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Today The Weather was very Stormy so I decided to play sonic adventure 2 on my GameCube, I couldn't find the disk at first, then I found the disk in a box that was going to goodwill, I took the disk out and put it in my GameCube, when it loaded all of the saves were corrupt, I made a new save and instead of showing the story's and other thing to pick, I was just sent into city escape, I was playing through city escape normally but then once  the gun truck showed up, it was faster than sonic, I saw that sonics face looked scared instead of being what it normally was, sonic then got hit by the truck but instead of just loosing a life, he splattered into a blood pile, I turned the game off, the next morning I decided to play again cause I thought it was over, when it turned on it launched me in as tails, I was on the stage hidden base, it was strange cause I can slightly remember I was on city escape last night, but hidden base was different then usual, there were no enemies and it was night, halfway through the stage I saw that tails looked nervous, at the end there was no goal ring, but instead were two gun robots holding missile launchers, tails looked scared but I couldn't move him. he got blown up and was splattered like sonic was, freaked out I turned off my game cube, it was 2 months before I remembered about sonic adventure 2, I turned on my game cube and put in the disc, it sent me into aquatic mine, the water was blood red and no enemies were there, knuckles looked nervous, the master emerald pieces were red, and after getting all of them, knuckles started drowning, knuckles wasn't moving when I told him to, he drowned then a loud popping sound was heard from the GameCube, I thought the GameCube broke, but then blood came out of knuckle's throat like his lungs had popped, I think I then turned off the GameCube and... ...wait where am I, whose house is this, WHAT IS MY NAME. blood dropped from the paper, what happened here, I don't know officer Edred but it seems horrible, that's right officer Fanuco, wait is that the disc? WAIT that might be dangerous, its just a game, anyways lets take the disk to the station and lock it up. that night they never made it to the station, they got into a car crash, the person who caused the crash was a worker from Sega.

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