where I got this... but anyway,"

He then continued in a warning tone, "This gas is a mix up of many elements on the Periodic Table and are more dangerous and toxic.. and yes there is Chlorine in this barrel too, it's one of the gases.. I don't know the other gases inside."

The Red barrel has a warning sign before saying, "This barrel contains a mixture of three dangerous gases,it contains Clhorine, Fl-" The rest of the label were covered in dust and other things preventing the reader from knowing the contents of the barrel.

Timm then asked in a concerned tone, "There is gas in there, are you sure this won't kill any hostages in this building?" He is a bit worried the mascot has hostages or people that are locked up and are going to be killed so their blood can be used for milkshakes. He is sickened by the sick practice the mascot is doing.

Karl said, "I don't think there are any hostages in this building, If there are...we will rescue them.. trust me.. the only person who will be suffering from the gas is that stupid, cartoony, and bad cunt who is killing innocent civilians! this gas will kiss the mascot and the mascot will stop killing people"

Timm and Karl put on the gas mask, soldiers in WW1 also used gas mask too to not die from the gas. Karl took off the lid of the barrel, containing gas. He then opened the glass, see through window and dropped the barrel in. He then closed the window. In minutes, he and Timm saw the room turn into a light green.

Meanwhile, the Mascot was in the Employee only kitchen, it smelled like sardines, there was blood everywhere, the refrigerator was closed. There were things you would find in a kitchen. The mascot killed an another civilian, and made deep cuts in her body.

He then grabbed a coffee mug and swoop a large amount of the blood in her body and poured it into the blender were the other milkshake ingredients like Ice-cream, berries, milk and other ingredients.

He then laughed and said in an evil and raspy tone, "No body can stop me... I am unstoppable.. no cop, no human can't stop me from killing people and using their blood for milkshakes.." His laugh can be heard in the restaurant. The mascot then stopped laughing and looked outside the window on the employee only door. The restaurant was green, you can't see anything but the green gas.

The mascot then dashed out of the room and yelled in an angry tone, "What is going on?," He looked around and there was green gas everywhere. Then, the mascot continued in an angry tone, "Why is everything green?" the gas enters the

Then, the cops saw the mascot, the mascot was standing in the middle of the diner. There were red chairs everywhere, brown, wooden or silver tables. You can see a bit of those things since the green gas is everywhere.

The cops put on their gas mask, Karl then said, "Let's dip!" They opened the see-through window on the roof and jumped in. Timm grabbed the handcuffs and Karl grabbed his small and black handgun.

Timm then yelled in a commanding tone, "Freeze!" they were going to arrest the mascot for many counts of murder and grand theft auto. The police also couldn't see anything in the restaurant, thanks to the gas.

The Mascot heard the voice then yelled in an angry tone, "Who are you?" The mascot tried to flee but after taking 2 steps, the mascot fell to it's knees and the mascot is trying desperately to breathe but couldn't because of the gas. The mascot fell down, the mascot is taken down.

Then, Timm tried to see if the mascot is dead, he tried poking the mascot and kicking it's head. The mascot didn't react. Then, Karl yelled in an angry tone, "We did it, the mascot is dead.. no more people will die so the mascot can make that stupid milkshake!" The two cops tried to high five but they miss, Timm, unknowingly scratch a small hole into Karl's gas mask, the gas mask is old, Karl accidentally did the same to Timm.

Then, Timm then blurted out in a loud tone, "You know, I.. I am curious who is under that hideous mascot outfit... what do you think?"

Karl said, "Sure... I am also a bit curious about who is the person under the costume." The costume had a mouth hole and small holes so the person in the costume could breathe, oxygen is crucial. The two cops then started to unmask the mascot by removing the costume. Then, Karl started to have trouble breathing, there was a scratch on both of their gas masks that let gas into their body. They then both started to cough profusely and getting on their knees causing them to drop their gun and handcuffs.. they then close their eyes, drop to the floor. They will never open their eyes again, they slowly stop breathing, their heart stop beating like a drum.

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