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Daisy Room[]

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Hello! This is the first creepypasta that i submit here (and that i create), and i hope you enjoy it! i would enjoy criticism, but don't be too evil please :c

Daisy room[]

So.. i was browsing for Super Mario 64 ROM hacks on the internet,

I was specifically looking for something new, as I tried many before, I was able to find several ROMs, they all looked normal, without anything suspicious or weird, Well.. Except one..

at some point, in the search, I was able to find a ROM hack that intrigued me from the name. It was called: "Daisy's room".

it took me a long time to realize I had downloaded it in my memory though, honestly I was still busy entering random sites. the next day, I immediately went to my pc, started project64 and started playing some ROMs, I didn't really enjoy many of them, so, after a while, i decided to play the spooky daisy thing i found the day before.

I booted the ROM, and obviously the game started.. despite this though, something was different. The menu was almost unlabeled ,apart from the stereo section. On top of that, the menu was completely muted, besides the sound effects, nothing else could be heard, but I didn't really care. I also realized that I was playing the European version of the game (but to be honest, that was a minor detail).

I started the game through file A, and obviously since I didn't have any stars or saves, the intro started. There wasn't much difference between the menu and the intro: there was no background music, just sound effects.. and for some reason in this case the lack of music made everything a little more anxious, I didn't shit myself, but it was definitely a bit unnerving. (and also pretty annoying, probably because i had to watch 20 seconds of a lakitu flying with muted music.) Even here, no text was found.

Peach message without any text

the controls seemed to work normally, although as I have already told you, the lack of music made the atmosphere very empty. once again, there was no text ..No text, Except for Lakitu. For some reason he had text, but it was corrupt and illegible, which didn't help. The castle didn't had any type of music too, and that was.. a very unsettling experience. I went inside the bob-omb battlefield room and everything seemed normal, without thinking about it I decided to go straight into the painting. instead of having the classic "big bob-omb in the summit", there was no text, and the level was just called "D". I was very curious at that point, so i started the level. The result left me confused. I was immediately teleported to a purple floor, with a white background. the whole area was a desert, with no music, enemies, or stars.

Bob-omb room

I didn't know how to react, on the one hand I was disappointed, on the other I was hopeful that something was about to happen.

I left the level. and I had made up my mind to explore the rest of the castle, but for some reason the door wouldn't open, the animation didn't start, and I couldn't move into the main room. I started getting anxious and i closed the emulator. I waited 2 minutes before opening the emulator again. I restarted the game, but instead of starting the game on the title screen, I immediately appeared in the bob-omb room. The game was trapping me, and i knew i had to re-enter the painting.

The level was completely different, the floor was turned into water and this time I could see the star, I swam towards the star, but then I immediately noticed something, some invisible walls prevented me from reaching the star. circling around a bit, I realized that the walls were positioned in a specific way, I was stuck inside an invisible maze. the way the walls were positioned was very strange, for some reason the maze seemed to change randomly every 2-3 minutes, which made it more difficult, after about 40 (painful and long) minutes i managed to get through the maze, I finally completed the level, and the star was in front of me, but.. when I got the star, something happened. the game suddenly froze for a moment and the screen became black, After some seconds i reappeared outside the castle. I was much more confused than I had been before, but I was determined to continue, though, for some reason I still had 0 stars. so i re-entered the bob-omb room, but when I entered, I was directly teleported in the level. this time however, it was different, the floor had an orange color, while the sky had a yellow one. I couldn't move, for some reason, so I just looked at the level, the star was gone, as if I had already taken it (which.. is what i actually did), and i couldn't even get out of the level through the menu, I did not want to close the emulator because I was afraid of losing the progress i had (i wasn't gonna replay that damn labyrinth), after 5 minutes however, a music started to play, which surprised me, since I had played for more than an hour without any kind of audio. The music I heard was terrible, it sounded like a mash-up of all the stage music in the game, which made it terribly annoying.. moreover, the volume of the music was so high that at one point I had to mute my pc. I stood still for a while staring at the screen, at a certain point however, I immediately noticed something: a figure similar to princess daisy slowly approaching my character. daisy was not animated for some reason, but approached me remaining in the same position, like a statue, it walked slowly towards me, and as already explained, I had no way to defend myself since I had lost control of the character. the model was not a classic nintendo 64 model, but, it looked weirdly detailed (the model looked like it came out of a nintendo ds, which was very unusual, and made me suspect about the ROM. daisy kept getting closer to me, faster and faster, until at one point the emulator closed, for no reason, I decided to restart it hoping not to have lost any kind of save file, opening the ROM however, the game no longer started with the game logo, instead, there was only a black screen, displaying just a text.

"you failed"

I tried to search online (on youtube and other forums) for some kind of video on the ROM, I also tried to look for the original site where i downloaded it.. but i couldn't find any result.

I don't know how to feel at that point, on one side, I was very confused and curious, with pretty much a lot of questions, like: "what does all this mean?" or "is there a way to complete the level, or you just can't?", but on the other hand, I was glad the rom didn't keep going, it was getting seriously a little bit scary.

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Te (talk) 15:34, 5 October 2021 (UTC)[]

To begin with, I'm not sure if videogame pastas based on longstanding game franchises are allowed anymore on the wiki, and if not, you may find a place elsewhere for your story.

I found the story a bit confusing at times, having a difficult time understanding how the strange situations the narrator found themselves in affected them. Perhaps focus on the uncomfortable, and anxious feelings caused by the ROM, and why exactly they triggered those feelings.

There was also a few punctuation, grammatical, tense, and spelling errors. Worth a reread on your part to clean things up a bit.

The ROM came off more as broken, or unfinished rather than creepy/haunted/cursed/scary etc. Perhaps bring attention or find a meaning as to why the spooky differences in the game WERE spooky, instead of coming across as though the ROM was poorly made and confusing.